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Sumit Sambhal Lega 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh telling Maya and Sumit about his new girlfriend. He blushes. Sumit makes fun of her. Rajneesh says I m serious about her. Sumit says you were serious about someone else before. Maya asks Sumit not to stop Rajneesh. Sumit says Rajneesh should go back to Simran. Maya says even I want so, but we should support Rajneesh, see his happiness. She asks Rajneesh when is he bringing Nagina here. Sumit says bring her, if she meets our parents and stays back, then she will be solid. Maya asks Rajneesh to get her on dinner. Rajneesh agrees. Sumit jokes on him. Rajneesh says you won’t understand my pain, this is my last chance. Sumit says he is really serious type of guy.

Rajneesh gets Nagina at Sumit and Maya’s house. They all have a talk. Nagina says I feel

lungi looks fashionable than pants for men. Rajneesh promised me that he will make me meet his parents after they come from Canada. Maya says you mean Gurgaon. Rajneesh tells Maya he lied and signs. Nagina hugs Rajneesh. Maya says I will get icecream. Sumit gets bitten by an insect. Maya asks Sumit to get plates. Rajneesh says I will get it, I like doing household work, I m homely husband material. Sumit says I will also help Maya, another insect here. Nagina catches the insect and says I will throw it. Sumit goes.

Rajneesh asks Maya and Sumit did they like Nagina. Sumit says she is very cute. Maya says great choice. She asks Sumit to take the icecream bowls. Sumit goes and gets shocked seeing Nagina eating the insect. He freezes. Maya takes the icecream bowls from him. Dolly and Jasbir come home. Rajneesh calls them neighbors. Jasbir and Dolly fight over the marriage food menu and the chaos happened there. Dolly asks Maya to keep this watch. Rajneesh covers up Nagina. Dolly and Jasbir greet Nagina and ask Rajneesh why is he hiding his friend. Rajneesh asks when did you return from Canada. Nagina greets them. Dolly says you did not say party is going on here.

Rajneesh asks Maya to help. Maya says relax, everything is fine, right Sumit. Sumit is freezed and still in shock. Sumit says Lord is testing Rajneesh, what I have seen, if I don’t tell you, I won’t get sleep, Nagina has eaten an insect, such big one. Maya says chee…. Rajneesh asks whats your problem. Sumit says I swear on mummy, I have seen it. Maya says maybe she eat the pista. Sumit says pista does not have 8 legs. Maya asks did you take drugs. Sumit says I m helping my brother. Rajneesh says I understood Sumit is jealous of my happiness. Sumit says insect….. Rajneesh and Maya do not believe him.

Jasbir and Dolly talk to Nagina. Nagina laughs on his joke. Rajneesh says I have to go for work to police station, Nagina we should leave. Nagina hugs Maya and goes to hug Sumit…. Sumit stops her and does Namaste to keep her away. Nagina hugs Jasbir and leaves. Dolly asks Jasbir to have icecream. She says this girl is nice, does Rajneesh like her. Maya says yes, I also like her, she praised my lemon chicken. Dolly says it means she is innocent like cow and will eat anything.

Rajneesh and Nagina come to her house. She asks what happened. Rajneesh says nothing, Sumit… She says Sumit is very sweet. Rajneesh disagrees. She asks what did he say, I felt he is jealous of you, you are so handsome and strong. He says you are the first girl who knows me so well, Sumit is jealous of me since childhood, he can’t digest mummy loves me more, you are great. She says you too, and they get close to kiss. He says Sumit sold my cycle to milkman in childhood. She says you can tell this story later. They get close to kiss again, and he stops hearing some sound of a snake. She says I feel you are tensed, take some rest in my bedroom. He says sure. She says take rest, I will just come.

He goes to the room and gets shocked seeing snakes painting, aquarium etc… Nagina says I m coming. Rajneesh sees the windy stormy rains and tries to run from the window. Nagina asks what is he doing. He says I thought to get icecream for you, what is your fav flavor. She plays naagin song and asks Rajneesh to say does he not like this tune, Lord has done this, come to me my Naagraj, I want to become the mother of your snakechildren. Rajneesh falls.

Rajneesh gets drenched in rains and comes home. Maya covers him and asks what happened. Rajneesh says Sumit was right about that girl. Sumit says see.. Maya asks what….. Sumit asks did she eat another one. Dolly asks what. Rajneesh says she eats insects. Maya says don’t believe Sumit. Rajneesh says she thinks she is icchadaari naagin and I m her Naagraj. Jasbir jokes and laughs on Rajneesh. Rajneesh says make fun of me, my fate is bad, I m tired, I just get insulted.

Dolly says leave this insect excuse and say the truth that you like men. Rajneesh gets shocked. Jasbir says stop it Dolly. Dolly says it happens, don’t worry. Jasbir says I will not give my property to Rajneesh. Sumit says I have seen Nagina eating insects. Rajneesh says I wish I liked men, I felt problem is in women, but I m unlucky. He leaves being heartbroken.

Rajneesh drinks at Jito’s and asks a sobbing man not to share his problems. The man says my wife left me. Rajneesh collides with Simran. They see each other and get emotional. Simran hugs him and they laugh.

Dolly tells Sumit that she has come from eye clinic, and shows her specs. She hugs Maya and says she can see all dust and spider webs in Maya’s home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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