Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh coming to Maya. She asks did he get fed of Dolly and Jasbir’s fight. He sits to have tea and is glad there is no tension here. Sumit comes and Maya and Sumit get into an argument. He asks for eggs and she hits eggs on his shirt. He goes to give pressure cooker to Dolly. Rajneesh says tea is nice. Dolly and Jasbir have argument. Sumit returns the cooker. Dolly smells eggs and Sumit says smell is coming from my short. She says she will wash it. He says no, I will change. She cleans it and asks did Maya do anything, tell me. He says nothing. Jasbir says he means something happened.

Rajneesh asks Maya to say, she can tell him. She asks him to lock Sumit for 2 days. Sumit tells Dolly the problem and she calms him. Sumit says what happened. FB shows Sumit

coming home in good mood and Maya not behaving right. He says I did not know about bottle lid loose and drops water. She argues with him and asks is he humiliating her. Sumit asks what wrong did I say. FB ends. Sumit says I m not lying. Maya tells Rajneesh what happened. FB shows Maya managing the kids. Sumit comes home in bad mood and gets angry on Maya. The water falls on Aaliya’s painting and he scolds her. FB ends.

Rajneesh says Sumit does not value you Maya. Sumit says Maya makes big issue out of small things. Jasbir says I will give you tips for happy married life. Dolly asks him to tell her too. Jasbir says Sumit not to take wife seriously. Dolly puts tea in the snacks and laughs. Sumit leaves seeing them argue.

Sumit comes home and looks for tea. He asks for eggs. Rajneesh makes excuse and says I will return mum’s cooker. Maya says I will make omelet. Sumit says I will keep shirt for washing. Maya says I will wash, I m sorry, I have hit you with egg. He says its okay, I m sorry too. She says its okay and they hug. Dolly comes and says I have come to make everything fine. Sumit says its all fine and stops her. She still comes inside.

Dolly brings the bottle for Sumit and asks is he happy now. Maya asks Sumit did he go to complain to Dolly, to say how much his wife tortures him. Jasbir asks Dolly to make parathas for him. He says wives are such. Maya says Sumit…. Sumit says this is dad’s theory. Jasbir asks Sumit who told him. Maya says you are making me villain, when I have…. Rajneesh comes and asks Sumit about bottle story. Sumit asks Maya did she tell Rajneesh. Rajneesh says Maya told me everything, how you have troubled her, you should be ashamed. Maya acts like Sumit. Rajneesh laughs and asks Maya to do again. Sumit acts like Maya. Jasbir laughs. Maya and Sumit argue.

Rajneesh says the matter is their problems, when big problems are there, it comes out by small excuses. Jasbir tells about pickle box which Dolly has stolen. Dolly argues and they have a fight. Sumit takes Jasbir’s side and Maya takes Dolly’s side. Sumit then on Dolly’s side and says dad this is too much. Rajneesh says yes, sometimes matter should be light. Jasbir says whats this, fight over without getting frustration out. Dolly asks him to come home and argues. Jasbir and Dolly laugh on Sumit and Maya’s silly fight and leave. Sumit and Maya smile and hug. Rajneesh asks whose cooker is this, I forgot. Sumit asks don’t you have to go on duty. Rajneesh says yes and leaves. Sumit tells Maya that they won’t fight from today. They say I love you and hug. He asks for pillow and she stops him from arguing. They smile and go to sleep.

Maya acts like Dolly and Jasbir….. Dolly asks Maya’s teacher about Maya’s behavior.

Update Credit to: Amena

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