Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit getting ready for the party. Maya talks to him and compliments him. Rajneesh comes to spend time. Sumit says he has work, he is going to do updating on match. Rajneesh says there is no cricket match today. Sumit says chess, what to do, I have to do work, its boring. Rajneesh says fine, and leaves. Maya asks Sumit to take Rajneesh along in party. Sumit says Rajneesh will bore everyone. Sumit leaves. Maya says I will party with kids.

Maya wakes up Sumit and whistles. He gets happy and they stop as Jasbir calls him. Jasbir comes there and asks Sumit to hurry, Rajneesh is in hospital. Sumit asks what happened. Jasbir says don’t know, he was on duty. The family rushes to see Rajneesh. They ask what happened, any bullet or knife stabbing. Rajneesh says no.

The constable tells about going to check a cow stable, the animals were loose. Rajneesh says the animals were running here and there, cow, buffalo, ox, then a sound came from far, we have seen the bull. Sumit asks did you see the mirror.

The constable says bull was hitting me, and Sir saved me. Dolly asks Rajneesh why diud he show bravery, did he join police force to show bravery. Rajneesh says I asked the bull to stop, bull stared at me, and came to hit me. Dolly asks did you get saved then. Rajneesh asks where are we now. Jasbir says one question, why did you not run when bull was coming. Rajneesh says I was hit and thrown in air, then fell down. Jasbir asks them to clap for Rajneesh, for his bravery, you proved you are my son, tiger and junior tiger. Dolly says I think he should get medal. Jasbir and Dolly praise Rajneesh.

Maya asks Rajneesh where did he get hurt. Rajneesh says actually…. Jasbir says we have to tell media. Rajneesh says on his hips. Sumit laughs and says no, I m not laughing, bad happened with you. Dolly says that’s why I asked you not to get in police, I knew this. Sumit asks mummy ji did you know bull will hit him on bums, and asks Rajneesh to wear double underwear.

The sister comes and checks Rajneesh. Maya asks Sumit not to joke. The nurse says Rajneesh is lucky, his wound is not deep. Jasbir says we will go, we can’t even see where that bull has hit you. The constable asks Rajneesh not to take such extra work. Sumit asks what. The constable says Rajneesh had plans to be with you, but you were busy, so Rajneesh took this work. Sumit tells Maya that its his mistake, he should have taken Rajneesh in party.

Rajneesh asks nurse to help him, and she goes. Sumit comes with balloons. Simran comes and greets Rajneesh. The nurse helps Rajneesh and makes him rest. Simran says Sumit told me everything. Rajneesh asks why Sumit. Simran says your news is in all newspapers, you are so brave, such a big bull, what if the bull has come infront of you. Rajneesh says I m fine, I m glad you came, I have to rest. She gives him flowers. Sumit says I got this card and balloons. Simran asks him to get well soon and leaves.

Sumit says I heard you are getting discharged tomorrow. Rajneesh says yes, I have to be with parents for few weeks, how will I stay alone. Sumit tells him that he went in party that day, he did not wish Rajneesh to come with him, so he lied. Rajneesh asks why is he saying. Sumit says you have right to know. Rajneesh asks is this for any use, you are doing this for yourself, not to please me, I know you well, go from here. Sumit says listen, don’t sleep like this, else they will do postmortem thinking you are dead.

Sumit tells Maya that he apologized, the balloons had written Bhaiya number 1. Maya asks why did he not say sorry. Sumit says he is my brother. Maya asks what type of brother are you. Sumit feels guilty and asks himself the same thing.

Its morning, Rajneesh has difficulty to move. Sumit comes and asks is he busy. He says I came to meet you, without balloons, are you having fun in my room. Rajneesh says yes, Papa ji made my room his tent. Sumit gets his old walkie talkie, and recalls childhood. He asks Dolly when will he get lassi. Dolly replies she made it. Rajneesh laughs. Sumit says you will be fine. Dolly brings lassi and says I m going market, shall I bring something. They say icecream.

Dolly says you both did not change, I m glad seeing you. Sumit says I want to apologize to Rajneesh, you are my brother, I don’t say but I care for you. Rajneesh says Maya has sent you. Sumit says no, I m saying from heart, tell me what to do. Rajneesh asks him to change his bandage. Sumit says any other work. Rajneesh says I knew, I will do myself. Sumit says I will call mummy ji.

Rajneesh is unable to change his bandage and screams. Sumit asks him to wait for 10mins, else he will help him. He removes the bandage and says the bull has made a tunnel. Rajneesh says yes. Sumit says it will take years for this wound to heal. Rajneesh says doctor said it will heal in 3 weeks. Sumit says sorry, tell me how to help you. Rajneesh asks him to bandage his wound. Sumit does the aid and bandages his wound. Rajneesh says I m better now, Sumit you are a good brother and good sister too. Sumit says I have habit to change diaper. Rajneesh thanks him. Sumit asks where did I keep the scissor, did I leave it inside. Rajneesh worries. Sumit shows the scissor and laughs.

Rajneesh and Sumit see the news, of the bull hitting Rajneesh. Dolly comes and says she has seen Rajneesh on tv, she is feeling proud, my both sons got famous on tv.

Maya gets angry as Sumit deleted the marriage video. Dolly asks him to get married again. Sumit and Maya remarry and Sumit says Rajneesh is recording everything, while Rajneesh is not capturing any video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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