sukor pehela pyaar season 2 episode 3

recap chakor won a very big race and returns home suraj returns to rajvanshi haveli after 3 years of being missing…

suraj opens the door and closes his eyes…
suraj olv her fragrance is still present in this room its been 3 yrs since i left everything to change myself..
suraj opens his eyes and stares at the walls he has flashbacks of chakor whilst they were together and quickly runs to the toilet to wash his face…
suraj;why am i thinking like this im suraj rajvanshi i wont fall weak im here to show the world who i am…
chakor opens her room door she is seen depressed and sits on her bed she thinks about her memories with suraj and smiles…
choote;didi are you ready
choote;didi who is suraj il go ask mumma
chakor;choote no i meant was look at the sun suraj its shining so bright na chakor gets tensed
choote;didi you are right lets go now
chakor;ok let me change
chakor wears on her yellow dress and heads downstairs…
bhagya;my princess is looking so beautiful in yellow
chakor; thanks mumma they all head out to the restaurant
chakor and her family reach the restaurant alot of people were standing outside to click photos with chakor, chakor took the photos and headed inside…
suraj gets ready to discuss his future plans in a meeting…
tejswani;suraj beta im glad your back
suraj;im only here because my house is getting renovated i will then move in once it is done im not here forever and il explain everything later but now mummy i dont want any questions…
tejswani;but suraj beta!!!
suraj walks of and heads for his meeting
suraj walks in with his security
arjun;looks like a big business man is here i wonder who it is
bhagya;forget it arjun! your always interested in work today we are here to celebrate our daughters victory
mr kapoor; arjun is that you!
arjun; i cant beleive it mr kapoor

mr kapoor;wow chakor has growen up to be a talented young woman
arjun;she sure has and how is ajay
mr kapoor;ajay has become a chief constable but now im finding the right girl for him see you around arjun it was nice meeting you
arjun;yeah sure i wanna meet and catch up with you soon
choote;papa who was that?
arjun;a very old friend…
as suraj walks in sukor get a werid vibe… sukor heart beats fast
chakor; mumma papa im gonna use the rest room
suraj sits down to discuss his plans but cannot concentrate
suraj;gentlemen discuss the plans i will be back soon
suraj goes to the rest room sukor both look at the mirror
sukor; why cant i stop thinking about…

sukor leave the restroom at the same time
chakor slips on suraj who catches her
mahiya plays…
chakor hair covers her face
suraj stares at chakor and is shocked her tucks her hair
sukor are lost for words seeing each other after 3 years
suraj helps chakor up they both have an eyelock and have flashbacks of thier happy times and smile at each other….

precap what will be sukor reaction seeing each other after they face reality….

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. So sukor misses each other. Waiting for their reaction. Hoping that ajay don’t become a hinderance in sukor love story

  2. Sukorian

    oh nice but I think Ajay gonna have love interest role…love triang5

  3. loved todays episod.And many thanks for. fast update dear.And it is very noce to see that both are now established.
    Ur writting skill is super. hope u update next part soon.

  4. Loved it! loved how they remembered and missed each other at home and how they sensed each other’s presence in the restaurant. Their meeting was beautiful. I hope Ajay’s entry will make Sukor realize they still love each other. Can’t wait for the next part.

  5. Superb yaar… No words… Thanks for the fast update.. Waiting for the next update want to know how they react when they came into senses

  6. Fantastic di. Loved it! Sukor meet after 3 years and instantly recognise each other. Soo cute. Keep going di and update soon.

  7. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing. Love the episode. Update soon.

  8. Thnku soooooooooo much for this lvly ff.

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