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Suraj Chopra is a handsome rich man he is a workaholic n has only work n money in his mind. Nothing matters more he ignores his parents wish. Suraj learnt it from them to be arrogant in his youth his parents were always busy with work they never cared for him.

KN n Teju Chopra r his parents. KN is now retired n has given the full business responsibility to Suraj who has become selfish with a stone heart.

Chakor is a free minded girl has no ambitious in her life. Chakor lives her life fully like as it could be the last day. Her parents want her settle down start a work life.

Bhuvaan n Kasturi Khanna r a middle class family who do hard work to fulfill all the wishes of their daughter.

Teju; Suraj beta please listen there r so many families who wants to do an alliance with u. Look at this girl picture. Suraj hit the hand away. Mom! a very aggressive tone I told u many times I’m not interested. Stop showing me pics of women’s. How many time should I repeat myself I don’t want to get married. KN; Suraj that’s not a way to talk to ur parents. Suraj; I know Mr. & Mrs. Chopra n I don’t consider u as my parents u lost the rights years ago. He left saying this.

Bhuvaan; look at the time doesn’t she has an interview today, for a job application. Kasturi; haan she has but u know ur girl she must be sleeping.

Chakor was really sleeping n resting. Kasturi walked into her room to wake her. Chakor… she shake her Chakor…
Chakor was waving with her hand … let me sleep mom go… Kasturi; Chakor how long will u behave like small kid please go n give ur interview. Chakor; mummy I’m so tired. Kasturi; u have to grow up we r getting old instead of careing of us we r doing it for u. How long should ur father n me work for u? Chakor thought n stood up.

Chakor got ready n left for her interview. Suraj reached the office the interview for his new P.A. was going on.

Suraj; Mr. Mehra send the next candidate. Mr. Mehra; Sure Sir. Miss Chakor Khanna is the next. Suraj; call her in he said impatiently. Mr. Mehra; Miss Khanna… he called her 3 times no response he turned to give the news to Suraj but… It’s me I’m Miss Chakor Khanna she comes running out of breath. Mr. Mehra; u r late Sir is very punctual n he hates to wait. Chakor; it won’t happen again.

Mr. Mehra n Chakor enters the cabin. Suraj didn’t look up. Chakor was standing but Suraj signals her to take seat. Suraj; y do u think u deserve the job. Chakor; I don’t there r thousands of candidates who r definitely better than more qualified and experienced. Suraj; that’s unexpected he was lying on his chair with a pen in both hands. Chakor; confused unexpected? Suraj; ya normally people likes to praise themselves n wants convince me that they r the best choice I can take/make. But u r the first who gave me a honest answer. Mr. Mehra please send the candidate’s home we have found some1 for this job. Mr. Mehra; yes Sir. Suraj; U may go now ur work starts from tomorrow morning 8 am. Chakor was speechless she just nod n left with Mr. Mehra.

All candidates were sent home n Chakor got a contract to sign.

Suraj was back at home he eats alone n most of the time he is in his study room n drinks his sorrow.

Chakor comes home with a big smile. Kasturi; Chakor what happen? Chakor; I got the job. Bhuvaan; what we r so happy. Chakor; thank u both for ur trust.

Chakor is now working for Suraj over 3 months now n she has still some problems to remember his habits. He likes to coffee at 1 pm n at 4:30 pm everyday he goes to the gym on Monday’s n Friday’s. He don’t like it to be disturbed with small problem others could handle n the most important thing she don’t like is he hates her well he hates every1 n he doesn’t have friends unfortunately being his P.A. she has to go with him for business trips.

Teju; Suraj ur luggage? Suraj; its packed. Teju; have some food with us before u leave. Suraj; I have no time I need to pick up my P.A. Teju; but.. Suraj; I said No!. Teju was heart broken. Suraj left to pick up Chakor.

Chakor; mmh mom thank u so much for this yummy food. Kasturi; look I packed u this for ur way to the airport n call me asap. Chakor; I will let me reach the hotel first. Bhuvaan; the first business trip of our daughter. Kasturi; let me take ur evil no1 should ever harm u. Chakor smiled n the door ring bells. Chakor; oh Sir Mr. Chopra Bye mom bye dad. Bhuvaan n Kasturi; bye.

Suraj was sitting in the car the driver took Chakors luggage in put it in the car boot. The driver opens the car door for Chakor. Chakor; thank u. She was now sitting next to Suraj who was obviously working on a project.

Suraj n Chakor reached the airport. Chakor was fascinated it was her first trip ever. Suraj was used of ut he has an own jet. Chakor; Sir… Suraj; ya. Chakor; was uncomfortable to tell him but It’s my first travel with an airplane. Suraj; there is always a first time. Chakor ?.

At the plane both sitted far away from each other he has a jet with 10 seats. Chakor was sitting at the back seats near the washroom while Suraj was sitting on the middle.

Chakor put out the food her mom gives her… a steward come out of the kitchen cabin he serves Suraj whiskey n a salad. Chakor; Sir… she stood up n walked to him. Suraj; what? Chakor; ahm she hesitated Suraj; what? his voice volume raised. Chakor; I have my mom gave it me n it’s a sin to eat alone u should always eat together n share the food. If u don’t… maybe I can join u? Suraj nodded.

Chakor sitted infront of him n served her homemade parathe with chutney. Chakor gave one to Suraj n one she ate. Suraj – it’s been a very long time since I ate this last time -. He didn’t thanked her n she was back on her place.

Suraj n Chakor arrived the hotel. Suraj; ur room is next to mine don’t disturb me if it’s not necessary. Wake me at 8 o’clock. Chakor nod. Both went to their rooms. Chakor put an alarm on her mobile phone for 6 am. She immediately called her parents to inform them that she reached here safely.

On the next morning Chakor woke up on time the alarm worked exactly on 8 am she woke Suraj who was awake. Both went down to have breakfast. A huge buffet was at the hotel dining room. Chakor; wow so many fruits… ?. Suraj; made it fast we have to leave for the meeting. Chakor nod. She made a plate for him n then one for herself.

Suraj finished very fast. Chakor had to stop halfway. Chakor n Suraj left for the meeting.

Suraj; u have the files…? Chakor ? no Sir. Suraj; WHAT U FORGET THE FILES HOW COULD U BE SO CARELESS DRIVER BACK TO THE HOTEL USELESS GIRL. Chakor was scared she was holding her tears back.

Suraj got the files n they reached the meeting. Suraj; stay here he ordered her. Chakor was sitting in the car n crying. It was the first time n he totally got mad at her she never expect this reaction. The driver; Don’t take it personal he gave her tissue. Suraj Sir is heartless he even talk to his parents like this n calls them Mr. & Mrs. Chopra. Chakor; y n sniffed. Driver; he hates them they left him alone n never give him love in his childhood. Whenever he needs them they send a servant. Chakor; oh poor Sir. His parents never give him the love he needed. Driver; u r too nice. Chakor smiled thank u. The driver just nod n Suraj comes back.

Chakor sitted in the car quietly with lowered head. Suraj didn’t said a word but when they reached the hotel we r going to attend a party at 9 pm be ready n wear a nice dress n if u don’t have one buy one. Chakor nod n left. Suraj was in his room taking a nap while Chakors tension grew – What should I wear??? -.

A hotel manager knocked on Chakors door. Chakor opens it n was confused. Manager; Suraj Sir said us we should show u some dress. Mrs. Patel u may show her. Mrs. Patel; sure ?.

Chakor looked all those dresses which were shown to her. Chakor tries some n at last she was wearing a blue dress

Like in the picture ?.

Suraj was ready n waiting in tge hall he was wearing a black suite with glasses

Like in the picture ?.

Chakor comes down into the hall Suraj looked at his watch when the air blow through his hair n body he got a weird feeling n looked up seeing her in this blue dress he saw her to first time rightly he looked at her down today he looked up n was mesmerized by her beauty which was hidden by herself. Chakor smiled at him n he did it too he smiled he never does.

Chakor was standing now infront of him. Suraj stare at her she felt embarrassed n looked down ?.

The driver came in. Suraj; let’s go in a commanding voice. Chakor followed him n Suraj held the door open for her. He send the driver to open the car door. Chakor slowly comes she wasn’t sure with the heels n she was right. Going down the stairs she slipped backwards n Suraj caught he was looking deep in her eyes n she was breathing fast. One of her hair strands was loose he carefully stucked it back. Chakor; stammer thank u. Suraj nod n hold her hand n carefully walked with her to the car.

Suraj made her sit first n followed her into the car.

Suraj – y didn’t I notice it before ? she is so pretty -.

Chakor – when he smiles he looks so normal did he smiled before ? -.

Both were lost in their thinking when they arrived both were back. Suraj first stepped out of the car he gave her his hand for support. Chakor took it. The touch gave both a current but a nice one they liked it. Suraj; locked at his watch pick us in 3 hours he said to the driver, who nod.

Chakor n Suraj walked in n while entering all eyes were of the party guest were pointed on them. Many were shocked n starts to whisper

#who is this with Suraj Chopra? Suraj Chopra comes with a woman? Suraj Chopra has a gf?#.

Chakor felt all those glace on her n felt very uncomfortable. Suraj walked in he left her hand she was on her own. Suraj headed to his business partner.

Suraj; Hi Vishal. Vishal; Hi Suraj he didn’t looked at Suraj his eyes were also on Chakor. Suraj; I’m here where r u looking? Vishal; to ur company. Suraj; my company?. Vishal; the lady with u. Suraj; oh Chakor she is my P.A. Vishal; ur P. A. nice n hot. Suraj; please he kinda warned him not to cross the limit.

Chakor was standing alone the music starts n many were dancing. A man asked for a dance n Chakor nod. Suraj was busy with his business deal.

Chakor got a drink which she took n drink with one breath. The man; to waiter tell Vishal Sir she is ready. The waiter nod n walked to Vishal. Suraj; will u sign the deal now? Vishal; smirked sure. Suraj got a weird feeling he turned to look for Chakor. Vishal; Suraj where r u looking now the contract is here on the table. Suraj; where is Chakor? Vishal; she must be here somewhere. Suraj; I need to find her. Vishal – shit if he finds her don’t know what he will do -.

Suraj looked everywhere he reached up to bedrooms he opens one door n Immediately closed it. – chii -. The 2nd door he tried to watch only with one eye gud decision – chhii -. Suraj; please not again the 3rd door Chakor was lying on the bed blabbering with herself. Suraj; Chakor he walked to her n smells alcohol.

Suraj made her sit. Chakor look at me. How this happen? who give u a drink? Chakor was drunken in giggling. Suraj took her n carried her out. Chakor was abt to fall from Suraj arms but somehow he manage her not to fall. Suraj; Chakor…! Chakor looked at his angry face yes Sir Mr. Kharoos (grumpy) n she starts to giggle again. Suraj; Chakor stay not to move otherwise u will fall. Chakor ok she put her hands on his necks better ?. Suraj was feeling uncomfortable but ya its ok. Vishal; Suraj what happen to her. Suraj; some1 gave her a drink with alcohol. Vishal; oh but u can… Suraj didn’t hear him n left without his deal….

Chakor was holding still holding him. Suraj; damn I told the driver to come back in 3 hours what now?. Chakor jumped off his arms. Suraj got a shock but all is fine nothing happened. Chakor was smiling. Suraj; Chakor! he shout. Chakor; what! she shouts back. Suraj; u r drunk n its better if u stay with me. Chakor; No…

She was walking drunken Suraj followed her just in case… Chakor stopped n looked behind to see Suraj. Y r u following me? Suraj; we have the same way!. Chakor; right. Suraj rolled his eyes. Chakor walked further. Suraj unwillingly followed her. – does she know the way -.

Chakor was looking right n left n turned to Suraj; where r we?. Suraj hit his palm on his forehead. Suraj; I think its better if u let me guide us back to the hotel. Chakor; ok. She wore off her high heels n gave them Suraj; who was confused. Chakor; can’t walk with them with a hiccup.
Suraj; fine I will hold them for u. Chakor smiled.

Suraj was now guiding but he too didn’t know where the hotel was as they were apart from the city. Chakor; haha u don’t know right hahaha ??. Suraj – I want to fill her mouth -. Chakor; oh I’m Suraj Chopra no. 1 businessman no1 can beat me. She was trying to imitate him. Suraj; stopp with this. Chakor; ? no… ??. Suraj was trying to control his anger.

They were walking the street for hours well it felt like but it were just 10 min n Chakor was complaining. Suraj; what now? I have ur heels u want them back. Chakor shook her head. Suraj; what then?. Chakor made a puppy face carry me. Suraj; what?. Chakor; on ur back u know piggyback. Suraj; no. Chakor; screamed ????. Suraj; sshh… but she didn’t stop. Ok fine.

Chakor stopped immediately n jumped on his back. Suraj – she is so annoyingly -. Chakor was smiling. U r my horse. Suraj; what?. Chakor; gallop ?. Suraj; ?? no. Chakor; ok then not. Suraj – agrees fast maybe I give up to early now I’m carrying her ? -.

Chakors chin was on Suraj shoulder she was on his right side n turned her face to see his her mouth was close to his ear she breaths n Suraj feels it he got a shiver followed by goose bumps.

Suraj was exhausted he stopped. Chakor; y u stopped?. Suraj; I’m done u have to walk on ur own. Chakor; ok. Suraj – again she agrees ? -.

Chakor n Suraj were walking next to each other. Chakor felt something she stopped. Suraj; what now?. Chakor smiled baarish {rain}. Suraj; oh no I hate rain. Chakor; u hate everything. Suraj; that’s not true. Chakor; blabla.

Another drop n she smiled the rain got more n faster she was enjoying n Suraj was smiling n staring at her. Chakor starts to dance n sing raunaq-e-ashiqui {punjab nahi jaoungi}

Suraj was mesmerized he could took his eyes away. Chakor was different very different. She danced with him n made him smile more n more he opens. Chakor smiled n felt unconscious in his arms. Suraj; Chakor?… uff seems like some1 is exhausted too.

Suraj mobile ring it was the driver Suraj put on his GPS of his mobile so the driver could track him n Chakor.

Back at the hotel the driver was ready to carry Chakor to her room but Suraj said he will do that. Suraj put her on her bed. He turned but Chakor holds his hand n stopped him. Suraj; turned Chakor leave my hand. Chakor shook her head. Suraj; y?. Chakor; I’m scared… Suraj; what? he laughed. Chakors eyes brighten his laugh made her comfortable she closed her eyes. Suraj looked at her innocent face ok I will wait but just 5 min. Chakor nod n give him a smile.

Suraj stayed there for hours just looking at her innocent face he forgot the time when he remembers n took a look at his watch it was almost morning. Suraj – how is this possible how could I lost myself in her? -.

Suraj was back in his room n fall asleep in minutes.

Chakor woke up with a heavy head she had a bad very bad hangover. Suraj was awake n taking breakfast this man is punctual. Chakor comes down with a lowered head. Sir… Suraj looked at her. Chakor; I don’t remember much but whatever happens or I said I’m sorry. Suraj; u called me grumpy… u made me took u on my back piggybacking n u made me dance with u… Chakor gulp she breaths fast. She plead I’m sorry her voice broke down n she starts to cry silently. Suraj; stood up u r not fired eat we have to leave. Chakor looked at him but he left.

Chakor eat n was ready to leave. Suraj was waiting for her. Chakor; Sir the deal? Suraj; over I don’t this deal. Chakor; r u sure. Suraj; ya I am. Chakor; ok. The driver comes n took the luggage n drove to the airport.

Chakor was back home. Suraj too.
Kasturi; my girl how was ur business trip. Chakor; smiled it was exciting. Teju; Suraj I made ur fav. Malai kofte… Suraj didn’t respond n she left again with a broken heart but this time Suraj followed her silently. KN looked at him surprisingly. Teju; what?. KN showed her to turn n she did. Teju was indescribably happy. Suraj just sit on the dining table he didn’t say a word but eat the food. It was a first step to the right path.

On the next morning at the office.
Suraj was in his cabin Chakor was sitting outside of his cabin she had own desk. Suraj called her in.

Chakor knocked before entering the room. Suraj signals her com’in. Chakor; Sir u called me. Suraj; ya… the dress u wore at the party… Chakor thought yes Sir the blue dress. .. Suraj; Do u like the dress? Chakor; yes I liked it very much. Suraj; do u know the cost of it? Chakor got scared no Sir Suraj; it’s 250.000 rps. Chakor ? so much. I didn’t knew that Sir. Suraj; Don’t worry it’s ok. U can keep it as a gift for ur good work. A small present. Chakor gulp but its very expensive. Suraj; U called me Kharoos (grumpy). Chakor; but not Kanjoos (stingy). Suraj looked up do u want to refuse my gift. Chakor shook her head. Suraj; then leave. Chakor nod. She was at the door n turned. Chakor; Sir. Suraj; hmm. Chakor; Thank u for the dress n thank u for saving me the night I got drunk. Suraj; it’s ok I couldn’t let some1 touch u. u r my responsibility it’s a point of my companies reputation. Chakor smiled she knew him well to know his words. Chakor left n comes in again. Suraj; what now? Chakor; when u smile look gud u should do that often ?.

She closed the door n Suraj turned with his to the window n smiled seeing his reflection – ya it’s true I look gud when I smile ? -.

Chakor n Suraj shared a special bonding she was the only one who got to know the real Suraj. All in the company knew him as the grumpy boss money making machine no love or friends but Chakor become his friend. The only one.

Suraj had changed his lifestyle wasn’t anymore expensive n time valuable.

Chakor once had forget Suraj personal diary. In this diary r not only his personal thoughts but also his new business ideas.

Chakor; Mr. Mehra could u give Suraj Sir’s address please?. I need to give him something back its very important. Mr. Mehra; sure. He looked at his computer n give her the address. Chakor; Thank u. Chakor left.

At Suraj place. KN n Teju were watching a movie they had tried to convince Suraj to join them but he wasn’t interested. Teju; I don’t know y but sometimes he wants to spend time with us n sometimes he doesn’t. KN; I would say teenager but this man is almost 30. Teju; oh KN we messed up. KN; badly. Ding Dong…

Teju n KN looked at each other. KN; look at the time. Teju; who could it be. KN; I’m talking abt the time. Let me take a stick. Teju; who knows it could be goons. KN; haan. Teju; oh no look it could be helpless too. KN; y r u saying this. Teju; look out of the window. A heavy rain was taking place.

Teju stood up n Suraj comes. Suraj ; Can’t u hear???? the door bell some1 is ringing non-stop at it. KN n Teju were standing there with a Cricket bat. Suraj; what is this. KN; it has stopped. Suraj n Teju concentrate but it stopped…. no it start again. Suraj; I will go u just wait. The both nod.

Suraj went to open the door. Chakor was smiling n standing infront of him n “hatschi” she sneezes at him. Chakor; Sorry Sir. Suraj made an angry face. Com’in he said with gritting teeths.

Teju; who is this?. N oh she is totally wet wait. KN; come beta take a seat. KN pull her n made her sit on the couch. Teju got her a fresh towel to dry herself. Suraj; what r u doing here. Chakor; Sir. She showed her tummy n all the 3 were shocked n confused but nothing like that she saved his book for not getting wet.

Suraj; my diary. U came to give it me. Chakor nod. I know how important it is for u. Suraj; thank u. KN n Teju were unbelieving the current situation he thanked her… Suraj; I will call a driver to get u home. Chakor; there is no need…. she falls back in her seat she sneezed again n again. Teju; I can’t send her home. Wait I make some tea n soup. KN; I will make the tea u can give her some clothes first. Teju; right.

Teju took Chakor along with her n gave her some fresh clothes to wear. While KN was preparing the tea n Suraj was standing there with open mouth. All was happening fast.

Teju n Chakor returned n Chakor was wearing a silk Shalwaar Khameez Suraj never saw her in traditional clothes but he liked it alot.

KN; gave her tea n said make her some soup. Teju; first let her take zip then we will call her parents I can’t send her home like this.

Suraj left in anger he was back in his room. – Does she read it? – Suraj looked at the page where he wrote abt the evening with a drunken Chakor.

Chakor called her parents n Teju n Kasturi talked to each other. Teju made her soup to get warmed from the inside. Chakor; u r Sirs mother n u r his father. They both nod. Chakor smiled.

Teju – what an angel -. KN – how can she handle him he wanted to call a car for her -. Both – maybe she is the one for Suraj – both smirked.

Chakor got a weird look from them but ignores it. Teju; this is the guest room if u need something then this is Suraj room. Chakor nod n thanked her n wished her a gud night.

The rain become a storm Chakor loves the rain not the storm. She couldn’t sleep under the thunder sound n the lightening was scaring her too.

Chakor runs of the room n hammered at Suraj bedroom. Suraj; uff coming.
Chakor was hammering wildly n Suraj opens the door n Chakor continues on Suraj body.

Suraj; Chakor what is this another thunder. Chakor; aahh she hugged him in scare. Chakor; Sir I’m scared. ⛈. Suraj; but u love rain. Chakor nod but not a storm… I can’t sleep.

Suraj looked at her she wasn’t lying he took her in coz she wasn’t leaving him. Suraj mad her sit on his bed. But her huge was very strong it took him a little bit strength to release himself.

Chakor had closed her eyes she was shaking. Suraj took his blanket n wore it over her. Chakor opens the eye to see Suraj who was just in his boxers. Chakor got red ? – oh wow his body -. Suraj; u can sleep on the bed I will sleep over there on the couch. Chakor nod.

But another thunder made her scream n Suraj stopped he sitted next to Chakor. Chakor hold his hand. Suraj again was mesmerized by her beauty. Chakor felt his gaze on her but she didn’t fear she trusted him but not herself….

Chakor was resting her head on his shoulder.

Suraj – y I can be myself with her? -.

Chakor – y I want to be perfect infront of him? -.

Another thunder n Chakor pressed his hand. Suraj made her lie on the bed. Chakor got red he was lying over her. He took the blanket n pulled over them the reason y he was on top of her was to switch off the light. Chakor relieved n slept next to Suraj who slept a peaceful night.

In the morning Chakor woke up early she was back at the guest room. She took a shower n comes out to see new clothes on the bed she got dressed.

Suraj joined the family for a breakfast. KN; whispers in Tejus ear this girl is special. Teju; haan.

Chakor comes in her new dress. Chakor greeted the olders n took their blessings. Suraj wasn’t looking well he showed no interest but he was keen to know how much she values the tradition.

Teju; Beta what was ur name last night it all happens so fast. Chakor; my name is Chakor Khanna n im the P. A. of she showed at Suraj Mr. Kharoos? KN? Teju? Suraj?.

They all eat. Chakor; thank u so much for ur love u gave me. Teju; please come again to meet us. Chakor; sure I will try.

Suraj n Chakor come into the office together n that was the start of the gossip. Chakor was blamed of having an affair with Suraj no1 was talking to her anymore Suraj saw the sadness on her face.

Suraj; Chakor what is? where r u lost?. Chakor didn’t look up she doesn’t wanted to face him. Suraj; if u don’t talk to me I won’t be able to help u. Chakor; it’s u… Suraj; what?. Chakor; the staff said that I’m having an affair with u. Suraj; ya I heard that too but no1 said to me yet. Chakor; u r the boss they always talk behind ur back. Suraj; like? Chakor; u can be glad. Suraj; y? Chakor; They thought u were a gay. Suraj spits the water out.

Suraj was getting really angry. Suraj; Chakor y didn’t u told me that earlier. Chakor; Sir it’s ur personal matter n like I said u r the boss. Suraj; well one plus point of having this fake affair theu think I’m normal. Chakor nod. Suraj; but u r the office whore. Chakor breakout in a heavy cry. Suraj tries his best but couldn’t made her stopp.

Chakor was sent home n got vacation for a week.

Suraj felt incomplete it was the first time he was missing some1 so deeply that he couldn’t sleep or eat he was just thinking of her.

Chakor; crying I have to resign otherwise the gossips won’t end. She wrote her resignation letter n send it to office.

Suraj received it n was pissed. Suraj called the whole staff to clear the misunderstanding they created.

Suraj; today I called this meeting bcz of u a honourable worker has send me a resignation. Just bcz of ur gossiping. The staff got a warning not to spread these kind of rumour and speculation as this can destroy a life.

Suraj drive to Chakors place. Chakor was alone she heard the door bell but didn’t move. Suraj was stubborn too he didn’t leave n waited for her to open the door. Chakor got annoyed.

Chakor; who is this!!! u stupid!!!. Suraj was standing I front of her with crossed arms. Chakor gulp n stammer S…S… Sir u here?. Suraj nod n walked in. He made it himself comfortable.

Chakor hesitated but asked him if he wants to drink something? Suraj; a tea with milk no sugar. Chakor did as ordered. Suraj drunk it n gave her the resignation letter back. Chakor; Sir? Suraj; I talk to the staff they won’t gossip anymore. Chakor; but y u talked to them now the real bullying will start. Suraj; then I will fire them.

Chakor understood there was no use to argue with him.

On the next morning Chakor joined the company again…

The gossip stopped but the gaze of the others were still there. Every step of Chakor was checked double or triple times just in case they missed something.

Suraj parents wedding anniversary come. But he wasn’t interested. Chakor get a gift for both. Chakor; Sir won’t u held a party. Suraj; no y should I? Chakor; bcz they r ur parents. Suraj; they never held one for me. Was all he said.

But Chakor was Chakor she organised a party n called many guest. Suraj was getting ready Chakor told him abt a business meeting not an anniversary party for his parents.

Chakor wearing a yellow saree with the help of her mom

Suraj enters the party all were waiting for him

Suraj; what’s all this. Chakor; Sir… it’s an surprise party. Suraj; u surprised me he said of course surprised n confused. Chakor; it’s not for u. u might forget but today its all abt ur parents. Suraj mood changes in anger. But Chakor didn’t care.

KN n Teju got of course another time to come. Suraj was standin in the corner n they comes in. All surprise ❤????????.

Chakor got blessings from Teju whos eyes were filled with tears. Suraj waited not long to join them. Chakor invites every1 even Vishal… he was eyeing Chakor.

Suraj comes to her. Chakor; hold her ears Sorry I had to lie otherwise u would have refused to come. He tips her forehead with his palm. But smiled the party made him feel gud.

Chakor; Sir those small happiness gives a memory for a lifetime n i just have this one life to enjoy n remember.

Suraj pulls her to him. Vishal got jealous – u want her for urself –
Chakor; Sir… Suraj; it’s Suraj he looked her deep in her eyes. Chakor; S..S…Suraj every1 is looking. Suraj; so what. Chakor; they will start gossiping. Suraj; ? hmm gud no1 will eye ar u. Chakor blushed n get off his grip.

Vishal stopped her for a dance. Chakor smiled n agrees just to see a very jealous n angry Suraj who was disappointed to see her with another men. Chakor smiled n stopped dancing with him. But Vishal didn’t let her to go. Chakor; leave me. Vishal; no. Chakor got a free hand n gave him a tight slap n a kick… guess where ????.

Suraj ? he walked to Chakor n Vishal. Vishal; u b*t*h he raised his hand but Suraj stopped him. Chakor stepped back n Teju holds her. Chakor was in her embrace. Suraj; leave before I lose my control n forget that i were a friend. Vishal; for her. Suraj; ya for her. Vishal left.

Chakor was crying on Tejus shoulder but she calmed her. Suraj; maybe it’s better if I drop her home. KN; haan n this Vishal we cut all contracts with him. Suraj nod. he took Chakors hand n dropped her.

Chakor was waiting infront of her door but no response. Suraj was waiting in the car. He was driving. A neighbour; Chakor ur parents r out to meet a family member u wanted to come late. Chakor; thank u…. shit what now?.

Suraj smiled at the situation he stepped off the car n goes to her. Chakor; Sir… Suraj made a face n turned. Chakor – oh no what I did…? -. Chakor; Suraj ?. Suraj turned with a smile ? he showed with his finger n made one with his lips.

Suraj; no1 at home? Chakor shook her head. Suraj; hungry?. Chakor nodded ?. They went to eat. Both talked their heart out.

Suraj dropped her home n both slept thinking of each other. Cham Cham was playing in their mind.

Suraj intense his meetings with Chakor. Chakor was enjoying the new Suraj n she often got a compliment for her working skills from the others. Suraj changed for better n all felt it the present of Chakor made him to a new human.

Suraj never remembers but this time he did. Suraj prepared a party for Chakor. It was her birthday the 23rd. Chakor was surprised she was spinning around she never expect this from Suraj.

Chakor was looking at Suraj n thinking of a dream come true.

Suraj was smiling dancing n was having fun. Chakor was mesmerized by this handsome hunk.

Chakor; Suraj its my birthday won’t u ask me for a dance. Suraj; hmm I should right. Chakor nod. They dance on. Pyar hogaya hai mujhe kiya {Tera mera saath}

Teju n KN were present too like her parents Bhuvaan n Kasturi.

Suraj planned perfectly all after the song. The cake cutting comes n Suraj made her eat the first bite. Chakor smiled at him. Suraj; won’t u ask for ur gift? Chakor; what? I thought the party is my gift. Suraj shook his head.

Suraj made Chakor to close her eyes. He went on his knee n was holding a ring in his hand all were surprised n Suraj asked her to open her eyes. Chakor smiled n looked they all showed her to look down. Chakor did. ?? She stepped back n runs away.

Suraj was shocked but Kasturi came
to tell him a true. Chakor has an illness brain tumour she can not marry u to destroy ur life. Suraj; what?. His eyes were filled with tears her runs after her.

Chakor was crying n holding herself. Suraj; Do u love me? Chakor shook her head. Suraj; look at me. Chakor turned but wasn’t looking at him. Suraj; tell me u don’t love me. Chakor looked up into his eyes. But no words. Suraj; I love u n I’m ready to spend as much as possible time with u. Chakor; but it’s not much ? I have left. Suraj; it’s for me. Chakor looked at him n his true love for her she hugged him n he make her wear the ring.

Suraj n Chakor got married within weeks Suraj wanted to give her all the happiness she deserves.

Suraj n Chakor met with an doctor who checked her. The doctor; we might could give u a chemotherapy. Suraj; will she survive. The doctor; the previous treatment were gud we have great chances. Chakor was happy to know both were.

Chakor started with the therapy she lost her hair but Suraj didn’t left her side. They shared a love which was not expressible. Suraj cared n loved her with each n every day more.

Chakor n Suraj were eating n Chakor faint she was abt to fall but Suraj hold her. Teju; Chakor. KN; call the driver n the hospital we r coming. Teju nod. Suraj lifts Chakor in his arms.

They drove to the hospital. The doctor; I have gud news. Suraj was holding Chakors hand she was still unconscious. KN; what? The Doctor; she didn’t faint bcz of the tumour she faint bcz she is pregnant. Suraj turned to the doctor n Chakor opens her eyes. Suraj; what she is pregnant but won’t this mean we have to stopp with the therapy. The doctor; ya or u decide to carry the baby. Suraj; no I can’t risk her life I gave her a oath to protect n love her. Chakor; I want this child it’s my decision. Suraj; no its our decision. Chakor; but it’s my life with no guarantee. A tear dropped from her eyes. Chakor; at least I can give u a memory u would never forget….

Suraj n Chakor enjoyed every moment they spend together. Suraj was still hurt but all those memories he was collecting were priceless. Chakor; if it’s boy we will call him… Chand. Suraj; y? Chakor; bcz where there is a Suraj (sun) the Chand. Suraj; fine but if it’s a girl we will call her… Chakor; Chandini. Suraj; this is a joke please tell me it is a joke. But Chakor made her decision n Suraj had to agree.

Chakor was alone n talking to her baby. Emotional talk I’m crying no joke ?.

Mum n baby convo
Chakor; is crying Hi my baby… I don’t if I will be able to see ur face before I this is the reason y I am so scared to leave u n ur daddy alone without a last look. I wrote a few letters for u. I know ur father will love u alot n I want him to remember me as a brave women this is the reason y I never cry infront of him. U know he is the man ?. But he is sweet his stone heart had melt down since the day I met him. He changed for gud n he loves u the most. N I love u too. When I will be gone ur grannies will take care of u. U will be having the love of two mothers n 3 fathers (KN n Bhuvaan). I will looking at u from up… ?. She cried.

Suraj comes home n saw her it broke his heart. Chakor… please stop. Chakor wipes her tears away. Suraj I wrote these letters for our child. Suraj; but we don’t know if its a boy or a girl u didn’t made any test. Chakor; it doesn’t matter. I’m prepared. Suraj; how?. Chakor took out 2 batches of letters. The blue envelopes r for our son or she showed a batch of pink envelopes if it’s a girl.

Suraj; cried too ya u r prepared but what with me?. Chakor; we never will know if I had survived or not but I am not leaving u. I am giving u something she took his hand n placed on her belly. Suraj hugged her n kissed her forehead.

Chakor was in pain the labor pain started suddenly. Suraj; it’s 2 weeks earlier than planned. Chakor; aahh Suraj. Suraj lifts her n drove her to the hospital. Chakor was in pain n the full family was there. Suraj was crying he knew this is the last moment.

Chakor was calling for Suraj but he couldn’t bear her in the pain. A nurse; don’t u want to fullfill her last wish. Suraj hold strong n went in. Suraj holds Chakors hand the pain was indescribable but she did great.

A cry of a new life was to hear. Chakor; I want to see… Suraj nod. Chakor saw her daughter for the first n last time…

Suraj gave her a name like he promised Chandini n Chakors promised to her daughter was fulfilled too two mothers n 3 father took gud care of her.

Chandini was the heartbeat of Suraj he sees Chakor in her. He never married again his only love was Chalor n now it’s his girl. On her 10th birthday she got the first letter. Suraj left her alone.

Chandini opens the envelope a picture fall out a grumpy Suraj. Chandini laughed as it pictures her father too 100%.

Dear Chandini, (he better have give u that name)

now u r 10 years old n I’m not there to guide u. But I hope ur grannies took gud care of u… I’m sure u can comment every1 as u r their princess.

Chandini nod wiping her tears away. Haan Maa I do especially dad I just have to make a puppy face.

My little girl soon u will griw to a lady a beautiful one please stay away from drugs n alcohol.

Mama I swear I won’t touch it ever.

U r the light of ur fathers heart never let it faded he can’t live as a grumpy it doesn’t suit ?.

Chandini u r right mama a smile on his face its like 1000000 candles r shining at once.

Baby I’m sorry that I left u but trust me I never wanted too.

I know mama… dad told me.

I had the chance to get a therapy but with no guarantee by choosing u I choose a life for ur father who was ready to marry me knowing the fact of my illness. He gave me so many happiness n the biggest n cutes most precious one is u. I’m sorry my jaan I wish u a happy birthday n many more ?.

Chandini cried the whole night n Suraj let her.

From that day it changed all Chandini become more n more like Chakor she lived every moment like it would be the last n she took Suraj along.

The memory stay even if the person live dies n sometimes the person who dies lifes n other persons Chakor never die for Suraj his Chandini was his Chakor. Suraj heart always belonged to Chakor n Chandini.

???. The End.

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  1. I am just crying. I can’t tell anything more than this.

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      oh sorry but I understand u while writing it I was crying too especially the part of baby talk n the letter.. ???

  2. It’s beautiful, the start was cute and happy but the end was very sad. I cried while reading Chakor’s letter. What you said at the end is very true. Great work!

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      thank u ?? ya I know I really thought of changing it but if I had it won’t be the story it is now. It need to be…

  3. Sukorlover

    Beautiful update. No words for it. It was very emotional, why chakor died??. Loved the journey of sukor. Suraj love was so pure, he is living for chandini.

    1. Sukorian

      she died bcz she sacrifices her life for her child n Suraj. She knew a brain tumour is something very serious there were less chances to survive. Here she gave a new life to Chandini n to Suraj who would have go back to the old one he was heartless

  4. It was very sad story unable to hold my tears

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  5. This was amazing i loved the whole story i love the way u write with ur unique ideas? i loved the story of how suraj changed becoz of chakor poor chakor passed away but left somthing positive her daughter such a adorable story cant wait for the next story

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    Best story with all emotion….I wish its not BT fiction…. Really u r awesome…..tq for this….God bless u….

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