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Sumit Sambhal Lega 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit watching cricket. Maya says we should meet Aaliya’s teacher. He says I love Aaliya a lot, but after 3 overs. Maya coughs getting choked and needs water. He does not get up and is busy watching. Her cough gets high and she spits the food stuck in her throat. He asks her to move and let him see tv. She asks why did he not do anything. He says what can I do, they are playing match. She says I could have died, something got stuck in my throat. He says just a small seed.

She goes. He goes to her and says sorry, I should have helped you, I m your life, what can happen to you. She says this is serious, you are useless in emergency, you should have protected me as a man. He asks what do you mean. She reminds how he stood on chair seeing a rat. He says okay, but

its fine. She asks if it was serious. He says I would have done what I should have. She asks what. He says there is special way, shown on tv. She asks did he learn first aid by tv. He says yes.

Rajneesh comes and asks whats going on. Maya asks Rajneesh does he know to save life if someone is serious after something gets stuck in throat. She says Sumit did not save me. He says its easy way and teaches her what to do in such situation. Sumit says its waste. Maya asks him to watch tv.

Sumit comes to Dolly in bad mood. Dolly says she will make parathas for him. He takes bottle to open lid and gives her. She says I just closed it, why did you open. He says Maya is annoyed, I did not help her. She asks why. He says Maya was choking, tell me, whom will you call if you are caught in bad situation. She says no, whats the use to call you, I will call Rajneesh, he will protect home. Sumit says because Rajneesh is in police. Dolly says he is man. Sumit says think he is not at home, then you will call me. She says no, I will call your dad.

He asks is dad better option than me. She says your dad is rough and tough, he is tiger. He says you say you get irritated by dad, and like me as I m sweet by nature. She says yes, but sweet kids can’t fight. Jasbir comes and asks whats happening. Sumit says see Jasbir has come, who will be scared by him. Jasbir says get up, this is my chair. Sumit says I can get tough too. Jasbir laughs saying about rat incident.

Dolly says Sumit is so sweet. Jasbir says Sumit is popular in senior citizens, and laughs. Sumit tells about hitting a kid in school. Dolly says my fighter. Jasbir says the kid was younger than you, that was a girl, you punched her and then she has pushed you down. Sumit asks Jasbir to have arm wrestling with him. Jasbir takes pickles while Sumit is applying all his energy. Jasbir wins. Sumit gets ache in his wrist. Jasbir says I m great. Sumit leaves.

Sumit goes to Jito’s and asks Jito about dealing with bad situation. Rajneesh is with his friends. Sumit joins them. Rajneesh says I have come from duty, this is not fancy dress. Sumit says he can protect his home. Rajneesh says Sumit is in bad mood, as he could not save his wife. Jito’s daughter jokes on Sumit. Rajneesh says dad has come here and told everything. Rajneesh laughs on him. He says I know Sumit lost to a senior citizen, and that he can’t protect his wife. His friend asks what type of man is he, every man has duty to protect his wife and children, poor Maya, I wish she met me before marrying Sumit. Rajneesh asks him not to say this about Maya. His friend says Maya likes sweet man like Sumit.

They joke that Sumit is afraid of rats, Aaliya has told them. Rajneesh says its Maya, who takes care of everyone, she is the real man. Sumit says I have wife, kids, job, home, I m real man, what do you have. Rajneesh says I have… nothing, Sumit has mum too. Jito’s daughter laughs on Sumit. Rajneesh and everyone laugh.

Sumit comes home and tells Maya that he is a real man. He says he will help her, he will break people’s mouth. She asks about sauce bottle. He asks how did he not give. She says its here. He asks how, I was going to beat the man, he has good fate that he is honest. He says I will do this work and she gets hurt. He says I will help, I m man. She asks what happened to him. She says I m scared, be away and runs. He says I will remove that woodline tip, and gets crazy. She says leave me, I know what you are doing, wait. She asks why did he turn psycho and kicks him far. He still catches her and does not leave her hand to get the thin woodline out of her finger.

He says you lost the trust on me because of that seed. She says no, I said a lot, and shows the right hand. She asks him to listen to her, he is a good person, he gives them happiness and makes them stay fine, this is called real man, whats the need to do more, stop this madness. He says fine and leaves her. He says but I will remove it first and pinches the wood minute structure out. He says if you get inside my wife’s finger, I will break you. She says my finger is bleeding, I m going to apply bandage. He asks shall I help. She says no. He says I feel like fainting seeing blood. She gets annoyed.

Rajneesh teaches first aid to Dolly and Jasbir. She punches in Jasbir’s stomach. Rajneesh asks what was this, we were just practicing. Jasbir says chewing gum was stuck in tooth 2 days before. They get irked.

Many girls come to meet Rajneesh and Sumit. Maya questions Sumit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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