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Sumit Sambhal Lega 10th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit falling down the bed as Aaliya kicked him. He asks Maya to do something. Later, Aaliya asks Maya can she sleep in their room. Sumit says no, sleep in your room. Aaliya says but ghosts come in my room. Sumit says just Rajneesh is ghost in our house. Maya asks Aaliya to go and sleep in their room. Sumit says why did you send her, if this goes on, our third child can’t happen. He says he has work every day and gets tired, he wants good sleep, what work does she do. She asks what.

He says what nonsense did I say, you do so much work. She drops all the toys on the floor, which she collected and leaves. Dolly asks Rajneesh where did Jasbir go. Rajneesh says no one values Dolly here. Dolly serves him food. Sumit comes and Dolly talks Rajneesh’s plate. Sumit

says he has backache, he fell from bed. Dolly asks about husband and wife’s fights. Sumit says no, Aaliya is sleeping between us and kicking me. Dolly says I understood, maybe Aaliya gets gas so she kicks.
Sumit asks for hot water bag. Rajneesh says I know, just a back hug. Sumit says I don’t want. Rajneesh lifts Sumit and Sumit screams. Rajneesh says I will get hot water bag.

Jsabir comes and sits to have food. He asks Sumit what happened. Sumit complains about Aaliya, and asks his parents did they face same problem with him and Rajneesh. Dolly tells Sumit that he used to always sleep with them, and Rajneesh used to sleep alone. Jasbir tells Rajneesh that they used to give him small wine peg to make him sleep early. Rajneesh gets emotional and leaves.

Sumit says I m getting sleepy, I will leave. Jasbir asks him to sit and talk. He asks who is boss at his home. Sumit says me. Jasbir says no, else you would have not got kicks, you are man, tiger, your bed should be yours alone, control Aaliya and Maya, else you will be cat all your life, rule your home. Dolly asks Rajneesh to listen, they did this for his good. Rajneesh complains on her lies. Sumit jokes on Rajneesh and leaves.

Its night, Maya and Sumit are sleeping and Aaliya calls Sumit. Maya asks him to let Aaliya come. Sumit says I m tiger. Maya says I will open door. Sumit says no, we have to become stone hearted, Aaliya has to sleep alone. Maya says fine, I will go and sleep with Aaliya. He holds her leg and asks how will I sleep alone, come back. Maya leaves.

Its morning, Avi is sleeping. Aaliya plays and hugs Sumit. Maya asks Sumit not to act like being tired. He says I m tired. Maya says you slept alone on double bed, I slept on baby bed. He asks did she not notice the broken seal of the juice pack, when she bought it. Maya asks whats the big issue. They start arguing. Sumit says I won’t drink it. Maya gets tired. Sumit says this is Aaliya’s plan to make us fight, so that she occupies our bed, we have to do something. She asks him to sleep on baby bed with Aaliya, show some Papagiri, not Shergiri.

Its night, Sumit asks Aaliya to sleep alone. Dolly comes there and asks Sumit is he afraid of Maya. He says no. Dolly says Maya won’t mind. Sumit says its fine if Aaliya sleeps with you, but leave before 5am. Dolly says don’t worry, but I have to go bathroom He says his plan will fail by her wrong bathroom timing. He asks her to flush slowly, go. She says fine, thanks. He asks her not to sing in bathroom, its her bad habit.

Sumit comes back to room. Maya asks him is he not sleeping with Aaliya. He says no, don’t worry, she slept, you also sleep now. He goes to sleep. Maya hears some sound and asks him to hear someone is singing. He laughs and says no, sound is from bathroom’s pipe, there is no one and stops her from going to Aaliya’s room, saying he sang lullaby for Aaliya. She slept on my hand, she said Papa I love you and dreams took her to fairy land. Maya says so cute. She says I will go and kiss Aaliya.

Sumit says no, she has kissed me, I will transfer it and kisses Maya. He asks her to sleep and says I love you. She says I love you too, you proved you are not so useless as I thought. They sleep. After some time, someone knocks their door. Maya says Sumit, Aaliya is knocking. Sumit says yes, who else can it be. Jasbir opens the door and comes inside, asking about Dolly. Maya asks why will Dolly be here. Sumit says the same. Aaliya says ghost… and jumps into the bed. Dolly comes there. She asks Aaliya not to be afraid. Jasbir asks where did Dolly go. Dolly says she left letter. Sumit asks Dolly to say. Maya asks Sumit was it his idea to call Dolly here. Sumit says no. Dolly stares at him. Sumit asks what wrong did I do, I thought to sleep peacefully.

Jasbir tells Dolly that he is her wife, she can’t sleep without him, he is a tiger and she has to agree to him. She asks does he worry for her. Jasbir says he can’t get sleep without her. Dolly says oh, fine we will go home and talk sweetly. They leave. Sumit says thanks, Maya is right, they both are made for each other. Maya asks Aaliya to go, she has to talk to Sumit. Sumit says no, Aaliya sleep here. Avi comes crying. Sumit says its our houseful, this is family bed now. They all hug.

Dolly tells about Jasbir and his friend practicing kabaddi. Sumit asks why did dad not ask me. He joins Jasbir in kabaddi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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