Sumit Sambhal Lega 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya talking to her Mam. Sumit irritates and disturbs her. Maya says she wants to meet her anytime. She ends call and tells Sumit that her teacher Mrs Mathur is coming to Delhi, she will meet him. He says he was not a good student and got punishment always. Maya says she was class captain, my Mam used to say I will become something. Sumit gets the teacher’s call and gives to Maya. Maya says I m looking forward to meet you. She tells Sumit that Mrs. Mathur is coming home tomorrow. He says he will not stay at home. She says I have to keep home tidy, she asks many questions, keep answers ready.

He asks shall I wear Aaliya’s school uniform. She asks him not to joke. Next day, Maya sets everything and asks Sumit to behave well. Maya hugs her Mathur Mam. Sumit

hides. Maya says this is my husband Sumit. He lies that he is unwell and Mam checks his temper. He says I did my homework. She laughs. Maya sends Aaliya to room to do her homework. Sumit talks to Mam, and sits talking about cricket.

Dolly and Jasbir come and ask whose is there. Sumit says these are my parents. Mrs. Mathur says I m Maya’s teacher, that’s my car. Jasbir and Dolly crack jokes and talks to Maya’s teacher. Sumit waits for Maya and is embarrassed by Jasbir and Dolly’s talk. Mrs. Mathur laughs. Maya comes and is worried. Dolly introduces Rajneesh and Maya asks them to go. Sumit asks them to go, and Mrs. Mathur stops them. She finds the family different, but Maya is embarrassed.

Sumit comes to Maya and she argues as her teacher was with family. She says I could not spend time with her. Maya says they all do strange things, and she can’t do all this, she is boring. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Maya gives chocolate milk to Aaliya. Dolly, Sumit and Rajneech come there. They all praise Maya and try to say she is different. Maya says she understood who told them I m different and special. Sumit comes and Maya says everyone is making me realize I m cool. Sumit asks why did they not come one by one. He asks what did they say. Dolly says that which you taught us. Maya says fine, I m boring. Dolly says no, you are just…..

Maya says I m not different like you. Sumit asks them to leave. Maya says I don’t have that x factor in me. Maya acts like Dolly, Jasbir and Rajneesh. They all laugh. Sumit is stunned. Maya stays upset. Sumit makes her realize she is different, as he has married her. He says she is much different than rest. She says you are saying this to make me happy. He says how did you bear all of us, who will stay with us for years. She gets glad. He says you are one piece. She hugs him.

Sumit is watching cricket match and does not care for Maya. Dolly says Rajneesh can protect this house. Maya and Sumit argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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