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Sumit Sambhal Lega 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasbir working out. Dolly asks him to work hard and then she will give him samosas. She sees Rajneesh sad and asks Jasbir to make him happy, reminding what happened 3 years ago. Jasbir tries weird things to make Rajneesh smile. Rajneesh says he does not want the samosas. She takes the samosas and goes after Rajneesh. Jasbir says I did exercise and still did not get the samosas.

Dolly comes to Sumit and Maya. She tells about Rajneesh to Sumit. Sumit says I remember how Rajneesh’s to be bride has run away. Dolly asks why did she run, and asks Sumit to make Rajneesh smile. Jasbir says I tickled him, I m done. Sumit says last time, Rajneesh has handcuffed me when I tickled him. Maya asks can’t they help Rajneesh. Jasbir says he is sad since morning. Sumit asks

Maya to go. Dolly says not Maya, someone from our family should go, blood is blood, Maya is just Maya.

Sumit asks Maya not to feel bad. Maya says its okay, you go and talk to Rajneesh. Sumit asks what. Jasbir asks him to go, else I will send Rajneesh to this house. Dolly asks Sumit to take Rajneesh for movie. Sumit likes the idea.

Its evening, Rajneesh is still sad and plucks rose petals. Sumit comes to him and asks Rajneesh if he wants to say something. Rajneesh says leave me alone. Sumit says fine. Rajneesh says go, everyone will leave me. Sumit says I was going for movie along, Maya is tired, would you come. Rajneesh says yes, which movie. Sumit names all the marriage breaking movies. Rajneesh argue and hugs Sumit.

They come from movie and talk about the action movie. Sumit says suppose I m Salman and says a dialogue. He throws the things to show fight scene and stops seeing Maya. Sumit says Maya, go to dad’s home with the kids, these guys will kill you. She looks at him. Sumit smiles and she goes.

Rajneesh says you will get scolding tomorrow. Sumit says that look does half scolding. Rajneesh reminds even Dolly gave such look. They have a talk on childhood and laugh. Rajneesh gets cheerful. He says he has to go on duty in morning, and we made plan to spend time, thanks. Sumit says its good mum asked me to do this, else…. Rajneesh asks did mum ask you. Sumit says but I said yes. Rajneesh says thanks for giving your valuable time to me and leaves. Sumit tries stopping him.

Sumit comes to Rajneesh and talks to him. He apologizes and says we will go for movie today, no one has sent me. Rajneesh says no, its fine I did not get married. Jasbir asks Rajneesh did he get happy, just see Sumit, he always stays happy. Dolly asks Rajneesh to say thanks to Sumit for taking him for pic. Rajneesh thanks Sumit. Sumit reminds Jasbir t o have Chyawanprash and laughs. Jasbir does not get it in spoon as its frozen. The spoon bends. Rajneesh and Sumit laugh. Rajneesh hugs Sumit.

Rajneesh comes to ask Sumit will he come along. Maya says I m happy seeing you both close. Rajneesh says he will take Sumit along him and they will look good together. Maya hugs him and says you are ver cute. Sumit comes and Rajneesh asks him to come along patrolling, we are like Jai and Veeru. Sumit says going at night. Rajneesh gets annoyed and cries. Maya gets angry on Sumit. Sumit agrees. Rajneesh says he did all the planning for the week and takes Sumit.

Its morning, Rajneesh makes Sumit do skipping and exercises. Rajneesh comes while Sumit is bathing. Sumit asks him to go. He gets ready and comes. They see the match. Rajneesh switches off the tv and says we will have a talk. He says he has kept dad’s Chyawanprash in fridge again. Rajneesh tells about Deepa who left him and cries. He says he will share all private things. Sumit says I don’t want to hear or say anything.

Sumit says fine, I will share, I used to put one glass water in your bed to make you cry and mum comes in our room, so that she does not know I m afraid. Rajneesh says they felt I make bed wet in 12 years age, dad used to call me Jalpari and made me sleep on plastic sheet, I will not leave me. Sumit says chill, its old thing. Rajneesh says I stopped drinking water at night. Sumit runs seeing him angry. Jasbir gets drilling machine to break the Chyawanprash.

Sumit says he will pay all the bills. Sumit and Jasbir play ludo and bet over money. Maya and Dolly sit together. Sumit asks Maya to return money to Dolly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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