Sukor’s twilight epi 4

Precap: Suraj comes to Chakor’s house and the invitation to a beach party.
Suraj was so excited for tomorrow’s day with Chakor but he hid it well.
“So, why a beach party in such a rainy place” Chakor said.
“Well. It’s going to be dry tomorrow, hopefully but don’t wear something too summery and beachy” Suraj said.
“Yah, I know” Chakor said disappointed.
“Why the face” Suraj said looking at her long face.
“Nothing, it’s just that I miss wearing summery dresses and clothes but that’s the life, I guess”
“Ohh, well” Suraj said confused about what to say.
The rest of the evening continued like that and Suraj went home when her parents came explaining the situation of the change of plans. Chakor and her family had dinner and went to sleep.

Chakor wakes up to a not rainy day and dresses up happily for the day ahead of her. She dresses up in her favorite clothes for this occasion. She dresses up in a floral blue knee length skirt with a lovely blue off the shoulder blouse finishing off with black wedge sandals and a simple cuff bracelet. She looked breath taking with open straight hair. She ran down the stairs in a rush since she had already wasted an n hour on getting ready.
“Bye, mom and dad” She said as she grabbed her car keys. She was about to get into her car when Suraj came in his latest 2017 dodge viper car. Her mouth opened in awe as she saw the car park onto her drive away.
“Hey, chakor shall we go” He said while slowly closing her mouth. His touch made Chakor come out of her shock.
“That is your car?” Chakor asked him with her eyes wide.
“Yah, I didn’t steal it” Suraj said confused with Chakor’s question.
“I mean it came out a month ago. God you are rich!!!” Chakor said.
“Ok???” Suraj said very confused.
“Can I ride with you?”
“Yes, I came to pick you so go on”
Chakor ran to the car and slowly sat on it with a huge smile. Suraj smiled looking at her childness. They drove to the beach where the whole beach was full of mattresses, shacks and other luxuries for today just for the Rajvanshi family and her. She got nervous when all of her Suraj’s siblings came over. Suraj reached out for her hand and squeezed it. He had thought that Chakor would let go of his hand but she gripped his hand even more.

“Hi, chakor” Maithili said as she gave her a tight side hug. Meghna did the same and Kunal, Naksh gave her a high five. Then Suraj’s parents gave over. Tejhaswini Rajvanshi and Kamal Narayan.
“Namaste” Chakor said finally letting go of Suraj’s hand.
“Namaste dear” They said.
After the brief introduction, the youngsters all went to the group table and talked when Kunal got an idea.
“Hey, guys let’s play truth or dare to make this party more interesting. Everyone agreed but Chakor felt a bit nervous. Suraj motioned her to say yes with a gesture and she agreed. She was comfortable playing this game with her new friends. Naksh brought a glass bottle and rolled it onto the table. It slowly came to a stop on Chakor.
“Ohh, chakor you’re going to pick truth or dare and let’s see you is to give her a dare” Naksh said as he rolled the bottle again and it landed on Kunal.
“Ok, Chakor pick, Truth or dare” He said with a completion expression.
Chakor got nervous.
“ Truth” she whispered.
“ Oh come on, what’s fun in a dare, girlfriend” Meghna said.
“Yah pick dare” Maithili said.
“Ok, dare” Chakor said crossing her fingers for an easy one.
Suraj noticed this and told his brother through his mind.* give her an easy one* He told Kunal silently.* NO CAN DO* he said. With this suraj glanced at his brother with anger. Chakor noticed this and found it all very strange.

Well that’s all guys, to find out the dare you’ll need to read the next update. Sorry just had to go somewhere so left it here but keep showering me with love and I will never forget anyone of you who read and comment on my ffs. It brings a smile on my face reading your feedbacks so thank you and I hope you liked this episode. Got to go…

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