Sukor saacha pyaar (introduction)

Hey everyone this is my new ff sukor true love hope u guys enjoy and support my new ff….

Rajvanshi family…
Suraj is the only son of kamal narayan and tejswani he is very self observed he dosent share his feelings with anyone and loves his mother more than anything he cant almost doing anything for his mother but doesn’t get on well with his mother
Tejswani is the mother of suraj and wife of kamal…
Kamal is father of suraj..
Vivaan is cousin and son of ranjana…
Ragini is a love affair child of ranjana and kamal..
Manhoor comit suicide after learning about kamal affair with ranjana.. (reason why suraj dosent likehis father is becoz he betrayed his mother)
Ranjana mother of vivaan and ragini…

Laal family…
Chakor dedicates most her time improving the lives of other’s she dedicates most of her time on her running career…
Kaustri mother of chakor and loves chakor alot..
Bhavan father of chakor
Imli younger sister of chakor but is really jelaous and cannot stand chakor…
Other cast..
Adi friend of chakor…
Aryan friend of suraj..
Payal friend of of chakor…
Bhagya has married arjun against kamal wish and kamal has cut all ties with her…

Sukor marry each other in tragic events that unfold will sukor over come odds and enemies that r distracting them from the fact that they truly love one another….

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  1. Sukorian

    hi thx for the new FF can’t wait to read further. Nice intro ?

    1. Thank u☺

  2. Sukorlover

    Interesting & different concept. Waiting for first part

    1. Thank u?

  3. Nice start. Waiting for the next.

    1. Thank u☺

  4. Interesting intro! looking forward to the first part.

    1. Thank u

  5. ShanayaKhan

    Nice start. Waiting for next. Update soon.

    1. Thank u

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