Sukor’s twilight epi.8

Precap: Kunal to the rescue
The whole night was filled with tension. Kunal had trouble treating Chakor and at a point he had felt that now Chakor could only be saved by being a vampire but Chakor had survived.

Kunal drives Chakor to Rajvanshi house and makes her rest in a guest room.
“She is still unconscious” He tells Suraj and his family.
“Is she out of danger?”Maithili asks.
“For now, but she might have lost some of her recent memories” Kunal says.
“That’s kind of good, she won’t remember what Suraj……”Meghna says.
“Suraj, I hadn’t expected that from you” Naksh says with anger.
“Yah, we all know that you are the wild one but still. We thought that you could control yourself” Maithili tells her brother.
Suraj just kept standing there like a statue in shock. A tear finally made its way through Suraj’s eyes as he ran toward Chakor’s room.
He ran into her room and slowed when he saw her laying peacefully, her face covered with her hair. He walked up to the bed and sat on the floor holding Chakor’s ok hand.
“Chakor, I am so sorry!!!!! I didn’t mean it. I can’t believe I did that” Suraj cries kissing Chakor’s hand.
“You had thought of me as your love and I……..”He says cupping Chakor’s face.
“Will you ever forgive me???”He asks putting his cold forehead on her warm one.
Chakor slowly opens her eyes as she feels hot tears on her face.
“Suraj” she whispers.

Suraj looks up to see to see Chakor’s open eyes.
“Chakor!!!!” He cries crushing Chakor to his chest.
“Suraj, what happened” Chakor says in confusion.
“Huh” Suraj says.
“Chakor you fell down the stairs at home and that’s why Suraj is so worried” Kunal comes in and says.
“I fell down the stairs??? But why am I at your house?” She asks Kunal.
“Um, I’m a doctor so your parents just called me and I got you here” He says.
“Oh” Chakor says.
“Kunal, can you help me?” Meghna calls.
“Coming” Kunal says rushing out the room.
“Do u feel ok” Suraj asks Chakor.
“You were worried about me” Chakor asks, ignoring suraj’s question.
Suraj looks at her and they share a cute eye lock.
“Um, well……” Suraj hesitates.
“So you were worried about me?” Chakor says.

Ok so there you go. Their first meeting after the accident was a bit hard to write but hope you liked the twist and I have sad news.
I am going to India for the whole summer from 14 Jun to 15 Sep and I am not going to able to write my ffs for that time. [I am crying right now]. This might be the last update you get from me or not. I am not sure if I am going to write now because I will be busy with packing and stuff but I pinky promise that I will try to give you another update for all my 3 ffs. So sad right but heh don’t let that affect your comments. OK!! If I get a lot of comment than I might update me and you soon.

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Enjoy your vacactions . Will miss your ff. Try to update your ff when you are free

    1. Sukor

      Thanks for reading and your wishes and I will try my best to update when I am free

  2. Hey preet ples dear don’t do this ples ples pleeeeeees.

    1. Sukor

      not do what????????

  3. Ary yeh to btao aap india mai konse stape mai aarhi ho?nd u know wt i think 11-12 ffs likhe ja rhe hai sukor pe bt ussme teen writer hi jldi post krte hai aap,tippu n sukorian agr aap loge bhi esa kroge to mai to bore ho jaungi.ples preet ples try to post soon pleeees.u know bt mere paas enjoy krne ka or koi treeka nhi or nhi mai vications mai kahi jaa skth hu ples pret ples do smthing for fans ples.ab to mai study bhi nhi kr skti bcz mera sirf ek paper hi baki hai uske baad new class start ples pret don’t do this ples.

    1. Sukor

      I am going in Punjab and since you are insisting so much than i might post little updates from my phone if I get to keep my phone. Also it’s a bit for me since I have to take care of little brother there so I might not get a chance. Sorry but until I am here I will give you some updates. Ok

  4. Sory i mean konse state mai aarhi ho aap.

  5. Wow interesting plz write ffs

    1. Sukor

      Thank u and i will try my best

  6. Bidisha Karar

    Awww so sad that u can’t update.
    I will eagerly wait for your next update and forgot to say u r a awesome writer.
    Njoy your trip.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you, Bidisha

  7. Interesting update, liked how suraj felt guilty for what he did. Enjoy you vacation. If you have free time please try to update your stories.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks and I will try my best.

  8. Its ok dear i’ll wait for ur ffs.u know wt aap mere paas aane wali ho fir bhi hm bhut door honge right.mai malwa area mai rehti hu.kaash hm mil pate na pr sb fans apne nhi mil pate its ok.lov aanya.

    1. Sukor

      So true, dear. I wish I could meet you too but seems impossible. Thanks for understanding buddy

  9. ShanayaKhan

    Interesting update. Try to update whenever possible.

    1. Sukor

      Ok, and thanks dear.

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