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Sumit Sambhal Lega 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home. He shouts and asks for his boxing gloves. He has to teach lesson to his neighbor who has cut his tyres. She asks him to talk down, and they can solve the fight over tea, you never has boxing gloves, and think of that bald guy, he is dangerous. Sumit agrees. He meets Ajmani and they solve the fight over tea. Ajmani says he can’t believe Sumit is Jasbir’s son and asks him to stand in society elections, he can win. Sumit happily agrees and tells Maya.

Jasbir comes and asks Sumit about Ajmani. Sumit says Ajmani wants to make me joint secretary. Jasbir says Ajmani is my big enemy, and tells his proposal was rejected. Sumit says Ajmani praised me a lot. Jasbir says Ajmani fooled you, you refuse to him. Sumit says its possible that few people

find me good. Jasbir says yes, just Dolly. Sumit says you don’t trust me, now I will become the joint secretary. Jasbir takes the challenge. Jasbir gives a snacks party to the people to get elected as joint secretary. Rajneesh asks can I join. Jasbir asks him to go. He bribes the men with wine and asks them to go, before Rajneesh sees them. He asks them to choose Jasbir. They leave. Dolly comes home and sees this. Dolly talks to him about elections.

Rajneesh asks Sumit to take his name back. Sumit says Jasbir has sent you to do this. Sumit agrees to take his name back as Rajneesh convinces him. Jasbir comes and challenges Sumit again. Sumit and Jasbir pull Rajneesh asking for their vote. Rajneesh says I will give vote to third party, that’s me.

The election campaign starts. Rajneesh gives a good speech and says he has given his life to his duty, he takes his name back and his vote too. Ajmani calls Sumit. Maya cheers for Sumit. Sumit tells what all will he do when he wins elections and pauses. Ajmani says we are with Sumit. Sumit thanks him and says weird things. Jasbir and Dolly laugh. Ajmani asks Sumit to sit. Maya cheers for Sumit and no one else does.

Ajmani says next candidate is Jasbir. Dolly cheers for Jasbir. Jasbir gives the speech on food and says the management is rotten, the society has no benefit with them. People does not cheer for Jasbir. Jasbir asks why are they doing Haye haye.. the man says Sumit got two wine bottles for us. Sumit smiles. Sumit wins the elections.

Sumit tells Maya that he gave his vote to Jasbir, as everyone was making fun of him. Maya says so sweet. Sumit says Jasbir would have given vote to himself, where did that vote go, I understood and rushes.

Sumit goes to Jasbir and asks him why did he give his vote to him. Rajneesh asks why will Jasbir give his vote to him. Jasbir says what nonsense, how did Sumit know. Sumit says I have my vote to you, then you got just one vote. Jasbir says that’s what I was thinking, who gave me vote, I knew Sumit is better, you are my son, your victory is mine. Jasbir and Sumit smile. Dolly hugs them. Rajneesh goes and says they are so sweet and tries to hug them. Sumit says I have an idea, I will cut Ajmani’s tyre and start fight again. Rajneesh says how can you do this alone, and they all join hands.

Sumit talks to Dolly and Jasbir about the tea pot. Jasbir asks are we poor, what was the need for it?

Update Credit to: Amena

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