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Sumit Sambhal Lega 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit reading the news of some fake jeweler selling fake diamond rings. Dolly worries as her ring tends to be fake too. She asks Jasbir to get a new ring for her. Jasbir reminds Sumit even he has bought diamond ring for Maya from that jeweler, as he was getting a mp3 player with it free. Sumit says no, it was 16gb pendrive. Rajneesh says Maya will beat you now, shall I ask her to beat with light hands. Sumit says don’t joke, think something. I will buy a real diamond and replace in the ring.

Rajneesh asks when does she remove the ring. Sumit says what if I steal it. Jasbir hugs him happily. Rajneesh says don’t support him. Jasbir says he has no option now. Sumit goes. Maya is with Aaliya. Sumit says this time he will take gift from Maya on friendship day.

Maya says Sumit proposed me on this day, and she said yes. Sumit looks at the ring and tries taking the diamond.

Maya asks Aaliya to go to school now. Sumit hugs Maya. Aaliya says I did not go yet. Sumit says then just go, have a good day. Rajneesh comes and asks did I disturb you. Maya says no. Sumit asks Maya to get cake for Rajneesh. He tells Rajneesh that he did not get the ring. He stops Rajneesh from telling Maya.

Rajneesh says its friendship day tomorrow, I m thinking t give gift to Simran. Maya says Simran already bought a gift, you also gift her something interesting and suggests him. Rajneesh says I was thinking to gift her ring like Maya’s. Sumit gets tensed and asks Rajneesh to go now. Rajneesh says I m eating cake. Sumit finishes the cake and makes him leave.

Sumit wakes up at night and says Maya… to see did she sleep or not. He tries to take the ring and fails. Its morning, Sumit brushes his teeth and crawls to get Maya’s ring. He falls down in kids watertub and runs out. Simran comes to Maya. Maya asks her to help in getting her wedding ring. Simran says its just ring. Maya says I have just one ring.

Rajneesh comes to Simran with a gift and asks what is Maya finding. Simran says ring. She gifts Rajneesh and says its my feelings in gift form. He gets glad and opens the gift, to see a dog’s pic. She says when we met, you got charity for police dog. Rajneesh says this is my senior in police and thanks her from heart. He gets emotional and cries. She says happy friendships day and hugs him. He holds her and pushes her seeing Maya. He says sorry. Simran says its okay and sees the gift. He says Maya said brown is your fav color, so I got this tortoise for you. Maya says did you get the ring, oh, fine, good job.

Sumit comes home and keeps the ring under the cushion. He gives her the cushion. She cries and hugs him. He says flowers are so expensive, my heart cried when I bought this. She tells him that she lost her wedding ring, she has found everywhere. He says its fine, it will be here and there, under the cushion. She says I have seen everywhere, how to tell you. He asks whats the problem. She says after you gave me ring, I got the diamond replaced. He says oh. She says I was happy when you proposed me and knew you gave me good ring, but my parents thought you are useless, I have out Dadi’s diamond in it. He asks its worth. She says its about emotions. He says emotions are priceless, but whats its worth. She says 2-2.5 lakhs. He gets shocked. She says just move, I will see under cushion again. He says whats gone is gone, everyone makes mistakes, and stops her. He says forget that ring, I will get new ring, calm down, drink water, get water for me too. He gets the ring from the sofa and she gets glad seeing it. She hugs him happily. Maya says I was sure we will always be together, I can’t believe this, make me wear this again. She gives her hand and he makes her wear the ring.

She sees the ring and checks the diamond. She angrily says Sumit. He says whatever I did, my intention was good. She asks where is my Dadi’s diamond. He says to Lord. She asks why did he throw diamond. He says I got to know that diamond was fake, if you knew it, you would have felt I m cheap, why did you not tell me when you replaced. She says because I love you. She says even I love you, that’s why I did this. Aaliya comes and says about friendship day and her friend Raj gifting her. Maya asks her to go, as mum and dad fighting. Aaliya says fight light, I m doing homework. Maya says we are fighting for diamonds, and Aaliya is happy for this small gift. Maya asks where did you throw the diamond.

Sumit looks for the diamond in the junk bin. Jasbir brings Dolly to Jitos and gifts her a diamond ring. Dolly kisses it and asks why does this smell like garbage….

Jasbir says he likes to write and says some liners to Sumit. He becomes a writer and says I write for my happiness and not money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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