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Sumit Sambhal Lega 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly helping Aaliya in essay writing. Maya comes and says I went to dentist, thanks to help Aaliya. Dolly taunts her. Aaliya says she has to write essay on family. Maya says I will read it. She asks Dolly what did she make Aaliya write, that Dadi teaching mummy to cook well. Maya asks is this right, do I cook bad, anyone will feel I don’t know cooking. Dolly says truth has to come out. Maya says I will help Aaliya in homework. Dolly laughs.

Maya helps Aaliya and takes lots of time. She tears that page and says we will start on fresh page. Sumit comes and asks is Aaliya making mum do homework. Maya shows the essay written by Dolly. She says I look like Aaliya’s younger sister, not mum in the essay. Sumit asks her to relax. Maya says Aaliya’s teachers

will read it. Dolly comes and gives snacks to Sumit. Maya gets angry.

Dolly asks Maya why did she tear this essay. Maya says I want to write such essay that… Sumit says she does not want to look a kid. Maya says I was thinking we both will write together, sit. Dolly says I wrote it so well. Maya praises Dolly. Sumit asks why this Maya. Maya says don’t interfere. Dolly asks Maya to write about her food. Maya says I will write for your singing talent too. Dolly gets glad and praises Maya. Sumit looks on.

Rajneesh polishes his shoes. Sumit taunts him. Rajneesh says he does not like such jokes. Sumit says I was serious. Rajneesh says fine, what are you doing here. Sumit says Maya and Dolly are writing essay on family and asks for snacks. Rajneesh says don’t know, I m on diet.

Aaliya tells her friend that her mum and Dadi are writing essay and goes to play. Sumit comes and says you both are still writing. Rajneesh comes and gives the note of his appraisal to be included in Aaliya’s essay. Maya says its done, I will decorate with sketch pen. Rajneesh asks Dolly what she wrote last time. Dolly says I wrote it for Sumit long time ago. Rajneesh shows that letter. Sumit laughs. Rajneesh says I kept it, as you showed me down in this essay. Sumit tells Rajneesh he is mad. Rajneesh gets angry and says its easy for you, as 6 lines written for you and 3 lines for me. Sumit says it was my essay. Rajneesh says but mummy wrote it, I understood mummy loves me half. Dolly stops him.

Maya says mummy wrote good about you in this new essay. Rajneesh reads and laughs, saying its just 1 line for me, and Sumit also got one line being Aaliya’s father. Sumit reads that its all about Maya and Dolly. Rajneesh jokes. Sumit says its my daughter’s essay, what will teacher think. He says I will write. The paper gets torn. Aaliya comes home and sees Sumit writing new essay showing him as the hero. Rajneesh runs with the letter.

Jasbir comes and asks for samosa. He asks Aaliya what are they playing. Aaliya says they are writing essay on family. Jasbir asks Dolly is he also there. Dolly says yes, I regret. Sumit reads the line for Jasbir. Jasbir reads that Sumit has praised himself in the essay. He argues with Sumit. He says I will write letter now. Aaliya tells her friend that family is writing letter, and goes to play.

Jasbir reads his essay being hero of the essay. They all say they will write own essay. Maya says we can’t send 5 essays, good family is one who shares and works together, we will show we are good family. They sit to write. Sumit divides the words. Maya says we are done with perfect essay. Aaliya says she won’t take this, she wrote her essay.

Aaliya comes home from school. They all ask for the essay and she gives the essay. Sumit reads that Sumit is scared of her mum and Dadi. Maya reads that Dadi and mum fight always. Rajneesh laughs. Sumit reads Rajneesh laughs like old generator. Jasbir reads her Dada teaches her to burp. Maya says you will get zero Aaliya. Aaliya says no, best essay prize, teacher said its so honest and funny, have this trophy, thanks for being so funny. They fight for the trophy. Aaliya calls her friend and says we will go and play.

Rajneesh tells Jasbir that Sumit got spoiled. Jasbir hugs him. Dolly scolds Sumit and says she won’t talk to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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