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Sumit Sambhal Lega 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit trying some tongue twisters. He gets some bad smell from his shirt and rushes to bathroom to get deodorant. He screams seeing Maya waxing above the lips. He asks does she have moustache. She screams and sends him out. He says sorry brother. She asks why did he come there, does he have no manners. He says fine, but do you have moustache. She says I bleach some hair, happy now? He says I stayed with a man half my life. She asks can’t I get some time alone. He says sorry. She tells about his family being here all day, and she managed all the work, did he note anything. He says yes, where do Rajneesh’s charity funds go. She says no, note that I don’t get time. I m getting mad and want a room for myself. He says fine, take one day off today. She asks you mean

you will take care of kids. He asks when did I say this. She asks him to take kids to Dolly. He says fine, and jokes on her moustache. She shuts the door.

Sumit drops kids at Dolly’s home. Dolly calls out Jasbir asking him to wear pants, as kids have come. She asks Sumit about Maya. He says she wanted some time. She asks without you. He says without everyone. Dolly says I don’t find this right. Jasbir says he feels he is young, when he is with kids. Dolly says Sumit’s house is breaking, Maya wants to be without Sumit, alone. Sumit says its fine. Dolly says Maya wants to be alone for few hours, then she will ask for one day and get habitual, she will tell you to leave her alone forever, empty mind is devil’s workshop, so I don’t leave your dad alone. Jasbir says yes, she is right, marriage means sticking on other’s head as chewing gum.

Rajneesh comes. Dolly asks Sumit to stop Maya. Sumit asks why, she wants to be alone. Dolly says if your relation breaks, kids will be with us. Sumit says nothing like that, maybe Maya wants to do some girls thing. Rajneesh asks like what. Sumit says like changing curtains, sheets etc. Dolly asks Rajneesh to go and find out what is Maya doing. Sumit says stop, I will say, Maya has a moustache. They get shocked. Sumit says she wants to hide this truth and do this work alone. Rajneesh says even you have moustache. Jasbir says all day is not needed for it.

Dolly says I feel something is happening. Sumit says I don’t have any problem. Rajneesh reads the bad news and tells Sumit, that empty mind is devil’s workshop, don’t know what is Maya doing alone. Sumit rushes to see Maya. Jasbir laughs.

Sumit goes to see Maya and finds her crying. He hides and gets hurt. He gets puzzled and comes back to Dolly’s house. He talks to Rajneesh and tells him that Maya is crying, I did not do anything, I came here to ask mummy. Rajneesh says she is crying and you came to timepass with mummy, go and ask her the reason. Sumit says going, don’t shout.

He goes to Maya and sees her smiling and normally doing work. He looks around and says he is finding a cat. She asks did he come to find cat. He says Dolly is asking for her spoon, so I came to take. She kisses him and says fine. He asks how is she, all fine. She says yes, I m fine, I will manage. He sees her singing and happy, and leaves being confused.

Sumit tells Rajneesh that Maya was laughing now, whats happening. Rajneesh says it means she is… who does this. Sumit says mummy ji. Rajneesh says no, mad people, you are making Maya mad, what did you do. Sumit says nothing, but Maya told this in morning, that she is getting mad, I m bad husband, she does all the work, I don’t help her, I m useless. Rajneesh counts that he is bad husband. Sumit says I stink too, Maya got costly deo for me, I did not use. Rajneesh asks him to use it. Sumit says poor Maya is getting mad.

Sumit goes to Maya and helps her in work. She asks what happened to him. He says I was trying to help. She says thanks, else I would have gone mad working alone. He makes her sit and says you are taking tension, we will go on long drive, I love you, just relax and sleep, we will meet doctor. Maya asks are you fine. He says how can I get fine till you get fine. She asks what happened to me. He says I know you cry and laugh being alone. She asks what, you kept an eye on me. He says yes. She says I wanted to be alone, so you got tensed. He says this is my love, I want to see you fine. She asks what is your problem.

He says I know I made you mad, I m very bad, I want to regret, I will you treated well, don’t worry. She asks is he drinking. He says I m serious. She asks him to learn to be relax. She says she will tell the reason why she was crying. She shows him Taare Zameen Par movie dvd and says she was seeing this, she cries to feel better. He says you have gone mad. She says no, tension comes out by tears, I feel good, heart gets light, I did not go mad. He says you wanted to be alone to cry. She says everyone has different way to relax. He says its big problem, I can’t see you crying. She says that’s so sweet, you should also cry, your tension will go. He says men don’t cry and laughs. She says fine, try alone, you saved me from getting mad. He asks her to get mad in his love. She hugs him and smiles.

Its night, Sumit sees the movie and says I won’t cry. He then cries seeing the emotional movie. He says Maya was right, crying makes you feel better. Rajneesh comes and sees Sumit crying. Sumit changes to action scene. Rajneesh enjoys the movie.

Dolly cries seeing emotional movie. Jasbir sees her and says he is hungry. She says I won’t cook, Maya is right, crying alone makes heart lighter. Jasbir says even I m feeling to cry now, being hungry.

Dolly and Jasbir tell Sumit what Rajneesh said. Rajneesh calls Sumit tommy. Rajneesh mashes the birthday cake and is angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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