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Sumit Sambhal Lega 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya asking Sumit to be at home and alert, as delivery guy will come to give parcel, she has ordered curtains. She asks him to manage. He refuses and asks who will manage me. She says you watch tv, I will come till evening. He jokes asking why does bedroom needs curtains, when nothing to be hidden happens. Rajneesh talks to Dolly and says he is very sad, it does not mean he should marry, she can’t come as pest control is happening.

He ends call and throws the phone. He plays music and dances being free. He says there is no dad and mum here tonight, and enjoys his liberty. Rajneesh licks pickle and drinks water direct from bottle. He says now the most imp thing, I will go to loo and keep door open. The door bell rings and he rushes to wear his pant. Simran comes

and says congrats for a new home and gifts him tulsi plant. She asks him to hold the plant and he jokes that its her instruction to hold Tulsi. She laughs and gets pickle smell from the bottle. She asks him and he says It happened by mistake. She asks him to be careful. He says sorry. She likes his home. He flirts with her. She says his bedroom is so lovely. He says I was about to say that. She says bathroom is also good, maybe you forgot to flush. He says I was in hurry. She says its fine, be careful next time. She holds his hand and shows pickle between his fingers. She says we should buy plates for him. He asks for soap to bath sometime in his life.

She says now I feel a family can settle here. He says I feel a tv can settle here too. She says I did not know you will make your own home. He says we both will stay. She says we should rotate sofa to face to window. She says she wants to make more place here for their future. He asks why. She says for someone to come. He asks who. She says what comes after marriage. He asks banquet hall bill. She says I want to say, before age passes…. He asks who age is passing and reacts.

Sumit waits for delivery guy and Rajneesh comes home. Rajneesh asks him to tie his bathrobe. Sumit says glad you came, I will go to bath. Rajneesh asks him to go. Sumit says curtains are coming. Rajneesh asks why does ladies love curtain, Simran also wants curtains. Sumit regrets to grow up. Rajneesh jokes on his stinking. Sumit says I feel like being prisoner and curtains are like metal bars. Rajneesh says you have perfect life. Sumit says I sleep, eat and do anything on Maya’s saying, I did not stay happy after marriage. Rajneesh asks was he not happy on marriage day and Avi and Aaliya’s birth. Sumit says just 3 days, it’s a costly deal. Rajneesh says I will leave.

The delivery guy comes and Rajneesh leaves. Sumit says I was cursing you. The guy takes his sign and gives the parcel. Even that guy has issues with his wife.

Later in evening, Sumit comes home from office and asks Maya to serve him food. She asks him to open the tight lid of pickle box and see the lizard in bathroom. She says the same things which Sumit mentioned to Rajneesh. He asks did Rajneesh tell you. She says Simran told me before their breakup. She asks what was the need to give advice to Rajneesh about marriage. She says Rajneesh refused for marriage and Simran broke the relation, she had some hopes. Sumit says I did not make Rajneesh against marriage, I m not that type.

She asks why did you tell Rajneesh that you are my prisoner. He says why will I feel this. Maya says you always say this, you want to get free of this jail. He says I said this to make Rajneesh act like me and look cute. He hugs Maya and says I love you a lot. She says leave me. Dolly and Jasbir come. Sumit gets glad. Dolly asks how dare Sumit say such things.

Dolly scolds Sumit for provoking Rajneesh to leave home and then making him against marriage. Sumit says every man jokes on marriage and tells how Jasbir jokes. Jasbir says I was not joking, I was serious. Rajneesh comes home and says he has to tell something. He asks them to return these things to Simran. Maya says you got wrong meaning of Sumit’s words. Dolly and Jasbir ask Sumit to say advantages of marriage. Sumit says I m cute, Rajneesh is scary looking. Maya asks him to come on point. Sumit says I know good things about marriage and tells Rajneesh that his wife will be always with him, she will not leave you alone for a sec, if you feel this bad, but if there is love, marriage is not a bad thing, you will be happy like me, as I love my wife a lot.

Jasbir says Sumit said true things, he can write a book on marriage benefits. Dolly asks Rajneesh to convince Simran. Rajneesh says fine, you want me to marry and have 3 children. Jasbir asks Maya for food. Rajneesh says I won’t do this. Maya asks why, everything was going on fine. Rajneesh says its not Sumit’s hand in this, I m the reason for the breakup. Rajneesh says he has bear a lot till now. Dolly says he is thinking just about himself. Rajneesh says you don’t care for my feelings, I can do anything as per my wish, its my decision, that’s my home. He leaves. Dolly says her dream of a good bahu did not complete.

Its night, Sumit apologizes to Maya. She says its not your mistake, you told sweet things. He says I m sweet. She locks him in bathroom to make him feel like a prisoner. Sumit asks her to open the door, please….

Sumit and Maya argue and have a fight. Dolly asks Sumit did Maya do anything, Maya asks Rajneesh to keep Sumit in lockup.

Update Credit to: Amena

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