Sumit Sambhal Lega 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh asking Sumit will he stay with Maya’s parents. Sumit says yes, they are coming to stay. Maya comes and gives them popcorn. She goes. Jasbir and Rajneesh make fun of Maya’s parents. Maya’s parents Jai and Avantika come to Sumit’s home and greets them. Maya welcomes them. Dolly greets them and talks to them. Jai says I will get my bags and goes. Avantika asks Rajneesh about his work. Rajneesh worries to fail in English and goes. Sumit covers up.

Jasbir gets up and his pant was falling. Avantika closes eyes. Jasbir says it happens and pulls the pant up. Maya asks Sumit to control. Dolly asks how long will they stay here Maya. Sumit says just 3-4 days. Avantika asks them to try the resorts. Dolly asks Jasbir to learn something and take her out. Jasbir

asks Jai to take Dolly along, and he will get peace. Sumit reminds Dolly about the cooker whistle. Jasbir asks Dolly to put spices well. Dolly jokes on him. Jasbir and Dolly leave. Sumit says they can’t stay without each other and cracks joke.

Maya asks her parents to come. Jai and Avantika like the room and thank Sumit for lending the room to them. Sumit says I had to, on Maya’s orders. Jai looks on. Sumit says joke. Avantika says this is for energy and puts something on the table. Jai says time for a romantic hug and Sumit feels odd. He says I think you are getting busy, I will go. Jai gets naughty and flirts with Avantika. He takes Sumit’s pillow between his legs. Sumit says I rest my head on it. Jai says take it. Sumit says let it be and leaves.

Sumit and Maya sleep in kids’ room. Sumit says I m unable to sleep. Maya says I know, you maybe wondering why your parents do not stay with love, my parents are so romantic, learn from them, you are so unromantic. He goes to drink water. He hears Jai and Avantika fighting and hides. Sumit gets glad by their arguments and knowing they are consulting a marriage counselor to revive their marriage.

Avantika says we have gone to save our marriage. Jai complains about her kitty parties. She looks for water. Sumit keeps the bottle on the table. She takes the bottle and argues. Jai asks why are we going out together to Kashmir. She says your doctor suggested this. Jai says this magic hug is nonsense. He says this is not our home, calm down, lets sit. Sumit gets a cockroach on his clothes and stays still.

Its morning, Maya sees Sumit under the table and getting up. Sumit says I was stuck, I was waiting for your parents to go, they were talking, they are going to marriage counselor and were fighting. She says I can’t believe this, they look so happy together. He says they are following the marriage counselor, my parents are better. Maya says even then my parents will be better than yours and goes angrily. Dolly brings the dish. She likes the film and Jasbir switches it off. She says she won’t give the dish now. Maya comments on them. Jai and Avantika come and look happy.

Sumit says Maya, your parents have such true love. Jai says I m lucky to get beautiful and talented wife. Sumit says yes, honest too, she is not fake. Jai asks whats the plan, where are the drinks. Jasbir says come, we are Walias. Maya asks Avantika is everything fine. Avantika says yes. Jai and Avantika pretend to be in love and romantic, while Jasbir and Dolly argue. Maya says enough. Dolly asks whats the matter.

Maya asks them not to pretend and says sorry, we will have lunch. Jai says yes, its much time, Avantika its nothing to be ashamed, afterall this is their family too, and tells them about their marriage problems, and taking advice from marriage counselor. Maya gets upset. Avantika says lets chance the topic and asks Rajneesh wahts going on in his police station. Rajneesh asks will I get marks for it. Jai apologizes to Maya for lying. Avantika argues with him and says Jai’s stories are half true. Jasbir says I knew it. Jai and Avantika start fighting infront of them. Maya asks what are they doing, and stops them. She says she won’t have lunch. Jasbir says I will eat your lunch. Sumit stops Maya and says its my mistake, I have heard Jai and Avantika’s conversation at night.

Sumit says fights in couple are normal, problem should be shared, family can help. Avantika says we did not wish to trouble you. Maya says don’t hide again and hugs her parents. Dolly says we will also not fight and hug. Sumit ass we are good as this way only. Sumit tells Maya that Jai and Avantika became Jasbir and Dolly’s best friends after getting real. Maya sees her parents behaving like Sumit’s parents. She can’t believe it. Sumit says marvelous and smiles.


Dolly says I m going to play tambola and will become DJ. Sumit asks Dolly whats this, his mum was not like this. Dolly says this is her new avatar, Dolly 4G.

Update Credit to: Amena

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