sukor’s twilight (introduction)

Hi, guys as I promised I would write a twilight ff on sukor, here it is. I said I would write this ff after one of my ff would finish but I couldn’t wait. This is close to twilight but with different twists and turns so I hope I don’t bore you. Please support me and I hope you like this new fan fiction.

Chakor’s pov
I got up out of my car. I was a bit scared I didn’t know what to expect in this little town called Chirrapunji. It is known to be the rainiest place in India. We came here because of my dad’s promotion but I don’t know why it had to be the rainiest place in the whole universe. I hate rain, I hate wetness and so far I hate everything about this town. I looked around at my house. It was a simple two story house with a clean but wet yard, not bad. The government had given us this house for free for the promotion so I was imagining that it would be abandoned. It would have a mailbox entirely hidden by tall grass. Its driveway overgrown. It would have bushes and brambles up against the door and the windows. It had weeks in the gutters, and green slime on the walls, and a cracked foundation pierced by creeper tendrils thicker than my wrists. But it was good looking, at least from the outside.
“Let’s go inside, honey” my mother encouraged me. I slowly stepped toward the house disgusted by the wet grass underneath my shoes.

My dad and my mom joined me and we opened the door to our new life. I was amazed about what I saw. The room was filled with furniture that was already set up. Purple sofas with white cushions looked so inviting, a huge TV was hanging from the wall, floral pictures hanging around the living room, a coffee table and other fancy looking furniture inviting us in.

We stood there for a second in awe but then we grinned at each other and went to explore the rest of the house. I went straight to see my room. I opened the room that was the closest. It was a bathroom. Nope. I checked another room but it seemed like my parents room. I checked another one. It was pink and white themed. The bed white with pink cushions, a huge dresser that looked cute, many cabinets and other. Maybe this town isn’t half bad, I thought.

The rest of the day passed like that exploring every corner of the house, claiming stuff and etc….. Now I was lying in my comfortable bed full of thoughts and worries about tomorrow. Tomorrow I was going to high school as a grade 12 student and I have already missed 2 months of the school year. I wondered if anyone would want to be my friend, if they would think of me as a weirdo, if they would laugh at me. The whole night, I kept wondering and couldn’t sleep. I woke up the next day with only little bit of sleep, so much for the first day. It was 5 in the morning. Ug. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t so I just decided to start getting ready. I went to the bathroom and came back outside after 15 mins. I started to look for an outfit to wear but before I know it my perfectly neat bedroom was a gigantic mess. All my clothes were scattered on the floor but at least I had chosen an outfit.

I piled all my clothes into a huge pile and hid them in the privacy of my closet. I came out my room wearing my favorite black pants with a simple off the shoulder top. My hair straightens and I thought I looked nice. Ready for the awful day ahead of me.
I hoped you guys liked this. Please do comment and be sure to read next part with our handsome suraj’s entry. Thanks for reading!!!!

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