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Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Sumit that Rajneesh invited Simran. He worries of Rajneesh’s bad jokes. Aaliya comes and asks Maya to tell the girl not to irritate her. Maya asks her to stop getting irritate. Sumit asks her to irritate her too. Maya disagrees to do tit for tat. Rajneesh shares his jokes with family and laughs. Just Simran laughs while the family looks on. Jasbir jokes on Rajneesh. Sumit mocks laughs on Rajneesh’s jokes and says you killed it. Maya says we enjoyed. Dolly asks them to come for dinner next week at their place. Simran laughs and cracks Rajneesh’s joke.

Dolly asks Simran to come early, they will cook together. Simran asks Maya to come. Maya says next Sunday, Sumit and I are going to see furniture. Simran says we will go in evening, it will be

fun if we three cook together. Maya asks Dolly to keep plates, and asks Sumit to help. Maya says Simran is watching much movies, why is she dragging me. Sumit says you started. Maya says this is my home, I will not go to Dolly’s house.

Dolly brings the kababs and says don’t know why everyone is not eating it, its less burnt just at corners. She says she will wash utensils. Maya says I will manage. Dolly says good joke and goes. Maya gets angry and Sumit stops her. Maya asks him to see how Dolly taunted while smiling, one day I will taunt her. Sumit asks why, you said no tit for tat. Maya says yes, idea is not bad, if I stop taking her taunts effects, she will stop hitting me with taunts. He says I was joking, mummy will continue to taunt. Dolly asks Maya shall I serve icecream melted one. Maya says I will cook with you, Sumit, Papa ji and Rajneesh are going for cricket match, we ladies will have fun. Dolly says fine, you will get chance to learn. Maya says it was quality taunt. Sumit asks Maya what is she doing. Mayta says I will win this round.

Dolly compliments Simran for kneading flour well. Maya coughs. Dolly says oh Maya is also here. Dolly says what work shall I give daal, and taunts her. Maya says you are masterchef, I love to learn from you. Dolly compliments her earrings and her looks. Maya thanks her. Simran looks on shocked. She says wow, I have seen such earrings for the first time, very nice. Aaliya comes and tells Maya that Avi is troubling. Maya says what we learnt, we will not be affected if anyone troubles us. Dolly hears this and says Maya you are wrong, this advice won’t work, Aaliya will become sweet and Avi will trouble more. Maya says no. Dolly says lets see, I m mum since many years. Maya holds her anger and laughs. She hugs Dolly and calls her right.

They serve dinner. Sumit, Jasbir and Rajneesh come home. Rajneesh and Jasbir are glad to win. Sumit sits sad. Maya says she will see the daal, and goes. Sumit gets angry on Rajneesh and goes. Maya asks Sumit why is he silent. Sumit says they were after my red shoes and called me Lal Pari, tell me is red girls’ colors. Maya says she is sweet towards Dolly, and taunts stopped. Sumit says I also used the same theory, I laughed on their jokes and they have hit more. She says it works. He says impossible. The day my family changes, I will change my family. Dolly praises Maya. Maya smiles and asks him to change family.

Simran asks who was man of the match today. Jasbir says Sumit and jokes on his red shoes. Dolly asks them not to joke on Sumit. She says she had to bear a girl today. Maya asks what do you mean. Dolly says you. Maya says you had to bear me, why, I did what you said. Dolly says she got tired. Sumit gets a chair and sits to enjoy their fight. Maya says I thought Dolly would be happy. Dolly says I would be happy if you did this by your wish, what did you wish to prove by being so sweet. Maya says I was just doing my work, Simran was there too. Simran compliments her earrings.

Dolly says I see taunt in Maya’s smile and acts like her. Maya says this could be taunt, but whose habit is it. Maya asks them. Sumit says I was watching match. Rajneesh tells a joke and asks Simran to shut his mouth. Maya asks Jasbir. He acts to sleep. Maya asks Sumit to look at her. Sumit says I told you about my family. Dolly says I don’t pretending and just say on face. She taunts Mata on everything and says I have forgiven you for today. Maya gets shocked. Sumit smiles.

Sumit gets icecream, and Rajneesh and Jasbir tease him calling him Lal Pari. Sumit gets embarrassed. Maya looks on. Sumit says icecream cancel. Rajneesh and Jasbir request him for icecream and say sorry. Sumit gives them and shows Maya, her theory won’t work, his way is best. Maya smiles and goes. Rajneesh and Jasbir throw icecream on Sumit’s face.

Maya says everyone want me to become incharge and win in PTA elections. Sumit tells this to Jasbir. Maya asks Sumit whom did he vote.

Update Credit to: Amena

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