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Sumit Sambhal Lega 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly teaching classical music to Aaliya. Aaliya runs and Jasbir laughs. Dolly goes to Sumit and Maya, and scolds them as they don’t value music. Sumit watches cricket and does not care. Aaliya does not eat food. Maya says fine, don’t learn singing. Aaliya gets glad. Sumit says its just 3 classes with Dolly, why did Aaliya drop out so soon. Maya says let it be. He says we should not teach Aaliya to quit so soon, else how will she learn to fight in life. Maya kisses him and says you have deep thinking, explain Aaliya to go for singing class.

Rajneesh asks for his gun, which he kept in drawer, Dolly’s mood is upset as someone missed her class. Sumit signs Rajneesh and asks what did mummy say about Aaliya’s singing, Dolly praised Aaliya right. Rajneesh says

she did not teach me. They laugh. Sumit says Dolly used to teach us in our childhood, we learnt for 1-2 months. Aaliya asks then did he also leave? Sumit looks at Maya. Rajneesh laughs and leaves.

Maya tells Sumit that she knows what he is thinking, how to convince Aaliya. He says yes, as even I have quit learning. Maya says I know, its not easy to learn from Dolly. He says I had no problem, I liked singing classes, she used to teach well, mummy, me and music, I miss those days. Maya kisses him and says awww.. I did not know you are so senti, so sweet. She asks him to take singing classes again from Dolly. He says I think my time is running bad.

Its morning, Sumit goes to Dolly. He asks did they get Rajneesh’s gun. She says yes, it was in fridge. He asks her whether she will teach him singing, there is no age limit to learn, take this Tanpura…. She cries and says I knew you will come back and hugs him. She says we will start from where you left and gives him the book. She sings. He says wow, you remember. She says yes, everything. Rajneesh sees them and asks whats happening. Dolly says Sumit wants to learn music. Rajneesh says I was thinking to play drums again, we have to plant rose plant somewhere else. Dolly asks why, and gets busy. He says I will be in my room and goes.

Dolly asks Sumit to take deep breath, sit straight and sing. Sumit says sorry and tries singing. He does not sing well. She says you are not singing right and asks him to choose any easy tune. He tries again. She says no, get another more easier book, now sing. He sings Lalla lalla lori….. she takes the book and gives something else. He says Page 1…. She says yes, sing this, you forgot everything. He says its 20 years. She asks him to respect his talent, his voice is so good, I feel like crying now. He says we will try again. She goes.

Sumit goes to Jasbir. Jasbir jokes on him, calling him a crow. Sumit asks can I ask something. Jasbir says that why did I not sell the Tanpura. Sumit asks why did you not encourage my singing. Jasbir asks are you mad. Sumit says some parents encourage children’s talent, you made fun of my singing, and I left singing, you did not do right. Jasbir says you came in cricket line on my saying, you should thank me. Sumit says yes, but I could do singing along cricket. Jasbir says you can’t put your foot in two boats. Sumit says you don’t understand me.

He goes and apologizes to Dolly. Dolly says its fine, I dreamt to teach you singing. I liked singing, but my dad did not allow, then I got married and thought I will teach my daughter to sing. Sumit says but you had sons. She says you know Rajneesh’s voice, but your voice had that quality, but you and your cricket. He says cricket was my life. Dolly says yes, but you would be better in singing too. Sumit says but Jasbir thinks women do singing, so I left singing. She says no, this is wrong.

She says you did not like to do just one thing, like Aaliya, I did not tie you, but you could have become something. Sumit thanks her and asks will she teach singing, he wants to learn for Aaliya, and wants her music to be in his house too. She asks really and hugs him. Rajneesh sees them and gets jealous. They laugh on Rajneesh.

Sumit sings well, while Rajneesh holds the book for him. Dolly, Maya and Aaliya get glad and clap for him. Maya hugs him. Sumit asks Aaliya how was it. She says amazing. Jasbir asks Aaliya to play with him.

Jasbir and Sumit compete in elections and fight. Maya supports Sumit, while Dolly supports Jasbir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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