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Sumit Sambhal Lega 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya’s friend Simran complimenting her perfect home and life. Sumit comes and Maya feels embarrassed. Simran takes Sumit’s nature light and calls Maya lucky. Simran tells Maya that she is boring. Maya says you are shy, change your approach. Simran says I will get my prince charming in dreams. Rajneesh comes and Maya introduces them. Simran gets happy knowing he is Sumit’s brother. Rajneesh asks for a donation for the police dogs. Simran also gives the cash. Rajneesh thanks him.

He says you will get its receipt tomorrow, thanks and gives a free dog sticker. Simran says I also like dogs. Maya says he is sub inspector. Rajneesh says since 12 years. Simran asks is his wife not scared of his risky. He says he is bachelor. Simran gets glad and flirts with him.

Sumit comes and asks Rajneesh to come and help in managing commode problem. Maya asks Sumit to come, there is something happening between Rajneesh and Simran.

Sumit says his bride has run away, he gets angry when he talks to girls. Simran gives her address and phone number. Simran and Rajneesh bond well. Simran goes. Rajneesh smiles. Sumit says is everything fine, shall we repair commode now.

Rajneesh comes to Maya and says Simran called me at her home. Maya gets glad and asks for tea. He says no, to save her colony dog. Maya says so sweet, just go. He says he is scared. Maya says Simran likes Rajneesh. Sumit asks is there anything from Rajneesh’s side. Rajneesh says kuch kuch hota hai, but will Simran get impressed. Rajneesh cries as his bride has run away. Maya asks Rajneesh to take roses for Simran.

Rajneesh says Simran is delicate and I m so heavy built. Maya says you are smart, good looking, you are the real man in real Waliya…. Sumit asks what. Maya says I was just saying to Rajneesh.. Rajneesh leaves. Sumit gets annoyed with Maya. Sumit measures his biceps. Maya asks did he feel bad of her words. Sumit says Rajneesh is just somewhat taller, my voice is also not deep. Maya tries convincing him. He asks her to sleep and says good night.

Sumit could not help Dolly in opening a jar. She says leave it, Rajneesh will open, where is he. He says he went to meet some girl. She asks what, why did you now say. He says he is Gabru. She says yes, real man, and you are my Shonu. He gets jealous as Dolly praises Rajneesh, saying he was so solid and brave. Jasbir comes and jokes on Dolly. Sumit asks them to fight and he will leave. Dolly says be happy for Rajneesh. Sumit says I m also not less. Jasbir scares him of lizard and laughs.

Rajneesh comes home with a rose and says filmi lines. Dolly asks how is she. Rajneesh smiles and says she is very nice. Rajneesh says I got this rose as return gift from her. Dolly makes Rajneesh open the jar. Sumit says I will go. Rajneesh asks are you fine. Sumit says no and leaves. Sumit comes home in a good leather jacket and looking stylish. He says he has Gabru factor and shows off tattoo. He says its not permanent. She asks did he get his ears pierced. He says its clip on. She asks what is he doing. Rajneesh comes and sees Sumit’s gym items, along hair gel.

Rajneesh asks are you gifting this to me. Sumit says no, its mine. Rajneesh says you will get hurt. Sumit is unable to do skipping and falls. Maya smiles. Sumit says I m fine, man does not get pain. Rajneesh asks who told you to do this. Sumit says you. Maya says Sumit wants to become like Rajneesh. Sumit says everyone feels real man is Rajneesh and I also thought to become a tough real man. Rajneesh says real man is one… who… Maya says who respects woman, understand their feelings and walks with them equally, Sumit has all these qualities, so she is the real Gabru man for me. Sumit hugs her and says right, I don’t need all this. Rajneesh says it means its all mine and runs with the bag. Sumit says no, come here.

Sumit makes Rajneesh try the clip on earrings. Jasbir comes and asks is there any tiger clip on. Sumit says no, but I have many designs and tries on Jasbir.

Dolly kisses Maya and says Maya has 103 fever. Sumit says I have interview with Kapil Dev. Kapil comes to Sumit’s house and says I will not forget this interview ever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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