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Sumit Sambhal Lega 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit taking care of Maya in her ill state. He says he will make Avi sleep, he had many plans to celebrate Avi out, and this fate. She says your dad have given this flu to me. Jasbir comes and looks fine. Sumit says Maya has fever. Maya asks Jasbir did his flu go. Jasbir says his cold went after having wine. Jasbir asks Sumit to use kerchief while sneezing. He says he has got an alarm to shoo off crows. Maya says Avi will be scared, my head will ache. Sumit says sorry, dad does not understand. She says they are always interfering, why did we come to stay with them.

Rajneesh comes from the room and says he has to find our something secret. Maya asks Rajneesh to take pillow and blanket. Rajneesh thanks her and goes laughing. She says my head is jammed, if anyone

else comes, I will not leave. Dolly brings food for them, and cracks jokes. She asks Maya why is she becoming red by happiness. Sumit says its not happiness. Maya says I will go. Sumit says calm down, no one will disturb us now. The alarm rings and Avi cries. Jasbir says the alarm caught a crow. Rajneesh and Dolly add up to more irritation. Sumit asks Maya to sit. Sumit asks them to keep quiet and shouts on them. He asks them to stop alarm and they are just laughing. Jasbir switches off the alarm.

Sumit asks them to leave and sends them. He shuts the door. Maya cries and hugs Sumit. He says you were right, why did we come to stay here. She says it was your idea to shift here for help. He says it was your idea, She denies. He says I will rewind your memory.

FB shows a scene 4 years ago. Sumit tells Maya that he has big news for her. She says she has surprise for him. He says even he has, he got promoted. She jumps happily. She says now we can spend time with your parents. He asks her not to mention them at this happy moment. She gives him the good news. He asks really, is she pregnant. She nods. He jumps happily and asks her not to jump like this. Sumit brings Delhi map to see where to live. Maya says we will stay near mummy ji. He says no, we will not go near my family, its no entry zone, mummy will bring Rajma. She says its so tasty Rajma. He says no, if we stay far, maybe they will visit us weekly, but no, they will stay overnight, we will find moderate distance one.

Maya gets glad and welcomes Jasbir and Dolly home. Aaliya greets Jasbir. Rajneesh comes there and greets them. Dolly says she has breaking news, Rajneesh has caught thieves in temple, he will become inspector. Maya congratulates him. She says Sumit wants to share a news too. Sumit says I got promoted and I got transferred to Delhi. They all get glad. Sumit says Maya wants to say something. Maya says they are becoming grandparents again. Dolly and Jasbir hug her.

Dolly asks when are they shifting. Sumit says its still time, they have to find house. Jasbir says there is one A1 house, it will suit them, and asks about rent. Sumit asks about area. Jasbir described and signs Dolly. Sumit understands and signs Maya. Jasbir says a husband wife stays in ground floor, they are so good. Maya says superb, who are they. Jasbir and Dolly say its us. Maya says that’s great, we will stay together. Jasbir says we will make the tenants vacate the first floor.

Sumit wakes up at night and tells Maya that he knows mum and dad well, he can’t stay with them. Maya asks why. Sumit says mum will feed me like a small kid, dad will take my decisions, life will not be in our control. She says they will not interfere. He says they will trouble us, this is your future, you meet them once, so you like them. She says they are not bad, they will not come to us daily, they have their own life. He says you are innocent, you did not know my mum. She says mummy ji is innocent. He says I will record this and show you after a year,
then hit your head. She says we will have two children, your parents will help in managing kids. She asks him to agree for her sake. She says I love you and hugs him. He says I love you too. FB ends. Sumit asks Maya did she remember why they came here.

Maya says I did this myself. Sumit says yes, suicide and took me along. Maya beats him and asks could he not explain her that she is doing mistake. She says its his mistake, he dragged her here. Jasbir asks them to come downstairs with the kids. Sumit thinks whats the problem now. They go downstairs and see the birthday surprise for Avi. Sumit gets glad. Dolly says we wanted to celebrate Avi’s birthday. Jasbir says I will celebrate it grand. Maya and Sumit like it. Sumit says it means you went on terrace to do this. Rajneesh says he got those secret things for this. Dolly brings snacks for kids. Sumit says we ask ourselves daily, why we came here, but sometimes we get the answer. They smile and celebrate Avi’s birthday.

Maya and Sumit argue over the curtains for bedroom. Sumit shares with Rajneesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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