Sumit Sambhal Lega 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya showing the Diwali gifts to Sumit. She asks what gift he wants from her. He gets romantic. She says not that, I was thinking to keep diwali dinner at our place. Sumit says its dangerous. She says since we shifted here, Dolly has kept the dinner and we attended it, will you talk to Dolly, won’t you support me. Sumit asks her to let same thing follow. Maya says we should start traditions in our home too, so that kids remember. He says Dolly makes good dishes, we kept relation with her because of her good cooking. Maya says I can cook well too.

Dolly asks Sumit to help Jasbir. Jasbir is stuck in Hula Hoop ring. Sumit frees him. Jasbir says he is working out to have more hunger, and then have more sweets in diwali. Dolly asks him to have acidity tablets.

Dolly says Maya decorated home well. Maya says I was thinking to keep diwali dinner at our place this time. Dolly sees Sumit, and he sits tensed. Dolly says how can this happen, I cook everything downstairs and bring everything here. Maya says no, I was thinking to make dinner this time. Maya asks Sumit to convince Dolly. Sumit says Maya learnt cooking well. Dolly asks is he saying her or himself. Jasbir asks them to cook in desi ghee. Dolly asks them to decide, will they have Maya’s handmade food here or her handmade food, an says the dishes which she will make. Jasbir and Sumit get glad hearing Motichoor laddoos. Dolly asks them to think. Jasbir asks for lassi and goes. Maya stares at Sumit. He worries.

Maya tries to influence Sumit and says she will cook great items. Sumit says your hands will be tired. Maya says I thought what to make instead laddoos, I will make biscuit pudding. Sumit asks what, its not auspicious. Maya says desi ghee laddoos are not good for health. Sumit says laddoos are tradition in diwali. Maya says I can’t make such laddoos. He asks her to make pudding in Karwachauth, he can even have poison after breaking fast.

Sumit comes to Maya and says he will run away with Maya, anyways Avi won’t remember us, mummy ji agreed and just invited few people more. She asks how many. He names many people with families. Maya worries. Sumit says the bad news is Dolly told everyone that Maya is making biscuit halwa. She says pudding. He says pudding or rat poison, word does not matter, the trap is laid, mummy told you are cooking. Maya says so that they know I don’t know cooking, if I do any mistake, your mummy ji is laying trap for me. He asks her to make laddoos. She says I can’t, I trust my biscuits halwa, we will not have time tomorrow, come help me.

Sumit helps Maya. She says its normal butter, I want white butter for Daal makhina. Sumit says I remember how mummy used to cook so well. Maya is worried. Sumit jokes and reminds Amritsari koftas. She asks where are the koftas, I made it better than Dolly, they were menu stars, I did not make anything else better than it.

He says nonsense, you made two beautiful kids. She looks everywhere and panics. He shows the koftas in microwave. She can’t pull the bowl and tries hard. He asks her to try. She gets the kofta bowl and is relieved. He says congrats, you got the koftas. She cries and says I m sorry, please clean the floor and manage kids. He says you go, I will manage.

Sumit plays tv and sees the cricket match. He keeps the pudding in microwave while seeing cricket and bakes them instead Koftas. Maya comes to him and says she is much better. She hugs him and goes to see the pudding. He says its there and sees koftas outside and pudding in microwave. He says I kept it in fridge. She goes to see. He gets pudding out of microwave. She says you have put pudding in oven. He says guests will come, I will go downstairs, have cold water and breath. She cries. He goes to Dolly’s house.

Rajneesh and Jasbir come and shut the door. Rajneesh says Jasbir’s cracket has gone in Arora house. Maya comes with kids. Rajneesh takes the dishes Maya made and takes it to Dolly. Maya takes pudding and asks Dolly why did she make laddoo. Dolly says biscuit halwa does not look good in diwali. Maya says you can’t do this always. Rajneesh gets tensed seeing them argue.

Dolly gives laddoo to Sumit, and Maya gives pudding. Sumit gets worried thinking what to choose and wishes everyone happy diwali. Jasbir eats sweets and it gets stuck. Dolly says pudding would be stuck. Maya says it can be laddoo out. Rajneesh helps Jasbir and they all try to see what was stuck. Sumit says pudding. Dolly says I told this. Maya goes. Sumit goes to pacify Maya. He says he will finish the pudding. Maya asks is this my mistake. Dolly says your feast is good, you made lots of variety, I liked the dishes, biscuit pudding was the best. Maya thanks her. Dolly says even my mum in law did not let me do anything in diwali, I used to sit in corner, I don’ t want to become like that. Maya says yes, but you came late to say this. They all celebrate Diwali. Jasbir asks Sumit to lie for him, he targeted for Arora’s dish antenna, but who comes on terrace wearing nightie on Diwali.

Maya says she loves to learn from Dolly. Dolly compliments her and Simran looks on. Maya says it was good to be friendly with Dolly today. Maya later gets angry and Sumit stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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