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Sumit Sambhal Lega 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya feeding kids. Sumit comes and asks for food. Maya serves lemon chicken. She tells Sumit about Aaliya’s new friend Samar. Sumit says a boy, know him well and then see if he is good. Maya says Samar is coming on his own, every boy is not like you. He says I will meet him, but I m not at home on Sunday. She says thank God. Sumit asks Avi to save his sister. Maya smiles and serves him food. Sumit says same lemon chicken again.

He asks what did she mean every guy is not like me. She says you wasted time. He says our love story was set in 3 movies. She says she has done everything. He says I took the first step. She says 9 years ago, the rainy evening in Mumbai. FB shows Maya talking to her dad on phone. She is giving the flat on rent. She tells the agent about

rent. Sumit comes there and negotiates the amount with the agent Hasmukh. Maya and Sumit smile seeing each other. Hasmukh makes excuse seeing their eyelock. Maya says network is less in living room. Sumit says I had tea.

Sumit introduces himself to Maya. He tells about his qualifications and says he is very much single. She asks him to see flat. Sumit says I m seeing. Hasmukh shows the flat rooms. Sumit jokes to make Maya smile. Maya says my dad told you can’t keep pets. He says no, I don’t like pets, my family fights like animals. She says rent is fixed. Hasmukh increases from 35000rs to 40000rs. Sumit says its double my budget. Hasmukh says we will sit and think. Sumit asks Maya will she come to take rent every month. She says no, you have to give post dated cheques, this is dad’s investment flat, my office is close, I sometimes come here to stay. She goes to talk to her boss. Sumit says beautiful, really sweet Maya.

Hasmukh asks him to agree, as Maya is single. Sumit says my mum told about low budget less than 25000rs. Hasmukh says she was laughing on your jokes, I also make kundlis in part time. Maya says sorry, I have work. Sumit asks shall I drop you at office. She says no. She gets a call and tells Sumit that he has parked his car at wrong place. Sumit goes to park right. Hasmukh says the guy is nice, we will do the deal in 30000rs, he is gentleman, he was praising you a lot. She smiles and asks really. He says yes. She says he is sweet. Sumit comes and says she parked near Chinese restaurant. She says she eats often there, you should try lemon chicken. He says I will surely have it. He says he is finding big flat for his family, but budget problem. Maya asks is 25000rs fine for him. Sumit thanks her. Hasmukh says we will do formalities here. Sumit says we can meet in restaurant too. Hasmukh says fine. Maya says we both will manage, you don’t worry Hasmukh. Hasmukh says I can see that and goes. Maya says she will stay here today. Sumit says nice to meet you Maya, and goes.

Sumit informs Dolly about the flat and thanks Hasmukh. Hasmukh asks just for flat. Sumit says also for flat. Sumit says he forgot his umbrella. He goes and sees Maya in bathrobe. He shuts door so that Hasmukh does not see her. He takes the umbrella and says I m so sorry. He leaves.

Sumit comes home and tells everything to Rajneesh. Rajneesh gets jealous of Sumit. Sumit says don’t know what is she thinking about me. Rajneesh asks were you staring at her. Sumit says no, I turned face like this. Rajneesh says you did not turn face. Sumit says image got spoiled, leave the flat, I don’t think I can meet Maya’s eyes. Dolly feeds him hot aloo pakados. Rajneesh says he booked tickets. Sumit asks why are they going back in 20 days. Dolly says Jasbir always needs her help. Rajneesh opens the door, and its Maya.

Maya asks does Sumit Walia stay here. Rajneesh says Sumit, she is for you. Maya says Hasmukh gave your address. Sumit tells Dolly that this is Maya. Rajneesh asks what. Sumit says she is my mother and he is my brother. Maya greets them, and asks may I talk to Sumit in private. Dolly asks Rajneesh to go inside. Rajneesh says you too. They leave. Maya asks Sumit why did he drop the deal, she has lessen the budget by 10000rs, was it because of bathrobe. He says I thought you won’t see my face, I respect every girl as sister, I mean not everyone. She says the one who was in bathrobe has right to cancel deal, how can I know you, you take flat on rent, I don’t have time to find someone else. He says thanks, this time I will ring bell and come.

Sumit comes to meet Maya and compliments her. She says Hasmukh is busy, papers are ready. He gives his details. She says I m not in hurry, my friends were coming on dinner and not coming now, if you don’t mind, dinner is ready. He says no problem, I will eat again after going home. She says she made lemon chicken.

Sumit likes the lemon chicken, and says my mummy ji is world’s best cook, but this is excellent. She asks really, someone praised my cooking for the first time. He says I can have this all my life, did you make it, I thought you ordered food. She says I thought you will have outside food daily, so I cooked this. He asks did she make it for him, her friends were coming. She says my friend is here. They have an eyelock. FB ends. Sumit says the lemon chicken tastes same, I can have it all my life, nothing changed. Aaliya brings Avi there to break their romance. She says few things changed and they all hug.

Rajneesh’s marriage scene is shown, when the bride refuses to marry him. Dolly aims gun at people.

Update Credit to: Amena

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