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Sumit Sambhal Lega 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming back home after dinner. They celebrated Rajneesh and Simran’s union. Rajneesh says I invited Simran for dinner. Dolly jokes on Maya’s cooking skills. Maya says we should go now, whats the time. Dolly could not see the time, and says its time for kheer. They all notice that Dolly could not read menu card and needs a specs. Sumit and Rajneesh ask what? Jasbir says Dolly will never use specs, she thinks she is heroine. Maya says I m sure she will wear specs, as vision is imp. Rajneesh and Sumit ask Maya to tell dolly. Maya asks Jasbir to say Dolly. Jasbir says I m father of Sumit and Rajneesh, I advised Dolly and then I did not tell her anything. Maya asks what advice. Jasbir says to marry me.

Dolly gets kheer. Maya says I want to say something.

Sumit stops her. Maya asks Dolly when did she had eye checkup. Dolly looks at them. Maya says we feel you need specs. Dolly says my eyes are fine. Maya says no, you went to gents toilet, Sumit told me, he was inside. Sumit says I felt glad seeing her there. Dolly says there was just pic, not anything mentioned, I m fine.

She asks Jasbir to say something. He says I m checking, can you see me or not. She says yes, even blind can see junk box. Maya says its okay, you can wear contact lenses. Dolly asks what, plastic in my eyes, I don’t show off, but I m compliments that I look like Neetu Singh. Jasbir calls her Dara Singh. Dolly says stop it, I won’t wear specs, have kheer. Maya says spoon is unclean. Dolly sees it and says how did this happen, I can’t believe, I washed it, what to do. Rajneesh says I can’t see mummy’s state. Jasbir says close your eyes, and takes Maya’s kheer bowl.

Maya pulls a cylinder and sees Sumit watching cricket. She says I will manage. He says good, I love you. Dolly comes and shows her specs. They compliment her. Dolly says its suiting me, I can see everything clear and thanks Maya. She hugs Maya and says I can see everything well like webs near the tv. Maya says yes, there is spider web. Dolly says I m seeing everything HD, your face is clear, your eyelashes are so think. She says Sumit looks more cute, but he got tanned. He asks what. She says you look very cute, don’t become dark like Jasbir. She leaves.

Maya and Sumit see themselves. Sumit applies pastry and Maya does makeup. They make fun of each other. Rajneesh and Simran come there. Rajneesh talks weirdly. He says he went to dentist. Simran says stop it now, Rajneesh has got face massage done, Dolly saw wrinkles on his face, but his face is stiff. Simran asks Sumit what happened to his face. Sumit says nothing. Rajneesh says it means Dolly told him something, and see Maya’s makeup. He laughs and says they look funny.

Sumit says Dolly is noticing a lot, if she sees me double chin then…. Dolly and Jasbir come there. Dolly gives gajar halwa. Simran hides her double chin and compliments Dolly. Dolly says you look smart. She asks Rajneesh what happened to him. he says yes, I have just tooth pain. Sumit asks him to say truth. Rajneesh asks Dolly to see Sumit. She stops them and asks what happened to them, why did Sumit apply cream. Sumit says my face was looking rough. Sumit says Rajneesh got face massage. Dolly asks why. Rajneesh says because of you, you told me you see wrinkles on my face. Dolly says it suits you, I like it.

Sumit also admits he applied cream as she called him tanned. Dolly says you are still my fav. Maya shows her makeup to make eye lashes thick. Dolly says I just said, I like your eyelashes. Jasbir says you always say just like that. Dolly says I m glad that my children are ready to change for me. Jasbir says they know, its better to change than hearing your taunts. Dolly and Jasbir argue. Sumit says let it be. Jasbir says let me talk, and says I m the head, you nonsense. She says I know you don’t care for me. He takes her specs and breaks it. She says this is my slap, now prove it that you are better than me, then I will change. She raises hand on him and stops.

She kisses him. They all get shocked. Jasbir acts sweet. She asks him to change. He says I m ready, tell me what to change. She asks him not to fart infront of him. They all clap. Jasbir apologizes to Dolly and she keeps him outside the room. He asks how did she kiss… She recalls how she decided that she will change Jasbir, and control her anger. She says goodnight, and keeps him out.

Dolly teaches singing to Sumit. She sings Sa ga ma pa…. She cries hearing his song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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