Sukor’s twilight epi 5

recap: Beach party starts
“ok so you’re dare is that you have to, have tooooooooooo get blindfolded and we will all stand in a line randomly, you have to point to one of us and whoever that person is, you will have to kiss him or her on the lips”
“Nooo, I don’t want to kiss anyone” Chakor complains.
“That’s the way dares are but since you are new you can kiss the person on the cheeks” Kunal says.
“Ok, I guess”

Maithili blindfolds Chakor and they all get in a line after she is blindfolded.
“Go, chakor choose” Meghna shouts happily and they all quite down.
Chakor slowly goes the line.*God please be Maithili or Meghna* Then she takes her risk and points to the person in front of her.
She opens her blindfold and the person in front of is SURAJ.*Noooooooooooo, why*
“ohhhhhhh” all the rest of the group shouts.
“Go on, Chakor kiss him, kiss him” Maithili shouts in a teasing way.
“yah, chakor kiss him and it’s over” Meghna says.
Suraj glares at Kunal.*I might lose control and kill her* he mentally tells him.
*She dies or lives* Kunal tells him back.
*I won’t lose control*suraj tells himself.
Chakor slowly gets closer to him, her eyes closed in fear. Her lips slowly touched Suraj’s cheek and she gave him a soft kiss. At her touch, Suraj shivered almost about to lose control but he didn’t. After that kiss, chakor couldn’t meet Suraj’s eyes in shyness so she kept looking down.
“Ok, next one” Naksh interrupted and all the attention was finally off from Sukor.
Kunal again rolled the bottle and the rest of the evening pasted with dares and truths. While they were packing to go back home, chakor was greeted by a boy her age.
“Hi” the boy said.
“You’re chakor right” He said fidgeting with his hand.
“Yes, I am new here” Chakor smiled.
“ I know, by the way you are beautiful”
“Thank you, you too, I mean you are handsome too” Chakor laughed.

Well that’s all. Who do you think the boy was?????? Comment your guesses and I am so sorry for the short update. I am sick but couldn’t disappoint my readers, now could I ????????? I feel sad today and bored. Comment so I feel better…………………………………..

Precap: Chakor and Suraj’s friendship takes a new route…

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved sukor cute moment. I think the new guy is vivan

    1. Sukor

      Thank u dear and good guess☺☺

  2. Shreya.

    Woww dr…amazing part…finally it was our sukor’s first kiss…nd may b tat guy was vivaan….dnt know dr…eagerly waiting for d next part…one more thing dr take care of ur health…nd honestly am nt at all disappointed bcz of dis part dr…definitely everyone love dis k…

    1. Sukor

      Ahhh and thanks dear. Your comment worked better than my medicine. I feel so much better. And great guess.

  3. Hey Dr..totally loved it..take care my dear.and thnx for the update..get well soon

    1. Sukor

      Thank you so much dear. ???

  4. wonderful update…end tak car of ur health…take rest

    updt next when ur health is fine…

    1. Sukor

      Thanks you so much and I feel a bit better now

  5. Sory for late cment.and thnku aapne is halt mai yeh ff likha.take care nd get wel soon ok.lovly ff.nd i think yeh boy vivan,adi mai se koi ho sokta hai.waiting for next.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks aanya couldn’t disappoint any of you and great guess.

  6. Great update! sukor’s first kiss was so sweet! Get well soon and take rest.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear couldn’t disappoint any of you???????

  7. Amazing as usual. Sukors moments were cute. Hw r u feeling nw dr? Get well soon n u never dissapoint any n f us. Thnx a lot fr writing this in a such condition . Tc

    1. Sukor

      Thanks a lot dear. I have a sore throat now because yesterday I took my brother to the park and got the sore throat at night. It’s some thing in the air since the weather is changing but don’t worry I will update me and you

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