Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit talking about going to her friend’s farmhouse for a day. Dolly insists that they stay with them in her house. Maya disagrees and Dolly still takes them. Sumit and Maya come downstairs and dislike the room. Rajneesh jokes on their room and Sumit asks Rajneesh to leave. Rajneesh says I could not believe you would come here like this, Dolly is very happy, am I not her son. Sumit says its for one day. Rajneesh says Sumit used to make him fall always, now he does asaan by putting DND sign outside. Sumit asks him to give rulebook and keeps reminder to check Rajneesh’s room.

Jasbir comes and complains about the kids. He asks Maya to ask kids to make Dolly fall. He gets glad hearing sound and says Dolly fell. Sumit says relax, its matter of one day.

Maya sits on the sofa and Dolly asks you here, my episode is coming on tv. She tells Maya about the mahaepisode, coming once every month, she watches it alone. She sees the episode and looks at Maya as mum in law scolds her bahu. She asks Maya to read book inside. Maya says kids are sleeping inside, no problem. Dolly gets an idea and switches off lamp to make Maya leave. Maya says its fine. Dolly leaves. Sumit comes home. Dolly asks Sumit to do something. Sumit asks what to do and dances. Dolly tells him about mahaepisode, and she can’t see emotional episode along Maya. Jasbir asks Sumit to teach manners to kids. Rajneesh asks who has kicked my room’s door. Sumit smiles. Dolly says tell Maya to sit somewhere else. Sumit says fine.

Sumit asks Maya to move, go somewhere else, mum wants to see tv show. She says I m reading silently. She asks what when Dolly comes in my home and disturbs all the time, and mentions many things. Sumit says its matter of one day. Maya asks what about I bear, she is irritated by my reading, think if I… she gets an idea and smiles. He asks what. She says nothing. He says I can see you are thinking something wrong. She says bye.

Maya sends Aaliya to disturb Jasbir and Rajneesh. Maya gives samosas to Aaliya. Even Rajneesh and Jasbir get eager to have samosas even when its time for dinner. Dolly comes home and sees them eating samosa. She asks is this time to eat samosas. Rajneesh hides in his pockets. Sumit asks is it hot. Rajneesh nods. Maya tells dolly that she kept Rajma in freezer thinking its pudding. Dolly goes angrily.

Sumit sees two remotes. Maya says its living room remote, maybe I got it by mistake. She laughs. He asks you mean…. And hides remote. He says its dad’s remote, he will kill us. Jasbir asks where is the remote and Sumit hides in blanket. Maya says I m going what happens with me daily. Sumit says they do this unintentionally and you are doing intentionally, its wrong. She says they should know they do wrong, you can help me. He says he is going out away from her. She says sorry and gets upset.

Sumit goes to Rajneesh’s room to sleep. Rajneesh gets shocked and kicks Sumit. He asks what is he doing here, did he fight with Maya, he has no habit to sleep with strange men. Sumit says I m not stranger, I m your brother, wear shirt atleast. Rajneesh says this is my commando style. Sumit asks him to move away. Rajneesh asks him to sleep alongwith his wife and scolds him. Sumit says Maya was right, they feel we are intruders.

Jasbir looks for remote impatiently. Sumit says he has not seen the remote. Jasbir says maybe Dolly has hidden it. The fridge’s door breaks and Sumit says it was getting stuck, so I freed it. Dolly argues with Maya on towels and sees fridge door out. Rajneesh says he does not have towels. Sumit reminds he is not Salman. Maya says I was helping you. Jasbir asks her not to help. Sumit says we are doing what you do with us in our house. Maya says yes, is there any problem. Dolly says I understood they want to return our favors, but they are not able to help, as we genuinely help you, its not your mistake. Jasbir says its our mistake, we did not teach him right, once Sumit’s home opens, I will see you. Aaliya asks her parents to come home. Rajneesh says we are coming, dad will repair the geyser. Dolly says I will wash all clothes Maya. Maya and Sumit worry. Rajneesh says I will dry myself by your bathroom towels, and says Salman’s lines. Sumit and Maya worry.

Jasbir tells about girls party. Maya says I can’t live hearing Dolly’s taunts. He snatches the book. Jasbir reads whats written.

Update Credit to: Amena

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