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Sumit Sambhal Lega 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit saying he will pay internet bills. Maya says so it’s a holiday for me and relaxes. Dolly comes and asks them to come in kitty party at her place, as she is alone and can’t manage the ladies. Dolly asks Maya to come. Sumit asks Maya not to agree. Maya agrees. Dolly asks Maya to wear good clothes and come. Jasbir comes and is glad. He asks Sumit to come with him and play ludo with him. He asks him to come at 8pm and goes.

Sumit joins Jasbir and his friends for the ludo game. The uncle jokes on Sumit calling him Lallu Ram, and asks how did he become tv reporter with such a face and laughs. Dolly introduces Maya to her friends. They joke on Maya that she did not run, maybe she did not spend time with dolly. Dolly and Maya look at each other. Maya gets


Sumit plays well and gets a six. He asks uncle how did he lose to him. Jasbir jokes on Sumit. Sumit says its very personal. Jasbir asks Sumit to compete with him. Sumit tells about Jasbir and challenges him. Maya and Dolly win the game and laugh. Her friend says I will go now, I m getting late. Maya jokes on the lady.

Sumit and Jasbir compete and bet on money. Jasbir keeps 1000rs and Sumit keeps a bundle of notes. Jasbir asks him not to take big risk. Sumit is confident to win. Later, Maya sleeps. Sumit comes home and Maya wakes up. She says Dolly and I did not fight today. Sumit says dad and I played ludo, we have bet money, I won somewhat and then I lost. Maya asks how much. Sumit says money is not imp than your sleep. She asks Sumit… He says all that I had to pay bills. She looks at home.

She says its fine you lost to dad. He says we will get money when dad dies. She says chee, go and get money now. He says I can’t say sorry to get money. Dolly brings Jasbir and asks him to return money to Sumit. Jasbir refuses and says I told Sumit not to take risk, and he has put all money. Rajneesh comes and asks whats happening. Dolly says you don’t know what your dad did. Maya tells everything. Rajneesh says I m sub inspector and my family played ludo with money, this can be tomorrow’s news. Jasbir says its our matter, don’t say in between. Rajneesh says you have ruined family name and goes.

Dolly comes to Maya and asks her to have a talk. She sees no one around and asks her to keep money. She says this is my savings. My dad has seen world and gave me 10000rs at the time of my bidaai, to use some day when my patience breaks. Maya says my dad did not give me. Dolly says I have been saving little every day. Maya asks how many did she save till now. Dolly says 24 lakhs. Maya asks how, and refuses to take. Dolly asks her to keep it. Maya thanks her. Sumit comes. Dolly says its our secret and asks Maya not to tell Sumit. Sumit sees them smiling and asks Maya to return the money to Dolly.

Dolly asks Sumit to keep money. Sumit says don’t start melodrama. Dolly says people are right, you are a donkey. Dolly does not talk to Jasbir and sits annoyed. Jasbir gets glad. Sumit comes and asks Dolly to see what he got from Aaliya’s school bag, and returns the money. Jasbir asks Dolly what is she doing. Dolly says you should have done this.

Rajneesh comes home and asks Dolly to go. Dolly asks Jasbir is he happy by creating a wall between her sons. She goes. Jasbir asks whats happening. Rajneesh says interrogation and asks them to sit. Rajneesh says you have everything Sumit, do you know what I have. Sumit says face like karela. Rajneesh says I have respect. Jasbir asks him to pay rent for home first. He asks Rajneesh to take bribe and dismiss this case. Rajneesh says he will make another case for bribing him. Sumit says its fine, I lost money, its fine, I m not a kid to come running to dad and ask him to do something, what will I teach Aaliya, that doanything wrong and I will manage. Jasbir says yes, this should be done and returns the money, saying dad will manage everything.

Jasbir says you will always be Lallu for me, don’t feel to take money from dad. Sumit says thanks, I told lot in ego, it should not be tough to ask for help from dad. Jasbir hugs him. Rajneesh cries. Sumit asks why are you becoming Dolly. Rajneesh says I m happy. Jasbir says we all are happy and goes to get Dolly’s money. Dolly warns him not to take her money.

Maya praises Rajneesh and Sumit gets upset. A girl says she likes policemen and Rajneesh gets glad. Sumit comes in heroic avatar and stuns Maya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Like this show very show. The characters are very well – defined. It is a good family show. I specially liked Santoshi Dadi episode. Keep up the good work.

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