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Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh and Simran romancing. Jasbir and Dolly come there and disturb him. They scold him which makes Rajneesh upset. Sumit and Maya look on. Sumit asks Rajneesh is he going in party. Dolly controls Rajneesh and decides for him. Rajneesh gets annoyed. Dolly asks him to have breakfast. Rajneesh says I m leaving. Dolly and Jasbir tell how his bride has run away and they have taken care of him. She says this time I will not come to heal your heart. Rajneesh sits for breakfast. Jasbir asks Sumit to explain Rajneesh and jokes on him.

Sumit asks Rajneesh to go, he needs a break from home. He sees Dolly and changes topic. Dolly goes. Sumit asks Rajneesh to bring a change in his life, as he can’t see Rajneesh sad, he is his fav elder brother. Rajneesh stops Sumit.

He makes Dolly sit. She asks what is it. Rajneesh says I m leaving home. Dolly says I have much work. Rajneesh says listen to me, I know you do much work for me, but its time I step out in the world, I have decided, thanks Sumit. Dolly looks at Sumit and asks why did Rajneesh say thanks to you. Sumit makes excuses. Rajneesh says thanks for making me think to leave this home. Dolly stops Sumit. Jasbir catches Sumit and asks what happened. Sumit says he is provoking Rajneesh to go. Jasbir says I will be stuck with Dolly. Rajneesh asks Jasbir to bless him. Jasbir says I will give you Sumit’s property if you don’t go, I love you.

Dolly says she won’t let him feel anything else. Rajneesh cries. Sumit asks Rajneesh to run and sends him. Sumit comes home and calls out Maya. He says it was bad day, I m tired. Dolly massages his shoulders. He says I m feeling good, I love you baby and gets shocked seeing Dolly. He asks what was she doing. She laughs and says you look cute. He says you were angry on me, you have forgiven me so soon. He says I can’t be angry on you, meet Rajneesh and take selfie with him.

Maya comes home with kids. Dolly hugs the kids. Sumit says mum has forgiven me. Dolly says I will spend time with you all. Maya asks Sumit to get Rajneesh back, else we will be stuck with Dolly. Sumit comes to Pammi’s home and greets her. He says your house is very close to metro. He asks does Rajneesh stay here on rent, I m her brother. She says yes, and calls out Rajneesh. She asks him to have food. Sumit says I had food.

Her husband comes and argues with her. Sumit greets him. Rajneesh comes and hugs Sumit. Sumit says I have comes to see your new house. Rajneesh says its world’s best. Sumit asks Rajneesh how is it going. Rajneesh says good, but missing home. Sumit asks does this place not remind him of some other home. Pammi says we are lucky as police officer is staying with us, we sleep peacefully. Sumit looks on.

The man asks is this Sumit Waliya, I have seen your all interviews, I m Shabbir and I m your great fan. Shabbir asks Rajneesh why did he not tell Sumit is your brother. Pammi and Shabbir talk to Sumit and praise him. Pammi asks Rajneesh to keep puris for Sumit. Rajneesh gets sad.

Sumit and Rajneesh have a talk in his room and gets shaken as metro is going. Sumit asks whats all this happening and sits on the sofa. He asks Rajneesh to leave this home, he left Waliyas and found their carbon copy Ahluwalia here. Pammi asks Rajneesh to sit and she will cut his nails. Rajneesh says no, I will cut nails tomorrow morning. She says promise, I will check tomorrow. She goes. Sumit says leave it. Rajneesh asks what leave, they are not like mum and dad. Sumit says they will look like mum and dad after some change.

Rajneesh observes that they are really like mum and dad. Sumit asks does Simran come here. Rajneesh says aunty is strict like mum, nothing changed. Sumit says it changed, you pay rent here. Rajneesh says I m big fool, what to do now. Sumit asks him to come back home. Rajneesh says I also wanted to have a family, like you. Sumit says right. Rajneesh says I don’t want to come back home. Sumit gets emotional. Rajneesh says I know your problem, mum would have troubled you. Sumit says Maya and Jasbir are also troubled. Rajneesh asks him to run away from that house.

Sumit comes home and tells Maya and Dolly that Rajneesh said he won’t come back home, and shift to other rented home. They ask why. Sumit says he does not like my peace. Pammi and Shabbir come there and scold Sumit for taking their Rajneesh away. Shabbir asks Sumit to understand, if Rajneesh goes, he will be stuck with Pammi.

Sumit works for Maya and flirts. Rajneesh, Dolly and Jasbir look on and think Sumit is ill.

Update Credit to: Amena

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