Sukor’s twilight epi 1

Precap: Chakor’s introduction.
Chakor’s pov
I picked up my new backpack. It was chic and black and it matched my outfit. It perched to my back like a koala to its mother. I chose simple black flats and ran down the stairs. My parents were already eating their breakfast.
“Good morning” I greeted them.
“Good morning and this morning is just going to get better” my dad smiled.
“How” I asked in suspense.
“Go out and you will see for yourself” my mother said.
I ran out the door and I saw my dream right there in front to me. It was a white Mercedes. I always wanted one but we didn’t have enough money but now it stood there. I wonder if it was mine.
“Do you like it” my parents asked me.
“Are you kidding me? I love it” I replied
“Well it’s all yours” he said as he handed me the key.
“It’s really mine”
“I think so” he said
My mom handed me my bag and my breakfast and I took it and got in the car. I started the car.
“This really made my day, thank you” I shouted and took off to school.
I heard my parents laugh and then concentrated on driving. Maybe today wouldn’t be so bad.
I arrived at my new school and parked my car in the parking lot. The whole parking lot was full; mostly all cars were old trucks and cars. I looked around and saw a Ferrari, it looked so new. Rich people, I guess. I got out of my car and looked at the school; it was so small than my older school. It was light blue and the name was Chirrapunji high school, simple. I went in to the office and saw a lady wearing a blue and a white sari.
“Hi, my name is Chakor Bhuvan Lal…”
She interrupted and said “oh hi dear, you are beautiful and here is your schedule” she explained my schedule and gave me a map of the school
“Thank you so much” I answered.
“You are welcome, dear” she said motherly. The bell rang and I went to my first class which was English.

It was lunch time and I got some food from the cafeteria. Now the problem was that where was I going to sit and lunch. I spotted an empty table and was about to go there to sit but a whole group of kids started waving at me.
“Come and sit with us” a boy who looked familiar said.
I went over there.
“Hi and thank you for inviting me to sit with you guys” I thanked them.
“Hey, no need to formal, we’re friends now okay” I girl said.
“And ya my name is Tina” the same girl said
“Hi. My name is Chakor”
“The whole school knows that” Tina said
“Ohhh” I said surprised. I didn’t even talk to anyone yet.
“News gets around quickly here” the boy said.
“I guess because of the lack of population” I laughed.
Everyone joined in.
“Ok we’ll introduce” Tina said.
“This is Prem” she said as she pointed to the guy who looked familiar. He had brown hair and looked very strong.
“Oh, I know you from maths”I said
“Yes” he said.
Tina introduced me to Sholina, Roshini and a really cute looking girl named Swara, and a boy named Sharav.
Then out of the corner of my eye. I saw a very white and strong group of boys and girls entering into the cafeteria.
“Who are they” I asked Tina as I stared.
“She looked at them
“The first one is Naksh and his girl friend Maithili, the second one is Kunal and Meghna”
I didn’t care about the rest of them but the last one that entered. He was so fair and handsome cute and tall.
“And the last one is Suraj, he is single” Tina said.
“Suraj” I whispered.
“He doesn’t date so don’t even try” Tina said as she heard me.
“He just looks handsome, doesn’t mean I like him” I said but I was still lost in him. But maybe I did like him did I?

That’s all for today guys. Hope you like it.
And in my ff I renamed the characters.
Naksh {Emmett}
Mathili {Rosalie}
Kunal { Jasper}
Meghna { Alice}
And this is the Rajvanshi clan

Precap: Suraj and Chakor’s nok- jhok meeting.

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