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Sumit Sambhal Lega 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit having tough time in work. Dolly offers him help and suggests their relative Namit. He says he dislikes Namit. She says Namit will help you, he has much knowledge about Cricket. The conversation gets hilarious. She convinces him to take Namit’s help. She does emotional blackmail. He agrees and says fine. She asks Namit to come inside. Namit also dresses like Sumit. They both look identical and behave same.

Sumit says so you want to help me in my work. Namit says okay. Dolly asks them to work together and goes. Sumit and Namit behave exact, as Namit’s mother has fed Sumit in his toddler years. Namit sits and says he gets dizzy if he stands much. Sumit asks him not to work if he does not want. Namit asks them not to make him do anything wrong. Sumit says

we will start work. Sumit asks him to check report on Virat Kohli.

Namit asks for pencil sharpener. Namit shows mistakes. Sumit says one alphabet did not get printed. Namit asks is he taunting him. Sumit says no, I m glad you caught my mistake. Namit asks for ambulance, pencil tip has hurt his hand and falls on Sumit. Sumit says this will be proved costly.

Sumit goes to Maya and asks why did he tell Dolly he needs assistant, he has sent Namit home, he calls Maa always. Maya laughs and says you both could be twins, you also cry like this. She says you both look same, carbon copy. Sumit says no, I don’t look same and talks like Namit to see. He finds the similiarity.

Rajneesh talks to Namit. Namit says he had many diseases. Rajneesh asks is he fine now. Namit names what diseases he has now. Rajneesh says we will talk after finishing food. Sumit comes and says that’s my shirt. Dolly says Namit’s shirt has stain, so I gave your shirt, size is same. Namit takes her permission and goes to washroom. Jasbir asks till when will we have to bear Namit. Dolly asks Sumit when will his work end. Sumit says it just started.

Sumit says Dolly recommended Namit. Dolly says yes but he keeps crying all day. They all act like Namit. Sumit says he is not so bad. Maya said we both are similar. They all get shocked. Sumit asks what happened just now, you also feel this, that I m like Namit. They laugh out. Rajneesh says you both look twins. Dolly says Sumit is my lovely son. Jasbir jokes on him. Sumit asks what does this mean. Rajneesh says Jasbir means you both are same, but we are habitual to you. Sumit says I won’t come here again. Jasbir says see you started again. Rajneesh says its his common thing, you came to tell your problem, as if we wait for your problem to solve. They act like Sumit and laugh. Namit says check my forehead, do I have fever? Rajneesh says we were talking imp thing, and calls Sumit as Namit. Sumit says I will see you and goes. Namit takes medicines slowly. They stare at him.

Maya calls Sumit as Namit, which shocks him. Namit comes and she calls him Sumit. Namit and Sumit like same parathas. She says she will make it. Namit goes to study to wait for Sumit. Sumit says enough, I will fire him from job, he reminds everyone that I cry always. Maya asks so you will fire him? She asks him to change if he has something bad, she is right. Sumit goes to study. Namit plays mouth organ. Namit asks Sumit shall I play your fav song. Sumit says actually the thing is….. Namit says it means you are firing me or telling about my disease.

He says no, some wise person told me that if we have anything bad, we should change you. Namit asks what. Sumit says I will correct your bad habits. Namit asks what. Sumit says this thing, why are you scared. Namit says I m scared. Sumit holds him and asks him to see in his eyes. Namit says you promised you won’t make me do anything wrong. Sumit asks him to smile sometimes and guides him. They both compare what they do and its funny. Namit says he is leaving job, he does not want to work with Sumit, he always cries. He calls Sumit donkey. Sumit asks am I donkey, you will regret. Sumit gets angry and says you always cry. Namit goes. Sumit says yaar…………. And says it properly. A scene is shown where Walias are pampering Namit. Namit is glad that he has become Walia. Sumit wakes up by this bad dream.

Simran tells Rajneesh that she is not his GF. Sumit asks Rajneesh to do what he wants. He says Rajneesh had right to know everything. Maya and Dolly worry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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