Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking about the eldest member in the family. Maya tells Sumit about Aaliya’s school project. Jasbir tells about Santoshi Bua. Maya asks Sumit to find about her for Aaliya’s sake. Sumit says we have many unique items in this family already. Sumit and Jasbir try to find about Santoshi Bua and thank a man giving info. Sumit notes the address. Sumit says he got Santoshi Dadi’s address. Aaliya says I will write letter to Dadi and tell about our family. Sumit asks her not to say entire truth, else Dadi will break ties with them.

Maya sees Aaliya upset and asks what happened. Aaliya asks why did Dadi not reply. Maya says yes, its one month, I spoke to happy uncle, you take his interview. A man comes with a big suitcase and gives Maya. Santoshi Bua comes

and hugs Maya. Aaliya gets glad. Maya asks her will she have tea. Santoshi says yes and specifies.

Its night, Jasbir is glad having food by Santoshi. She calls him Jasmeet. Jasbir says my name is Jasbir. Santoshi says their names. She says she remembers Jasbir had 4 children. Sumit comes home and Santoshi hugs him. He asks Maya who is she. Maya signs Santoshi Dadi. Sumit asks Maya how did she come. Maya says Aaliya invited her by letter, see Aaliya is so happy. Sumit says its better if we don’t agree to Aaliya. Maya says Dadi is so lovely.

Rajneesh massages Santoshi’s legs and tells about ancestors. Santoshi says she got something for them. Maya says she will stay at our place. Sumit asks why, she will stay at dad’s house. Jasbir says no, let her stay here. Santoshi asks everyone to come, she got desi ghee laddoos.

Sumit sits working at night and burps. Santoshi says you got acidity and asks what work he does. He says I m sports journalist. She gets glad and asks him to get all his gas out. He says I also feel the same. She says he can get unwell and farts. He gets back. She says now its your turn. He says I m fine. She insists. He farts and says I m done, I m very well now. They laugh. Santoshi makes dinner for everyone and sings Punjabi song. Everyone sing with her. Maya also tries singing. They all clap and have a good time.

Dolly and Maya like the food and also Santoshi’s stay with them. Jasbir gets old family album and praises Dolly. Maya says great, so romantic. Dolly sits to see the pics. Jasbir shows the pictures of his childhood and Santoshi Bua with his dad. Rajneesh gets Santoshi and Aaliya home from the drive. Sumit comes home. Maya says dad got old pics and Dadi is also in this. Sumit sees the pics and asks how did she change so much.

Santoshi checks pic and says this is not my pic. Jasbir says your memory went, I have everything fresh in mind. Sumit says dad has said wrong address and looksa t Jasbir. Jasbir tells them that she is not my Santoshi Bua. Santoshi asks who are they. Sumit says how can she be a part of our family. He tells Santoshi that he booked her train ticket, she can leave in taxi and apologizes for misunderstanding. Santoshi says its fine, I have got chance to see city. Maya says she will miss her a lot and hugs her. Aaliya hugs her. Dolly says she will visit her home and hugs her. Santoshi tells Rajneesh that she will dance in his marriage and sings. Rajneesh gets emotional. Jasbir says you are my Santoshi Bua now and hugs her. Santoshi blesses everyone. She asks Sumit to chill and not hold any gas in stomach. Sumit says sure. Santoshi leaves after blessing them. They all get sad. Sumit says she taught us how should be family when she was not our family. Rajneesh cries.

Sumit asks Rajneesh to see cricket bat with Sachin’s sign. Jasbir says it isn’t. Sumit tells Maya that he will just say truth to his kids.

Update Credit to: Amena

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