Sumit Sambhal Lega 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit and Maya inviting friends on the same day. Sumit’s friend flirts with Simran. Maya says party can’t be together. Rajneesh and Jasbir join the party. Rajneesh asks for Simran. Jasbir greets Aditi, Maya’s friend. Jasbir is interested in girls’ party and Sumit takes Jasbir along. Maya says she will send snacks to Sumit’s room. Rajneesh says let me say Hi to Simran first. Simran and Rajneesh meet and have a talk. Maya talks to her friends. Dolly comes and says she got a dish for Sumit. Dolly asks about the party. Sumit says Maya’s friend Aditi came back and they kept a small party.

Dolly says we ask for extra card from relatives for you both, and you did not invite me. Maya asks Sumit did he not invite Dolly. Sumit says I forgot. Dolly says I made

special recipe to make this. Dolly makes pasta and all the girls stand watching her cooking. Maya says I did not wish Dolly to interfere today. Dolly asks for ghee tadka for pasta.

Dolly asks the girl to have pasta. Aditi says I visited Switzerland. Dolly asks her to go Haridwar. Aditi says we went for honeymoon. Dolly tells about Rishikesh and taking a churan from ashram, it was great and that’s why Rajneesh is such strong person.

Maya gets embarrassed. Dolly finds the girl’s talk ultra modern. Maya denies all the things. Sumit says match stopped by rains. Maya says thank God and signs him to send Dolly. Sumit and Maya’s friends say they will leave. Maya says we could not talk well. Dolly says let them go, they can sleep. Maya gets irked.

Sumit sees Maya upset. Maya says Dolly has ruined my party. She says she is writing letter to Dolly. He asks her to tell him. She says I have to write, I can’t bear her taunts, she is hitting me and counts. Sumit gets tensed and asks her to give the letter. He snatches it from her and she beats him asking him to leave it. He says I was just trying. She asks him to try to take her side once. He says fine, I will not stop it. He says I will give it to Dolly. She gives him. He eats the paper and laughs. She shows the real letter.

Sumit comes to Dolly and Jasbir. He asks did he check letterbox, I will get the letters, give the keys. He makes excuses and Jasbir understands that Sumit is using his food coupons. Rajneehs gets the letters. Jasbir checks the letters and says one came for Dolly. Sumit takes it. Dolly says its Maya’s letter. Rajneesh takes it from Sumit and gives to Jasbir. Jasbir reads the letter. Dolly gets shocked seeing Maya accusing her for all problems. Sumit says I will leave. Jasbir says sit, its fun and reads all complains from Maya. Sumit gets worried. Dolly gets annoyed hearing what Maya thinks about her. Jasbir says great, Maya has written well. Dolly says enough Sumit. Sumit goes after her and asks her to listen. Dolly sits writing letter for Maya.

Maya comes there and asks did they check letter box. Rajneesh says we did. Jasbir says we read it. Maya apologizes to Dolly. Sumit asks why did I tell you yesterday. Maya says I should have spoken face to face. Dolly says yes, we should talk. Maya says she wants to clear things with her. Dolly asks what all she has written, why do you feel all this. They start crying and share their opinions on each other.

Maya says I can never become like you and hugs Dolly. Dolly says yes, you can never become like me and they say I love you to each other. Dolly and Maya lighten their hearts. They leave together. Sumit asks what was all this, they made shopping plan while fighting. Rajneesh cries being emotionally flown by them. Dolly tells Jasbir that she bought some suits too. Jasbir says I m tearing letters. Dolly says I will keep Maya’s letter safe, its proof.

Rajneesh and Simran romance. Sumit and everyone come there. Rajneesh gets shocked. Sumit makes Rajneesh run away.

Update Credit to: Amena

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