Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

He Episode starts with Jasbir and Dolly troubling Rajneesh. Sumit laughs. Rajneesh beats his head and says he does not find easy to be with them. Jasbir and Sumit see cricket match. Maya asks did Rajneesh not come. Jasbir says Dolly took him to doctor. Maya asks what to gift Rajneesh on birthday, his mood is off these days, we should gift something. Dolly comes and asks Sumit to order medicines, he can go home in one week. Rajneesh comes and says he is going to his room to suicide. Jasbir asks for popcorn. Maya says its matter of one week. Rajneesh says one day looks like one month Maya, I will go mad.

Dolly says we will make Rajneesh do exercise. Jasbir jokes on Rajneesh and Sumit laughs. Rajneesh says I became a joke. Maya says they were talking about his birthday gift. Dolly hugs

Rajneesh and says he will be with her. She scolds Jasbir. She asks Rajneesh did he wear neat briefs. Jasbir and Sumit laugh.

Dolly and Jasbir ask Sumit to do something, Rajneesh is not taking medicines and just taunting. Dolly says he told me my parathas are not tasty. Jasbir says he told me that I m stinking. Dolly says that too when Jasbir took bath after a week. Sumit asks why shall I explain him, Rajneesh is at home all day so he is irritated, you go out for few days. Jasbir and Dolly decide to go upstairs at Sumit’s house. Sumit asks what. They go to pack bags. Sumit stops them and says I will explain Rajneesh. Jasbir says don’t worry, we will sleep in your bedroom, you sleep on sofa. Sumit says no, I will talk to Rajneesh.

Sumit goes to Rajneesh and says he looks troubled by mum and dad, they want your good. Rajneesh says you came as they sent you, everyone knows you are mum’s dog, your name should be Tommy. He teases Sumit. Sumit says stop it, you have hurt everyone’s bums. Rajneesh says you started all the bad jokes. Sumit asks why are you getting angry on me, dad was right, you are Sadu.

Sumit tells Jasbir to deal with his problem, why should he get insulted. Dolly gives him pakodas. Rajneesh asks did Tommy get pakodas. He thanks them for joking on him behind his back. Jasbir asks him to leave from this house. Rajneesh says I m leaving, I have put chilli in dad’s juice. Dolly says leave him, he is crack. Rajneesh gives her laptop which was lost. She scolds him and goes to beat him. She asks Rajneesh to leave. Dolly cries. Jasbir asks her to see repeat telecast of her fav show.

Maya comes to Rajneesh’s home and says we all came to wish you happy birthday with a cake. They all come inside and asks whats this bad smell. Rajneesh says house was shut and milk got spoiled. Maya says we will open window. Sumit says and we will jump from there. Dolly asks did you make this cake for Maya. Maya says yes, you did not like it. Dolly says this cake is good as the way he is behaving. Maya asks her to forget it. Maya gifts Rajneesh and says its from our side, one year gym membership. Sumit asks done? Shall we leave? Maya stops Sumit.

Rajneesh says I liked gift, people will laugh on me if I go gym with this hurt bums, you go to gym, tone down else you will look football like dad. He angrily mashes the cake and says happy birthday to me. She asks them to go, party is over. Maya says my cake… Jasbir says I will not leave Rajneesh, not because he insulted me by calling me football, but because he ruined cake and insulted Maya, dolly says its good, we got saved from eating this cake.

Jasbir goes to Rajneesh and asks what does he want to prove by insulting them. Rajneesh says you won’t understand my pain. Jasbir says don’t start again, mum does not love me, my brother got more famous, my GF left me. Rajneesh asks him to leave. Jasbir says shut up, attention. He says you just know to blame others, why are you sad after coming to your home, answer me. Its because you have no one here to blame. Rajneesh cries and says I don’t like to stay alone, to do all work myself. Jasbir asks why is he crying. He asks him to walk without the stick. Rajneesh walks.

Jasbir says everyone has problems, but goats run away from problems, tigers hit the problems and get rid of it, be a tiger, not a goat. Rajneesh says sure. Jasbir says great, don’t feel bad, I understand your pain, you are out of home, be happy, I m always behind those bars. Rajneesh says he understands. Jasbir asks him to apologize to Dolly, she is soft at heart, and asks him to come. Rajneesh salutes Jasbir. Jasbir asks him to come.

Rajneesh cries and apologizes to Dolly. Sumit says now we all are happy, we will go home and celebrate birthday well. Rajneesh says I spoiled this cake. Dolly asks will you eat this, I will make a good cake. Maya gets sad. Jasbir says I will eat this cake for your sake.

Maya warns Sumit. Sumit asks was Maya hurting him. He says Maya has planned a big thing, don’t know how will you hurt me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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