Sumit Sambhal Lega 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir burning the loan document. Everyone smile and are happy as 20 year old loan ended. Maya says she expected Dolly to give party. Dolly says she does not have friends, as she has to manage her grand children. Maya says its not good that you left your social life. Dolly shows Sumit and Rajneesh fighting and says this is my social life.

Later, Maya tells Sumit that Dolly said she has no friends, its sad. I was thinking if she had her own friends, she would come less to us. He says project approved, mum and dad will get busy and we can…. Dolly and Jasbir come to their house. Dolly brings dishes for kids and Jasbir asks Sumit to play tv. Maya says I was thinking you would feel free after paying off loan, you can meet neighbors. Dolly says I wish to. Maya suggests

Dolly to meet known people. Dolly and Jasbir say the old stories.

Sumit says you should meet Mr and Mrs. Ahluwalias, where Rajneesh stayed for few days. Jasbir says Mr. Ahluwalia and I met at Jitos and spoke about match. Maya says perfect, invite them and play rummy. Dolly says rummy, we will call them tomorrow. Jasbir and Dolly leave. Sumit and Maya laugh.

Sumit plays game and says he feels free as mum and dad did not come since 3 days. She gets romantic. Jasbir, Dolly and Ahluwalias come there. Ahluwalia says Sumit is a celebrity. Jasbir shows magic trick of one Sumit here and one on tv. Pammi asks Sumit how did he go on tv. Ahluwalia says sorry Sumit, my wife is silly. He asks about Dhoni and Virat. Jasbir laughs cracking jokes.

Maya asks Sumit to talk to Dolly. Sumit asks Dolly why did she get them here. She says they wanted to meet you. Sumit says Maya and I were……. Happy.. Dolly says 5mins, sorry people like you, I made you a good man, sorry. He says fine, just 5mins. Dolly asks them to take Sumit’s interview. Sumit talks to them. Maya says she is tired and wants to sleep. Sumit reminds Jasbir that he made him sit with Virat’s GF. Jasbir says that’s why I was thinking why is Virat sending kisses, I too returned kisses to him. Sumit says next ball, Virat was out.

Jasbir asks Dolly to get exciting food. Dolly says she will get it, Maya won’t have any good dish. Pammi says yes, modern girls don’t know cooking. Next day, Maya asks Sumit to get ready, they will run before Ahluwalias come, Rajneesh is managing kids. Rajneesh comes there and asks Maya for chocolates, kids want it. Maya says we don’t give chocolates to them at this time. Rajneesh says actually, I want it. Maya says chocolates are in coloring box. Maya asks Sumit to come, she booked a table. Dolly and Jasbir get Ahluwalia’s again. Maya gives 2 mins to Sumit. Ahluwalia says I love Sumit, he remembers his every report. Jasbir asks Sumit to give autograph to his big fan. Pammi introduces her son Jimmy. Sumit says okay bye. Maya says we are going for dinner. Jimmy comments that he wish journalists did not find controversy in everything. Sumit stops hearing him.

Sumit says I m sports journalist, my work is to get truth out, and truth is controversial, understood. Ahluwalia scolds Jimmy for not being successful. Rajneesh comes and greets them. Jasbir asks Sumit to say the story of how a cat attacked Sumit. Rajneesh says a bull attacked me. Pammi asks for selfie with Sumit. Ahluwalia asks Rajneesh to take their pic. Maya leaves annoyed. Sumit makes them wait and turns to see Maya. He asks where did Maya go. Jasbir says she went in anger, will we stop her always. Sumit leaves. Dolly says you can spend time with Maya always.

Sumit goes to parking and apologizes. She says he found new parents. Dolly comes and asks is everything fine. He says yes, and acts normal. He says he has to talk to Maya, and asks Dolly to go. Dolly asks him to come and talk to Jimmy. Sumit says they are your friends, you go. Dolly asks him to come for 2mins. He gets tensed seeing Maya angry and asks Dolly to understand. Dolly says she felt glad seeing him with them, he has seen him becoming her friend, she loves him as a son, but her friend Sumit fills happiness in her life, its fine. Maya says we will go back for 5mins. Dolly gets glad and asks them to come. Sumit says fine, its public demand.

Rajneesh tells about bull incident and everyone is bored. Dolly brings Sumit. They all get glad. Pammi says we will take selfie. Rajneesh asks Sumit to stand right and takes their pics, without Sumit’s face. Sumit asks Dolly to enjoy satsang. Maya asks Sumit to go with them. Sumit says I have to go with Maya. Maya sends Sumit. Jimmy says he will be alone with his wife and leaves. Dolly drags Sumit and takes her. Maya and Rajneesh laugh.

Maya waxes above her lips and Sumit gets shocked, asking her does she have moustache. Rajneesh says empty mind is devil’s workshop and Dolly wonders what is Maya doing at home alone. Maya, Sumit and Dolly cry being alone at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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