sukor pehela pyaar season 2 episode 4

Recap sukor colide after 3 years and are lost in one another

Arjun;its been quiet some time since chakor left where did she go?
Bhagya;dont worry she will be here soon
Arjun spots mr kapoor again with ajay
Arjun;mr kapoor is this ajay the talented son you were talking about
Mr kapoor;yes this is my son ajay and ajay this is arjun khanna
Ajay;hello mr khanna the whole country knows who you are
Arjun laughs why dont you join us
Bhagya;sure sure
Mr kapoor and ajay sit down and talk amongst each other
Tejswani is worried and very tensed
Tejswani olv what has happened to my son he has changed so much…
Imli; tejswani maa whats wrong why are you so worried
Tejswani;suraj came back
Ranjana;imli it would be better if you look after your own family and stay out of other people’s matters go look after my grandson he is looking for you
Imli is tensed and leaves and goes to her room
Munna;mumma whats wrong
Vivaan walks in seeing imli depressed
Vivaan;imli munna is calling you for so long what’s wrong what has happened
Imli;sorry munna and vivaan i was thinking tejswani maa just told me suraj came back
Vivaan;what where was he for all those years is he ok??
Ranjana walks in
Ranjana;imli i told you not to worry about tejswani family matters and none of this concerns us suraj is stable he is a billionaire we need to focus on us
Vimli r still shocked that suraj is back and are very worried about him
Kamal olv how is this possible i didnt expect suraj to accomplish all this within such little time i have underestimated my own blood….
Tejswnai comes in
Kamal jee suraj wont stay with us he is leaving today his slaves have taken away his stuff he is not coming back to rajvanshi haveli
Ranjana over hears and gets happy
Ranjana olv wow that is such good news for me now vivaan will get the whole rajvanshi empire
Kamal;what! What is all this i need to talk too him
Tejswani;please do she leaves
Sukor stare at each other
Bhagya gets tensed and looks around for chakor she reaches the restroom and calls out for chakor
Chakor;huh she turns around
Bhagya;chakor where did you go who were you with
Chakor;mumma i was with… chakor turns around and sees no one there
Bhagya;chakor lets go every1 is waiting for you
Chakor;but sura….
Bhagya;comeon bhagya takes chakor and chakor looks back trying to find suraj
Suraj hid behind a wall as he couldn’t believe he saw chakor
Sukor went back to thier tables
Suraj olv was that really chakor
Chakor olv was that really suraj
Sukor;or am i a day dreaming
Ajay stares at a tensed chakor
Ajay olv wow its really she is so pretty just as she is shown on tv
Bhagya notices chakor is tensed
Mr kapoor stares and ajay and chakor
Mr kapoor olv ajay and chakor pairing would go great
Mr kapoor; ajay i. Was thinking about ajay marrige propsal would go great with your daughter chakor
Ajay gets happy
Chakor cant hear or see anything besides suraj
Bhagya; sorry mr kapoor but chakor is married
Arjun gets shocked
Arjun olv what is bhagya doing
Mr kapoor;oh i thought chakor was not married who is her husband then?
Bhagya;suraj rajvnashi
Chakor; suraj…. mumma what about him
Mr kapoor; arjun your son in law is a very big man how come no one knows about this?
Arjun; well you know the kids they wanted to stay private
Suraj day dreams about chakor and cant believe his first altercation with chakor would be like that
Bhagya gets worried for chakor and takes her home
Bhagya;choote has school arjun you catch up with mr kapoor il take chakor with me
Suraj; you know my proposal you can ring me tommrow and let me know if you accept the deal suraj also leaves
Mahiya plays
Sukor think of each other and leave
Ajay gets depressed as he really liked chakor and finds somthing unusual about sukor marrige
Bhagya;chakor i noticed you are thinking about someone and ik 3years ago wen u came bk you didnt wanna talk about it but enough is enough what happened and ik you are thinking about suraj
Chakor gets shocked

Precap will chakor tell bhagya what happened sukor meet again alone

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Sukor were so shocked to react. Loved bhagya for understanding chakor’s state. Hoping that chakor will reveal her past to bhagya

  2. Great di. Thnx 4 the super quick update. Sukor still r thinking about each other. Hope Chakr tells everything 2 Baghya. Baghya has proved that she is Chakr’s mom. Hope Ajay doesn’t become a hurdle. Keep going di and update soon.

  3. Amazing update! So emotional! Loved how Chakor turned around to find Auraj gone. Baghya saved the day, she understands Chakor well. Hope Chakor opens up to her mum. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  4. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing!! It’s good that Bhagya told Chakor is married. Hope so Chakor tell Bhagya about their meet. Update soon.

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