Sukor pehela pyaar season 2

Recap; hey everyone i posted season 1 and started the second season i know its been long since i updated so please enjoy and here is a long recap of what has happened so far incase anyone forgot
Sukor study at the same university sukor are chosen for a project suraj got drunk in a party and invited chakor under the pretext of doing the assignment arrav spikes chakor drink to get close to her but by fate sukor end up witheach other and end up sleeping with each other chakor finds out she is pregnant and is shocked suraj hears this and marries her the same day it was vimli wedding to protect chakor honour sukor promise to live witheach other until the baby is born sukor learn to bond with each and start to share a cute bond suraj falls in love with chakor and chakor to feels a strong connection for suraj by fate chakor has a miscarriage and decides to leave suraj….second season 3yr leap vimli have a child ranjana is happy kamal is upset cuz he wanted his hier as vimli are part of manhoor chakor is focusing on her career and has become a very famous sports star…. now the story starts…
Choote;didi you won and this time i want the trophy
Chakor;obviously i can buy u anything in the world u r by little brother
Bhagya;once again u have done me and ur papa proud u have won the usa title and beaten the record of many olypians today you have made india ?? proud…. chakor its been 3 years since u left india to train in us butnow i want you back home with us i want my daughter with me
Chakor(depressed thinking Bout india) mumma whats the rush i need to
Bhagya;you need what i dont care i dont want my little girl away from me please im taking you back you won the title hear so now come bk Nd besides me and ur papa have already booked your ticket so your coming wether you like it or not
Chakor gets tensed
Bhagya choote and chakor board the flight and come back home chakor is bombarded with media as she has won a big race
Media;indias biggest sports star is back and we exclusively have the first pic of her returning to india the security escort chakor back to her house and arjun comes running and hugs chakor
Arjun;its been 3years since iv seen my queen and you didnt even miss me once
Chakor cries no papa i missed u alot and i can never forget u guys choote and bhagya come and all 4hug….
Arjun my family is complete and i wanna take every1 for lunch to celebrate my daughter success
Choote done and didi we r not taking no for a answer

Rajvanshi palace….
Tejswani; its been 3 years my suraj i wonder how he is
Kamal;he must be lying in a coner holding a bottle of vodka and parading around with goonda giri
A man comes in holding a leather suitcase
Another man comes in holding a bag and stand on the side
Kamal;who are you i think your mistaken this is the wrong house
Suraj walks in and takes of his glasses the wind blows suraj looks at his rolex watch and is seen in a very smart suit
Tejswani;suraj beta????
Kamal;what the hell……. kamal opens his mouth
Suraj walks by kamal and closes kamal mouth
Suraj;its not hell its suraj time
Suraj slaves take his belongings and suraj leaves for his room
Just as the slaves leave they give kamal suraj business card kamal is shocked seeing suraj as a big sucessful man with enterprise companies across the globe
Ranjana is shocked to see suraj who has become a worldwide successful business man and burns with jealously
Ranaja olv here is my son vivaan kamal jees little company is nothing infront of suraj suraj is a multi billionaire its true time changes anything
Kamal is sitting on the floor and is shocked
Ranjana;kamal jee how can suraj come bk and do all this for all these yrs where was he we didnt even know if he was alive or dead
Tejswani;enough ranjana! Im happy that my son is back and i dont want no nonsense if you say anything….
Ranjana walks of in anger
Chakor and suraj are tensed they walk towards thier rooms the wind blows
Mahiya plays…
Chakor opens the door to her room suraj opens the door to his room….
Sorry i had to end it to quick to be continued

Precap suraj goes for a meeting and chakor goes for a meal with her family to a restaurant where only the top people can go sukor colide after 3years

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Glad that suraj is a successful businessman. Waiting for sukor meet

  2. amazing update and really loved it I am very very happy that you update it really waiting for Sukor meet.
    please update soon. it is one of my favourite FF.
    love u.

  3. Sukorian

    ohhhh can’t wait to read abt the “first” meeting ??

  4. Amazing update! I’m glad they’re both successful and equal to each other, like how KN was shocked and Ranjana was burning with jealousy. Can’t wait for Sukor meeting.

  5. Sorry 4 the late comment di. Bak to the ff, Amazing! Surj has become very independent now. He’s now a business tycoon. KN’s shock ?? it reminded me of the epi in the serial when Surj wore a suit 4 the first time and KN said when did my goon son become a prince. ? keep going di and plz update soon. I want 2 know about the collision after 3 years.

  6. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing!! Amazing!! I’m so happy you’re back with season 2. Loved Suraj as a businessman. Update soon.

  7. Precap is really interesting waiting for the next part.

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