Sukor tension wala muhaabat episode 11

Recap sukor get married and have a night of passion…

The birds whistle…and the sun beams to the sky..chakor hears the birds and covers her ears by hugging suraj tightly…suraj wakes up by chakor touch…chakor (feeling drowzy) make that noise stop i cant sleep…?? suraj;kisses chakor..

Suraj;why r u planning to sleep in my arms forever i mean i have no problem? chakor pushes suraj and covers her ears with a pillow…suraj wears his clothes on and still sees chakor sleeping…suraj olv chakor sure seems to love her sleep? suraj olv ik what to do? suraj approaches chakor and starts to tiggle her…chakor;stop it ? ur making me laugh…suraj;looks like u enjoy staying with me after all i am ur pathi.?chakor looks at her phone and sees the time..chakor;its 11 o clock mai will be worried suraj!why didnt u wake me..suraj;i tried but u love me to much and didnt wanna wake up…chakor gets up and rushes she starts to wear her clothes on…chakor olv oh no i over slept.. suraj walks towards chakor and leans on her he kisses her back and holds her tightly…suraj;but i dont want u to go? chakor;well i have to maybe we wont see each other again? suraj;what! Chakor;i mean its the
Truth..suraj;but we are married…chakor;but no1 else knows…suraj olv so chakor ur teasing me…chakor tries hard not to laugh…suraj helps chakor to get dressed he zips her dress up…suraj;now ur dressed i think its time to leave and ur right we may never meet again? chakor;suraj? u do know i was just teasing u right? Suraj walks towards chakor and hugs her…chakor smiles but notices the time she pushes suraj and rushes of suraj;how can u leave like that…chakor;if it was upto u u would never let me leave i need to go i have 20 miss calls from mai…suraj;but i cant stay away from gonna come see u tonight…chakor;no u wont…suraj;is that a challenge…chakor;consider it what u want but u wont come in and bye?

Suraj smirks…sukor both run back home..chakor runs in and sees kamal ranjana and vivaan sitting down..chakor these guys here…vivaan feels anxious as he has found out that kamal has fixed his rishta with chakor and not imli…imli tries her best to look happy for chakor…kaustri olv this girl what time does she call this…kamal;oh it ok and chakor congratulations for passing.chakor;thank u…bhavan;imlu take chakor in and get her ready… chakor is puzzled and imli takes chakor in. Chakor takes her clothes of and remembers suraj she smiles and changes her clothes imli makes chakor sit and tucks her hair she helps her put a necklace on imli notices chakor chain tucked in chakor stops imli from touching her necklace…chakor;imlu i can wear this one ontop…and why is the rajvanshi family here…imli;didi u will find out soon enough..and didi what are these marks on ur neck…chakor olv?oh no what do i tell imlu? Chakor;imlu i burnt my neck yh i burnt whilst helping mai make puri’s the oil was on high heat and splashed…chakor hesitates and covers the marks with her hair…imli and chakor head out…chakor olv is it possible that they have come for imli hand of marrige…ranjana walkstowards chakor and puts the veil on chakor…kamal;the roka has been conducted…chakor;what…kaustri;betiya ur rishta has been fixed with vivaan babu…chakor is shocked and does not know how to react.kamal;great the engagement will be held next week in the haveli along with suraj and tina…chakor;suraj? Everyone looks in shock at chakor. Kamal;yes i decided to get my 2 sons married at the time and fixed suraj rishta with tina we r heading there now to conduct tina roka…chakor worries and shocked to hear all this vivaan cannot believe that his rishta has not been fixed with imli and hesitates…kamal;we most leave as we have to attend raichand saabs house…the rajvnashi family leaves…chakor sits in shock…

Kamal reaches richanad house richand calls tina and signals her angrily to fufil the roka ranjana smiles and puts the veil on tina tina smiles and hesitates she runs up to her room tina olv i dont wanna marry suraj…richand;oh she got shy u know girls kamal;i understand we r conducting the engagement next week so there’s no time to waste we need to prepare…the rajvnashi family leave from richand house…suraj reaches home and heads to his room..tejawani;suraj where were u! Suraj;i was out with a special friend…suraj notices chakor lipstick mark on his collor…suraj olv not again?last time i survived bearly. Suraj takes his shirt of and looks for another shirt to wear…tejswani olv why is suraj back covered in scratches? tejswani;suraj?! Suraj gulps oh no? tejawani;who has been scratching u are you…suraj;mummy how can u think so low of me. Tejswani;then explain what is all this…suraj;whilst i was walking a jungli billi attacked me suraj tries hard not to laugh…tejswani;jungli billi? Suraj;yh mummy i guess it loved me to much that it left its surrondings on my body…suraj olv my jungli billi chakor? tejawani;we dont have much time ur papa had just phoned that he got ur roka fixed with tina whislt vivaan has been fixed with chakor ur papa decided that the engagement should be next week..suraj;what roka? With tina?what r u talking about did anyone ask me and vivaan with chakor? Tejswani;u know ur papa is stricked u know what happened wen bhagya ran away and decided to go against ur father’s decision suraj beta for me please marry tina i cant bear to lose my only child left suraj sits in shock and tejswani leaves…mahiya plays sukor think of one another…suraj olv chakor is my wife i wont marry anyone apart from her i will never marry tina…chakor olv suraj is my husband i love him i cant marry anyone apart from suraj…kaustri and bhavan get ready the force imli to come…kauatri;chakoria we r going sitapur for ur engagement shopping so ur home alone tonight lock all the doors and windows and stay safe goodbye they leave…chakor changes her clothes…she leans on the balcony and thinks about suraj…suraj leaves his room in anger…tejswani;suraj u just go bk were r u going…suraj;mummy i need fresh air dont wait up for me..suraj leaves…he remembers his challenge to chakor and sees chakor leaning on the balcony…suraj sneeks in from the window he locks the doors and windows he notices no one in the house…suraj olv so chakor is home alone today…the moonlight shines on chakor…the wind blows through chakor’s hair…suraj reaches the balcony…he holds chakor from behind…chakor closes her eyes and touches suraj arms…chakor;suraj….suraj;i told u i would come…chakor;suraj! Im gald u came i need to tell u somthing…suraj olv i know what u want to say but my ears wont be able to handle it..suraj tucks chakor hair in he kisses her neck…mahiya plays….

Precap sukor romance…will sukor go through the engagement…

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  1. Sukorian

    oh now the real tension starts waiting for next ?

    1. Thank u

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Loved sukor moment. Now sukor are aware of their engagement. Let’s see how sukor get out from this mess. Don’t want sukor to go through engagement. Waiting for next

    1. Thank sukor will do something to stop the engagement

  3. Rehmat

    i loved your ff amazing it’s different story from serial lovely

    1. Thank u

  4. Amazing update! Loved Sukor scenes. They’r joking about separation, but they don’t know the problems ahead. Can’t wait to see what happens next

    1. Thank u il update soon

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