Sukor tension wala muhaabat – Episode 2

Recap kamal wants vivaan to get married suraj entry….

Sweat pours down suraj muscular body… suraj gets up… and walks off…
Sikhi; suraj rajvanshi is mind blowing….
Ria; chakor chakor!!!!!!! Hurry up its time for our practise what were you doing all night…
Chakor walks out the bathroom wearing her running gear…
Chakor;ria i was making notes for class to i have to focus on my studies too its our last month in university left i dont wanna fail….
Ria; okay baaba lets go now
Ria grabs chakor arm and walks towards the racing track… tina frowns seeing chakor as tina feels only chakor is real competition for her
Couch; thats good u are all here on time i want everyone to start of with a lap….
Chakor and the rest of the group start to run…
Many of the people around the university stay around to see who is the best at running…
Suraj changes his clothes and walks out his room…
Sikhi; oh darn we forgot to do the assigment what excuse shall we make now…
Suraj; i dont care….

Sikhi; we do have to care this will affect our final grade and we reached this far its only one more month and u have done well because ur papa had no expectations from u
Suraj; i dont care…
Laaksh walks past who is also a friend of suraj and tells the rest of the locker room to go watch the girl race as many teachers are allowing an extra week if we attend lets jus go see it…
Sikhi; but suraj wont go but he is gonna have to the locker room drag suraj out…
Everyone sits down to watch the race
Mr kapoor walks past and undertands that many of the students including suraj are watching the race….
3 2 1 go!!! The couch blows the whistle…
Chakor runs as fast as she can but as soon as she was running she spots the couch tampering with all the drinks chakor slows down and starts to realise something is wrong… tina gets happy and wins the lap everyone claps
Suraj does not look very interested and leaves…
Tina is surprised seeing chakor lose and approaches her
Tina; chakor i know im the best and we dont see eye to eye but why were u so slow…
Chakor grins and pulls tina to the side

Chakor; tina i think couch is spiking our drinks…
Tina; what!!!
Chakor; that’s why I slowed down i could see him he left as soon as he blew the whistle and was mixing somthing in our drinks
Tina;chakor your right last night wen i got up from the dorm to get water couch was mixing something in the drinks… but why am i telling you all this…
Tina olv chakor is actually alright once im talking to her for no reason i hated her
Chakor;smiles becuase you have concern
Tina smiles back they both shake hands and vow to find out whats going wrong…
Chakor and tina take a bottle to the lab test and find out that steroids are bring mixed in the drinks
Tina;we should tell the police
Chakor; you are right but first we need to catch the couch red handed
Tina; you are right and chakor… you wanna grab some lunch

Tina and chakor walk of
Ria and the rest of the girls are suprised seeing chakor with tina
Chakor and tina grab a sandwich and bond over a conversation about sleep
Tina; i love sleeping at the only thing that wakes me up is to make u lose as u r my biggest rival
Chakor laughs oh really
Tina puts her hand over friends?
Chakor shakes her hand sure
Tina; chakor now that we are friends im throwing a party its the last party before we finsh universty i really want you to come please
Chakor; tina i would love to come but partying is not really my thing
Tina;please only for some time and it will be a mask party we wont recognise anyone
Chakor; okay only for a bit though….

Precap; (will be a long episode) tina and chakor expose the couch chakor comes to the party and feels anxious and stands away leaning on the balcony suraj notices chakor on her own and approches her….

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  1. Sukorian

    interesting start I’m waiting for next.

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it ??

  2. Interesting update! Liked Chakor and Tina’s friendship. Suraj and Chakor’s personalities are so different. Can’t wait for the next update.

    1. I will post this after long time now sorrybut glad u enjoyed it

  3. Amazing dear.shchi bolu or long hota to or jyada mja aata n precap is intresting m waiting for next part. Aap dusra ff kbhi updae krengi m egrly waiting.ples post asap.

    1. Im sorry it wasnt long enough but next time il post a long one

  4. Interesting !
    Waiting for next !!

    1. Thank you

  5. Shreya.

    Amazing dr…..just loved it…here Tina nd Chakor r frnds… It’s really interesting….eagerly waiting for the next part dr….

    And sry tippu I didn’t cmnt in d intro part of dis ff na…plz don’t mine…

    1. Its ok i know u read all my ffs lol and i wanted tina and chakor to be friends cuz towards the end of the marrige track tina and chakor became friends she in the serial

  6. Sukorlover

    Interesting intro of sukor. Waiting for next

    1. Thakk you ??but it will bea while until i post for yhis ff cuz i wanna finsh my othet one first

  7. Amazing Di. Keep going and update soon. ?

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it

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