Sukor tension wala muhaabat – Episode 1

Hey guys il try updating this after i finsh my other ff i really wanted to start this so this is the first episode and i did a intro to last month please comment and share ur thoughts and tell me if u guys enjoy it and guys thank u all for the support and im sorry if i cannot comment or reply…. here goes…..

Bhavan; flips the calendar….. kaustriya!!!!! Only one moremonth left till chakoria is back home after completing her studies and training then our betiya will be back with forever she is the first child in our baasti to be educated just like the haveli kids…
Kaustri; chakoria ki bappu ur right i cant wait till my betiya rani is bk home with us im counting these 30 days to…. imli walks in….
Kaustri; i wish imlu u too had an education i dont like seeing u with guns…
Imli; mai i too had a chance but i always prefered guns its my hobby and i dont need education didi is enough from our side of thr family to get an education naa… bye i need to go…
Kaustri; imlu imlu listen to me…. this larkhi will never change….
Rajvanshi haveli….

Kamal; soon vivaan will be back from delhi and suraj will be back from Lucknow…. this suraj is such a stubborn child i sent both of them to delhi but no he wanted to go Lucknow and i doubt he will come back with anything rather i think he will come back with more criminal records…
Ranjana; kamal jee here’s ur tea… and what are you thinking about…
Kamal; nothing nothing much i was thinking about vivaan..
Ranjana olv vivaan….
Kamal; vivaan is a bright quiet and an intelligent child wen he is bk i want him to get married…
Ranjana; kamal jee i agree butwhat will people say suraj is your big son how can we get the smaller child married first….
Kamal; its only a 2 year difference and vivaan isbright enoughto handle his responsibilities but suraj he is not fit out for responsibilities even in the next 10 years….
Tejswani walks down the stairs…

Tejswani; kamal i agree with you if ranjana and urself wanna get vivaan married then u should and ranjana you should not think about what society thinks did youthink wen you got married to your dead husband’s brother….
Tejswani walksoff…
Ranjana; kamal jee how can you let her talk to me like that…
Kamal;ranjana forget this this war has been going on for 24 years i dont wanna get involved… and how is ragini our daughter…
Ranjana; (ragini is child of kamal and ranjana) u know our daughter wanted to study in mumbai dont worry all 3 of the children will return next month….
Suraj’s university
98, 99,100!!!!!!!! Suraj you have done 100 press ups in one minute….
Sikhi; obviously suraj never backs down from a challenge…. he is suraj rajvnashi….

Precap; will be about suraj and chakor i wanted to introduce the whole family so from now its all bout sukor…

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  1. Sukorian

    interesting start waiting for next update

  2. Interesting start
    Waiting for next update

  3. Awsm tippu.ples post next part asap.

  4. Sukorlover

    Interesting start , waiting for next

  5. Interesting start, loved Suraj’s introduction. Looking forward to the next update.

  6. Great start.Update soon

  7. Thank u all for support sorry i cant comment individually its becoz im ill and dont have much time but im really glad u guys loved it

    1. Hope you get well soon, take care of yourself!

  8. Bidisha Karar

    Nice 1.
    Waiting for sukor

  9. Amazing di. Hope u get well soon ?

  10. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing start. Plz update soon.

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