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Sumit Sambhal Lega 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit waking up Maya. Maya says she is fever and asks him to manage kids. He says don’t worry, your super man will manage everything. Sumit brings the kids to Maya. Maya asks him to manage home. He says no, I have interview with Kapil, this is my first big tv interview, I will lose job. She asks him to check her fever. He checks the temperature and stops Aaliya from jumping on the bed. Maya says its 103. Maya says relax, I will take kids out. He asks her to get well soon.

Aaliya asks Sumit to give good. Sumit is making breakfast. Maya comes and says she had a vomit. Sumit says one good news, situation is in control here, the kids’ breakfast is ready. She asks him was he giving his chocolate cake as breakfast, and this moghlai chicken is out. Aaliya says

she is also not feeling well. Sumit says she has fever too.

Dolly comes and says she will make things fine. Maya asks Sumit. Sumit says I called mum, as I have to go for interview. Dolly says Maya and kids have fever, Sumit take kids to doctor, I will stay with Maya. Sumit gets Kapil’s assistant’s call and gets glad that they can do interview today in one hour. Sumit says I will send my address. Dolly asks will he work leaving the kids. Sumit says I will manage and call doctor. Dolly kisses Maya’s forehead to know the temperature and says its 103. Maya is shocked.

Sumit gets the kids to doctor and asks the lady can he take his daughter first, he has interview with Kapil Dev. The lady tells how ill is her son. Aaliya gets headache and Sumit talks to her. Kapil Dev comes there and asks Sumit did he call him here. Sumit says yes, as you have to go airport in evening. He introduces Aaliya and gives a special kids chair to Kapil. He asks the staff to get camera. Kapil sits on the mini chair.

The lady asks for autograph on her son. Sumit says later. People take selfie with Kapil. Kapil says he can’t give interview here and he won’t be able to forget this interview. He leaves. Sumit says this was my job, which went. Dolly asks Maya to drink the kada. Jasbir comes and asks Dolly where is pickle. Dolly asks him not to shout, Maya is unwell.

Jasbir asks Maya to do situps, fever will go. Dolly says he means going to tv from the bed. Maya asks them to leave her. They both pull her hands. Maya tells about pickle and Jasbir leaves her hand. Rajneesh comes and asks for pickles.

Sumit gets Aaliya checked by the doctor. He says he don’t know what Aaliya eats, when she sleeps… He says he don’t know about any ill child in her school. The doctor says I must say you are typical father. Sumit says I spend time with Aaliya, and see cartoons and says wrong cartoon show name. The doctor checks Aaliya’s ears and asks Sumit to hold her. The doctor asks about Avi. Sumit says where did Avi go, and looks in his pockets.

Rajneesh brings Avi and says to forgot him at home. Maya says this kada is really miraculous. Dolly says she won’t say recipe. She says she will make her bedding ready. Maya thanks her. Dolly says we are similar, as we both are mothers, rest here and hugs her. Sumit comes with kids and asks how did this happen. Rajneesh says great, you got both kids home, how did this happen.

Its night, Sumit asks Maya how is she. Maya says much better. He says kids will be fine in 2-3 days, they have flu. Kapil Dev calls Sumit. Sumit says whatever happened at clinic, I m sorry, I can’t take interview today, my kids are ill, my wife needs me, so sorry. Maya asks what happened. He says I refused, I want to become good husband and good father. She says you are already good. He asks is she testing him. She says no, you work and earn for the kids. She asks him to call Kapil and go for interview.

He says why did you not say this before. Sumit calls Kapil says my wife and kids don’t need me, can we schedule interview today and gets glad. Kapil comes to Sumit’s home. He is also ill. Sumit asks how did this happen. Kapil asks him to call at clinic again. Dolly brings kada for him. Kapil refuses to have. Dolly treats Kapil.

Jasbir says Sumit’s Nana ji is dead. Sumit asks Dolly not to create any issue there. Dolly says I won’t go. Sumit meets his Mausi. Dolly argues there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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