Sumit Sambhal Lega 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya talking to her friend on phone. Sumit asks her about his magazine. She says I m on phone. She jokes on him. he asks with whom is she talking. Maya says with Aaliya’s friend’s mum. She tells about some novel and tells its mystery ending. She asks does she not want novel now and gets angry on Sumit. She says I don’t know about magazine. He says I will come back to get my magazine. Sumit brings the kids to baby care centre. The ladies get impressed seeing Sumit taking care of the kids. He offers help to the other lady and asks Aaliya to play.

He says he will repair the pram and jokes. Maya comes there and sees him helping the lady. Maya says you forgot the kids’ bag at home. Sumit says he is repairing the pram and asks the lady 200rs. The lady laughs

and says Maya is so lucky to get a helpful and humorous husband. Maya says he is Lord’s gift. Maya sees Sumit knowing all kids’ names and says you opened a nursery here. Riya’s mum says such husbands are rarely found Maya, keep him well. Maya checks Sumit’s temper and asks is he ill that he is doing good and sweet work. He touches her and says I m checking whether this disease spreads by touch.

Its night, Maya asks Sumit why does this happen that we behave well with others and irritated with ourselves. He says sorry, but I don’t know my mistake. She says we can talk well, when did you praise me last time. He says when….. She says see you don’t even remember, you don’t listen to me, you just hear it, there is a difference. He says fine, you can change too, stop calling me Ghonchu.

She says fine, I will call you what you want. He says sweetoo. She calls him sweetoo. He smiles. She says when we are busy on phone, we will not disturb each other. He says fine, when someone asks for magazine, other one will help. She says fine, when we are going to give birth to hospital, other will take me to hospital soon and not waste time to find magazine. He says fine, remember about phone. He says your eyes just called me Ghonchu. She says fine, I will ask my eyes to shut up, you are my sweetoo, good night. He says I heard it too.

Its morning, Sumit and Maya talk sweetly. He says thanks for donating your books. He says you are doing a good work. She says I m glad hearing appraisal. She asks him to put books in boxes. He says fine, whats in food. She says your fav, lemon chicken. He says wow, I m having it since 2 days, make anything else than lemon chicken. She says ok. He hugs her. Jasbir and Rajneesh bring the books for Sumit. He asks is he not watching match. Sumit helps Maya and acts sweet. Rajneesh and Jasbir look at each other. Jasbir asks whats going on, Ishq Kabutar….

Rajneesh says I should arrest you. Sumit asks whats wrong in this. Dolly comes and takes her pic album. She says I was so beautiful. Maya gives lemon juice for Sumit, and says she is making aloo paratha and paneer dish for food. Sumit says you are the loveliest wife. She calls him sweetoo. Rajneesh asks whats happening. Maya says we decided to be with love and not fight, you also try. Dolly says yes, Maya was right, I also believe we should be with love, I always ignore Maya’s mistakes. Jasbir asks Dolly to stop this drama.

Jasbir says its imp to get out frustration on loved ones, If you get angry on strangers, there are chances to get beaten up. He says the consequences of fighting with outsiders. Maya looks at Sumit. Dolly says your dad is hungry. Jasbir leaves. Sumit says thank you so much. Rajneesh says I don’t interfere much, but dad was right, oversweetness is bad, I have paid a big price for my goodness, I m bachelor, as I called taxi for my to be bride when she was running away, I learnt a lesson, be away from goodness. He leaves. Maya says Sumit don’t agree to him. Sumit says yes and hugs her.

Maya serves the food. He gets glad and sits to have it. He does not like the taste and still smiles. She asks how is it. He says very nice, is there something different in it. She says garlic chutney. He drinks water. She says you are pretending to like it, you can just say it if you didn’t like it. He says fine, if you don’t get annoyed, I m a good person, I will eat it and finds hard to digest it. He asks can I just throw this, lts keep goodness on side, I did not like it, you can call me Ghonchu once. They start arguing. He dumps the dish in the bin. She stares at him angrily and calls him Ghonchu. They hug happily and laugh. He asks her to come fast, he is waiting. She slowly walks like him.

Maya asks Sumit who understands in his life, why did they come to stay with them. Avi cries by alarm. Jasbir, Rajneesh and Dolly come there. Sumit asks them to shut up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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