Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya and Sumit leaving for movie. Rajneesh comes. Maya asks him to come with them for movie. Sumit nods no, and she signs him. Sumit asks Rajneesh to come. Rajneesh says he can’t afford it, his salary is less, he got his cable cut, he is buying bananas instead vegs. Sumit jokes on him. Maya gets sad. She asks can we help you. Rajneesh says yes, can I sit here and watch tv. She says yes, any other help. Rajneesh says no, I can manage being a man. Maya signs Sumit. Sumit asks Rajneesh will he have samosas, Dolly sent it. Rajneesh says my fav and takes it. He asks them to go for movie. Maya says what to do about Rajneesh, he needs money. Sumit says he did not ask for money. She says his self esteem will be hurt, we should help him, look at him. Rajneesh eats everything.

Maya signs cheque for Rajneesh. She says just 1 lakh. Sumit asks what. She says talk slowly, this will be enough for Rajneesh, he helped you too. Sumit says he knew I will return. Maya says he will also return. She goes to Rajneesh. He asks did you both not go for movie. Sumit says even I regret. Maya says you need money, so we thought…. And gives 1 lakh cheque to Rajneesh. Rajneesh says its 1 lakh, no I can’t take this. Sumit takes cheque back. Maya asks why. Rajneesh says its big amount, it will take much time to return, but thanks. He cries. Maya asks Sumit to give the cheque. Sumit asks Rajneesh to keep it as a gift. Maya says yes, no need to return. Rajneesh takes it and thanks Maya. He hugs Maya and smiles. He hugs Sumit happily. Sumit says let me breath. Rajneesh kisses on Sumit’s cheek. Maya smiles.

Sumit and Maya come to Jasbir and ask about kids. Jasbir says it was a deal, you have to give jalebi to me for managing kids. Maya gives the jalebis. Dolly comes and asks Jasbir about jabelis. Jasbir says its my fees. He says Rajneesh is devdas. Dolly says no, he has become Dev Anand. She asks Sumit why are you smiling. Sumit says we did a good work, we helped Rajneesh and gave him 1 lakh. Dolly asks what. Jasbir asks him to donate it somewhere. Maya says Rajneesh should be happy.

Dolly says I can’t believe, why did he not ask us, I m his mum. Jasbir jokes and says its biggest mistake to give loan to Rajneesh. Maya says we did not give loan, we gifted him. Jasbir says this is biggest one, you made him weak, you did not support him, he should have earned money, if he needs money now, he will come to attack on Sumit’s pocket. Sumit asks did we get trapped Maya. Maya says no. Rajneesh comes and sees them. Maya greets him. Rajneesh greets all of them. Jasbir does not let him take jalebis. Rajneesh says I have to do packing, I m going Kullu Manali for one week to enjoy. Sumit and Maya get shocked. Maya says he is going on holiday.

Sumit asks Rajneesh to come out and can’t believe this. Rajneesh says yes, I m going, thanks to you both. Sumit says we felt you need money. Maya says yes, Rajneesh was eating banana sandwiches, he had no money to buy vegs. Sumit says you said you did not have cable, so we gave money.

Rajneesh says I got 1 lakh free, so I thought to go on holiday. I need a holiday to get rid of mental stress. Dolly and Jasbir joke on each other. Sumit scolds Rajneesh for using his money to enjoy. Rajneesh says you gifted me without my asking. Sumit says you acted helpless, I gave money to manage home. Rajneesh asks shall I ask you to use your gift. Sumit says if you go to Kullu Manali, you won’t be my brother. Rajneesh leaves. Jasbir says such thing happened with me and my friend too, we fought for a 10 rupee note, I miss the note a lot.

Rajneesh makes a banana sandwich and eats. Sumit comes to meet him. Rajneesh asks him to get out. Sumit apologizes and sees him eating sandwich. Rajneesh says I m fine. Sumit says I lost senses in anger, you will always be my brother. Rajneesh says I m glad you realized your mistake. He asks Sumit to leave now, as he has to do packing. Sumit asks are you still going, how can you go. Rajneesh says you apologized. Sumit says its my money, you can’t waste it. Rajneesh says it was your money, you can’t stop me from spending, you are my enemy and throws his cheque. Sumit says you threw cheque on my face, you keep it now. They both fight. Sumit asks him to keep money. Rajneesh says you won’t understand pain of unlucky man. Sumit says you think I got lottery, or my fate is good to get money, give my cheque back. Rajneesh says I m unlucky, you have car,house, wife, kids, and even mummy.. what do I have, a sub inspector job and banana sandwich. Sumit says you are thinking wrong. Rajneesh says I was going Kullu Manali to make a wish at the well, do you want my wish. Sumit asks to get unlimited samosas? Rajneesh says no.

Rajneesh says I wanted my life to become like yours, I m jealous of you. Sumit asks why, you are free and I just dream to get free, I m glad to get free 5 mins in bathroom. Rajneesh says but if you faint in bathroom, anyone will come to find you. Come with me on holiday, think of it, it will be fun. Sumit jokes. Rajneesh says we will hit ice balls on each other. Rajneesh and Sumit say icecream. Sumit says I will get 1 lakh more. Sumit and Rajneesh reach Kullu Manali and make the wish. Rajneesh says I wished my fate changed. Sumit says I wished Maya does not kill me when I reach home. Rajneesh says miracle well also has limits, come, we will somersault on ice. Sumit makes more wishes.

Maya gets a vaccum cleazner and does not find dust in Dolly’s house. Dolly challenges Maya to find dust or sand in her house. Maya says even I want to keep my house clean, its my house, not any… Jasbir asks her to say it today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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