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Sumit Sambhal Lega 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling about her friend Sandhya’s ladies sangeet and asks Sumit is he ready. He says ladies sangeet. She says her hot friends are coming. He says I m ready. She says we have to perform. He refuses. Jasbir and his friend come inside their home while playing kabaddi….. Sumit and Maya look on.

Dolly tells Sumit about Jasbir’s kabaddi match. Jasbir asks Sumit is he free. Sumit makes an excuse and Maya laughs seeing Sumit making excuses. He asks her not to worry, as they will go in sangeet. Sumit says he will make sangeet excuse and go out with friend. Sumit tells Jasbir that he will go in ladies sangeet and dance with Maya there, times have changed. Jasbir tells his friend to see how sweet is Sumit, I told her not to have more tamarind. Dolly and Maya

look on.

Jasbir asks Sumit to be at home and take Bhatinda fertilizers delivery. Sumit asks were you just asking this. Jasbir says yes, we are going and laughs on Sumit asking him to get a shalwar stitched for him. Maya says she has a good idea for the dance act. Sumit says dad was taunting me. Maya says you would have got stuck in kabaddi like Rajneesh, as dad took him in his team.

Sumit says it means dad asked Rajneesh, not me, its great. Maya says you would have not played. He says yes, but dad should have asked me. Maya asks him not to feel bad, is he planning this to get saved from sangeet. He says I m not so smart. She says yes.

Rajneesh and Jasbir laugh practicing kabaddi. Sumit comes and sees them. He asks is there more lassi. Jasbir says this is special badam lassi to have before kabaddi match. Rajneesh says they got a chance to play. Sumit asks Jasbir is his team complete, if he wants any more member, I can say if you want. Jasbir says whats there to ask. Sumit says I m ready to join, give me this special lassi. Jasbir says now people are joining kabaddi for lassi.

Rajneesh asks Sumit why he wants to play. Sumit says I can play if you can. Rajneesh tells the tough practice for kabaddi. Sumit gets tensed. Rajneesh says you won’t stay for one day. Sumit says you feel you are bond. Rajneesh says dad did not take me in team, uncle took me. Sumit says I joined as dad took you, you shoukd have told me. Rajneesh says see how small mistake changes life, we will meet in morning.

Its morning, Sumit comes home and has ache. Maya asks what happened. He says kabaddi practice. She says leave it, whats this madness. He says Rajneesh will make fun of me. She says I will tell Dolly. He says no. She asks why is this match imp. He says dad made Rajneesh captain of the team. He feels Rajneesh is He man of Walia family, I will also show I m real man, and men don’t feel pain.

Sumit joins Jasbir and Rajneesh in the practice. Rajneesh jokes saying Sumita has come. Jasbir teaches them to hold breath and gets unwell. He says I m fine, my two tigers are with me. Sumit gets glad. Rajneesh says we will make dad’s name shine. Sumit says yes. Jasbir’s friend comes and says the match is going to cancel. Jasbir says we did hardwork. His friend says we can give one player from our team. Sumit says good idea. Jasbir says you… Sumit says not me.

They think it will be good if Sumit goes in opposite team. Sumit says I won’t. Jasbir says I will beat you. And jokes on him saying Sumita. Rajneesh says we will meet in the ground.

Jasbir comes to Sumit and asks is he unwell. Sumit says yes, I can’t play match. Jasbir asks him to care for his respect and stop acting, he knows everything, he is his father, and taunts on him for liking feminine things. Sumit asks why did he not say before and gets up. Jasbir asks whats your problem. Sumit says you should not be partial, I get hurt, fine I m Sumita, my feelings get hurt, you can joke on me.

Jasbir says I did not think you will say this. Sumit says I think I said a lot, I m sorry. Jasbir says its fine, you said it by right, we could not tell this to our father till now, my father used to beat on my knees, we did not have courage to talk to him, I tried to become a better father. Sumit says I know. Jasbir says when I see you with your kids, I understand you are 100 times better father, I failed. Sumit says no, maybe every generation is better than old one, maybe Avi becomes better father than me. We are getting late for match, lets go, we will leave. Jasbir and Sumit laugh. Sumit says he will play and make Jasbir lose. Jasbir gives him tips. They laugh and run. Dolly does tilak to Jasbir and Rajneesh. Maya does tilak to Sumit. The men leave for kabaddi match. The match goes on and Rajneesh holds Sumit high. Sumit loses.

Jasbir talks to Aaliya and tells about Santoshi Dadi. An old lady comes in family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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