Sumit Sambhal Lega 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home and seeing Maya decorating for birthday. He assumes its her or Aaliya’s birthday and wishes her. She reminds its Happy uncle’s 80th birthday. He says I did not forget. Happy uncle flirts with every lady in the birthday party. Jasbir gives him card and wishes him happy birthday. Dolly says he loves you uncle, so he bought card by his money for the first time in his life. Jasbir and Dolly talk to Happy about Deewan tag in their family. Jasbir praises himself and says he can get this tag too. Sumit says that’s what I was thinking why is dad spending.

Maya brings the cake. Happy uncle likes the cake and compliments Maya. Dolly says its good cake, did you order Maya. Maya says I made it following internet. Dolly taunts her. Sumit manages.

Happy uncle asks Jasbir to become Deewan. Jasbir says great thought. Happy uncle asks for a party and wine. Rajneesh says I will get juice. Jasbir asks him to get wine. Maya says cut cake first uncle. Happy uncle cuts the cake.

Everyone wish happy birthday. Happy uncle does not like the cake and spits, saying he is not diabetic to have salty cake. Maya tastes it and spits. Dolly taunts her. Jasbir says its salty, but I will eat with sauce. Maya says sorry uncle, I did not know how did this happen. Sumit says its Maya’s old habit and jokes on her. Everyone laugh. Maya gets annoyed.

Its night, Sumit laughs and says he has hit the joke. She says you are funny, you have hit cheap jokes and insulted me infront of family and guests. He says I was joking. She says shut up, I was already upset, you made fun of me. He acts like crying and teases her. She says she is angry. He says he is afraid and laughs. She says you think you are smart, see how I take revenge, be careful. She goes. Sumit says you think I m scared of your warning.

Its morning, Maya says I told a lot yesterday night, I overreacted, I m sorry. He asks about revenge and warnings. She says I won’t take revenge. He gets doubtful and says I know you well, you have something going on in your mind. She says relax. Aaliya asks for juice. Maya says juice is less, and gives cold drink to Sumit. Maya says cold drink is for Sumit, not Aaliya. Sumit says you can shaken this can, so that it bursts on me, this is your revenge. She says we are not in school, I don’t want revenge.

He asks since when is she doing this. She asks him to have cold drink, nothing will happen. He says you have, else Aaliya. She says Aaliya did not have breakfast. He says fine, Aaliya will open it. Maya says fine. Sumit asks what type of mum is she. Maya sends Aaliya and jokes on Sumit. Jasbir and Dolly come. Jasbir curses Happy uncle and says he has taken wine bottles, and came to know he is giving Deewan tag to everyone, he took wine from everyone. Dolly says I knew this will happen, I wanted to see him upset. Jasbir says he thought to get Deewan tag and then get sherwani and rose. Sumit says he won’t have cold drink. Jasbir takes the cold drink. Sumit asks him to be careful. Jasbir opens the can and drinks.

Maya asks is Sumit happy. Sumit says you have planed big revenge, who knows how will you hit me, my kids, house and car, I m not blind, I m watching you. Jasbir asks Dolly what happened to Sumit. Dolly says you know his mind is soft. Maya asks why did you not tell me before marriage.

Maya tells Sumit that Bobby called and said cricket match is there at 3pm. Sumit says understood, thanks. Sumit tells Rajneesh that Maya is planning big thing, she involved Bobby too, don’t know what is she doing, she will take revenge, but how, what is her plan. He asks Rajneesh to find out, as he is police officer. Rajneesh says she is your wife, what enmity will she have with you. Sumit asks him to go.

Rajneesh goes to Maya. Sumit shakes a can and says Maya drink this cold drink. Rajneesh asks Maya will she take revenge from Sumit. She says no. Rajneesh tells Sumit that Maya will not take revenge, I can smell lie and cheat. Sumit says OMG, she involved you too in her plan. Rajneesh asks are you mad. Sumit says I understood and goes. Rajneesh says poor Maya, her fate is bad. He opens drink can and it bursts.

Sumit is unable to sleep. He wakes up Maya and asks her not to act like she is sleeping. He says he is not going in Sunday match, he knows her lies, he will be alert. She says sleep, you are mad, I m not taking any revenge. He says enough, I can’t bear, take revenge and end it. She teases him as he teased her. She asks did he get hurt, when she was hurt, he said its joke, I m not torturing you. He says you did not do anything and made me think, this was your plan. She smiles and says she left the work for him, now he can sleep peacefully. He says he is playing Sunday match, this was his last plan. She asks did he remove name from match. He says yes. She says good night and smiles.

Maya recalls her and Sumit’s romance. They go in flashback of 9 years ago.

Update Credit to: Amena

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