Sumit Sambhal Lega 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the family having a talk. Rajneesh tells about interview for CBI job, he will get double promotion. Dolly says double risk too. Rajneesh says I will become Singham. Maya wishes him good luck. Rajneesh says my lucky suit is enough for good luck, mummy ji keep it ready, remember my name, Rajneesh Walia, supercop part 2. He tries to do Rajnikant trick and gets hurt. Jasbir asks him to remember he is Rajneesh, not Rajnikant.

Its morning, Jasbir and Rajneesh have breakfast. Dolly gets his suit and makes him wear it. She asks him to wear this raincoat, it may rain. Rajneesh says no, suit is enough. Jasbir sees the suit burnt and tells Rajneesh, while Dolly signs him not to say. Rajneesh sees the suit and gets upset. He asks Dolly about it. Dolly says maybe it was

already there, actually I was seeing news about Sumit’s new program, I thought why did Sumit not tell me and this suit burnt. Its Sumit’s mistake.

Rajneesh says leave Sumit and his new show, my lucky suit is burnt. This was imp for me, its imp interview for me, what shall I do. She apologizes and asks him to wear any other suit, and praises him. Rajneesh asks her to see his life, can see see his luck around him. Rajneesh gets annoyed.

Rajneesh comes for the CBI interview. The senior officer talks to Rajneesh and takes his interview. Rajneesh says he wants to do CBI job, he is single. The senior gets a fax. Rajneesh says he wanted to join CBI. The senior asks what nonsense in this, a lady has written this letter, her son Rajneesh will come in CBI and she is sure Rajneesh is hardworking, she spoiled his fate, she burnt his lucky suit, Rajneesh felt bad and he cried, she also wanted her son to look good and progress, she is his mum, Dolly Walia. Rajneesh gets shocked. Dolly apologizes to Rajneesh via the letter. The senior asks Rajneesh to forgive Dolly.

Sumit tells Dolly that he thought she will not see the discussion on wrestling. She says I won’t see, but when will it air, I will shut tv. Rajneesh comes home and she gets scared seeing him suddenly. She asks how was her interview. Rajneesh asks her to come close, he will say. She asks did it not go fine and gets afraid. Rajneesh tells Sumit that interview was going fine, then mummy ji’s letter came to senior officer, what was that important that she has sent fax for the first time in her life. Maya asks Dolly to go and cook Rajma. She asks Rajneesh to have long breath. Rajneesh asks Dolly why did she write the letter, the senior felt I m a baby, that senior is CBI director, not any school’s director. He shouts angrily.

Jasbir comes and greets them. He sees tv. Dolly asks him to switch off tv, they are talking. He says fine, I will increase volume. Dolly switches it off. Sumit says its serious, Rajneesh’s interview got bad. Rajneesh says I can’t bear mummy ji’s cheat, she has sent the letter as she did not wish him to get that job. She says she was helping him. Rajneesh gets angry. Dolly says we will talk later. Rajneesh says you did such mistakes and ruined my life always. Maya asks Rajneesh to stop it, he is angry. Rajneesh asks Maya to say against Dolly, they will protest. Sumit asks Rajneesh to be careful.

Jasbir says Dolly will spoil your life Rajneesh, stop it. Maya says Dolly loves Rajneesh. Rajneesh asks Maya to say truth. Maya says Dolly is not a cheater. Dolly asks why will I wish this. Rajneesh says because you wanted to control anyone, and this prince Sumit.. Sumit says I m not on any throne, this is sofa. Rajneesh says shut up, this is your prince Sumit, your target Maya and this pollutant Jasbir. This is me, public welfare guy.

Dolly asks do you really think this. Rajneesh says yes, you stay away from my life, I really want this. Dolly says fine and cries.

Dolly comes to meet Khurana and asks him to give job to Rajneesh. She apologizes for letter and asks him to sit. She says she is a mum, and talks to him about Rajneesh. He says I think you did not wish your son to get this job. She asks did Rajneesh say. He says I have seen evidence, you burnt his lucky suit, and then sent this letter. She says she did all that being a mum. He says Rajneesh got angry and you came here. She says she wants to make things fine and gives him halwa, saying this is not bribe, but her love. She says you look smart, but you think recommending your son will make him get a job, whats the real matter.

She says I m scared for Rajneesh’s life, he does police job and stays in Delhi, he meets me, but I can’t see him in more risk, I don’t want him to get this job. She cries. He says fine. She says I have seen he wants to do this job, I want to see him happy, so I came here, give this job to him. He says I can’t do this. She asks why. He says Rajneesh is talented, but we have more talented officers. She asks what, Rajneesh does not need this job, and takes halwa back.

Dolly comes to meet Rajneesh at his flat and gives his fav halwa. She says this is not bribe, its my.. He says love, thanks. She says what you told me yesterday, I thought a lot about it, sit, I will tell you what happened, I went to market and saw a sweet shop, I had rasmalai and had a foresight. He asks about meeting senior at CBO office. She says yes, I met him, person does mad things in love. He says yes. She asks how did he know. He says senior called me. She says I will file case on him. He says senior told me everything. She says he is lying. He says he told me what you think about my job. She says true, I don’t like it, what will you do. He says nothing, I m glad to know, thanks. She asks him to take care, as he is going on duty. He says he will drop you. She says I really went to sweet shop, I did not lie, but I had Gulab jamun there. He smiles.

Dolly asks everyone to decide will they have food at her place or Maya’s. Sumit tells Maya that Dolly laid the trap, she invited guests at Maya’s place for Diwali. Maya says so that everyone know I don’t know cooking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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