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Sumit Sambhal Lega 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit asking Dolly and Jasbir to get ready fast, they have to leave for yoga resort trip. He is glad to get free of them for 3 days and stay happy without them. Jasbir has knee fracture and says he can’t go now. Rajneesh scolds the man asking for refund. Dolly says I won’t go alone. Rajneesh suggests Sumit to go with Dolly, as Maya and kids have gone to her parents’ house. Sumit stares at him. Dolly asks Sumit to come with her. Sumit asks what will I do there. Rajneesh and Jasbir ask him not to break Dolly’s heart. Dolly pulls Sumit’s cheek and insists. Sumit agrees.

Rajneesh says happy journey. Dolly says come, we will pack the bags. Sumit and Dolly reach the ashram. She likes the room. He says this deluxe suite is short. She asks him to take his

selfie and checks the place. She talks to the man in opposite hotel and introduces herself. Sumit talks Dolly. Dolly says I m tired and sit. The manager welcomes them and asks are they ready to get free of stress, this is yoga resort. Sumit says there is no tv in this room, is there any interesting thing. The manager says there are many exciting things, even tambola, did you come to drop your mum here. Dolly says he will stay with me. The manager says even daughters don’t do this, it means he is your daughter. Sumit fumes and makes him leave.

Rajneesh and Jasbir get food delivery. Rajneesh gets surprised and says you are fine. Jasbir acts and says its miracle, my knee is fine. Rajneesh says you should be ashamed to do drama. Jasbir says be happy, Dolly is not here. They laugh thinking about Sumit. Jasbir dances that he got free and gets hurt. Rajneesh laughs and asks why is he doing drama now. Jasbir says no, I really got hurt. Jasbir misses Dolly.

Dolly and Sumit do yoga. She says you got tired doing yoga for one day, I m going to play tambola with my friends. A girl comes and asks Dolly to come. She praises Dolly. Sumit looks on and reacts. Dolly sends her. Dolly says I was giving her happiness, that girl was newly married. Subhash comes and greets her. Dolly says he is Subhash, but he is handsome like Vinod, so I call him Vinod by love. Sumit scares Subhash about Rajneesh, who arrests people. Sumit gets angry seeing Dolly liking Vinod and stops her. The old woman come and ask Dolly to come for disco aarti. They tell Sumit that Dolly is their leader, and they make filmi songs aarti. Dolly asks Sumit to drink milk and sleep, Vinod told me to become DJ in aarti. She goes.

Vinod flirts with Dolly. Sumit looks on. Dolly plays tambola. Sumit gets angry on Vinod for flirting with Dolly. He reminds Dolly 40 years of her marriage. Rajneesh takes care of Jasbir. Sumit gets angry seeing Vinod and Dolly. Rajneesh is tired to serve Jasbir and take care of him. Jasbir demands tastier food and messes the house. Rajneesh brings the wine and they drink together. Sumit keeps Vinod away form Dolly. Rajneesh does all the household work. Jasbir makes him work more. Sumit does yoga and the old aunties trouble him.

Rajneesh makes Jasbir wear the pant and gets irritated. He asks Jasbir to talk by love. Jasbir asks him not to talk like women. Rajneesh says enough, don’t talk to me, I m going, I m fed up of your nonsense. Jasbir asks for food. Rajneesh asks him to take himself and leaves. Dolly comes to the room and Sumit asks her is this the time to come home. Dolly says she was with her friends. He scolds her and asks will she become serious in life. She says you are giving me lecture. He says he won’t bear this in his home and asks is she going again. She says we are going on dance. He asks are you drunk. She says no, it was kada shots. She asks whats all this, who are you, my Maa was not such. She says this is my new avatar, Dolly 4G.

He says you are enjoying here leaving Papa ji there in that state, I have seen you like this for the first time, why don’t you stay happy with us, she says I m related to them for 3 days, they don’t matter to me, at home I have responsibilities. I will enjoy if you permit. He laughs. She asks him to come with her to dance with her friends. He says you go and enjoy the disco aarti. He asks her not to drink kada much. She leaves.

Jasbir asks Rajneesh to get water. Rajneesh does not listen. Jasbir taunts him. Rajneesh says you won’t get anything, sit quiet. Dolly comes with Sumit. Jasbir gets glad seeing her. He hugs her and says my Dolly. He says this house became hell without you, I missed you. She says she will make his fav cook. He laughs happily and says I love imli ki chutney. She gives him a flying kiss. Jasbir asks his sons not to disturb. Rajneesh asks Sumit how was the trip. Sumit tells everything, and Rajneesh does not understand. Sumit asks about Papa ji. Rajneesh says Papa ji irritated me. Sumit says if Papa dies first, Dolly will take care of herself. Rajneesh says if mum passes away first, then we have to take care of Papa ji. Sumit says anyways, you will be keeping Papa ji. Rajneesh asks what and they see each other.


Rajneesh tells about the new girl Nagina. Sumit gets shocked seeing Nagina eating a insect. Maya asks Sumit is he drunk. Rajneesh says he is jealous of my happiness. Sumit says insect…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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