Sukor pehela pyaar (Episode 15) last episode of season 1

hello everyone this is the last part to this ff and im glad you guys all loved it and supported me so much xx

recap chakor has loses her baby…

kamal naryan; i want a celebration my heir is coming!!!
ranjana; kamal jee calm down…
kamal; calm down? my heir is coming and you want me to calm down..

vivaan; imli lets go its best if we leave chakor and suraj by thierself…
imli; your right vivaan they both leave..
the doctors words echo through suraj ears…
a tear drops down his eye he walks in the room seeing chakor sleeping… suraj walks towards her and slowly sits down besides her and holds on to her hand… suraj cries his heart out and is devestaed learinig that he and chakor have lost thier child…

vimli come down in tears and see the haveli decorated and get confused…
imli; kamal papa why are you decorating the haveli…
ranjana; well havent you heard bari bahu of the house is giving kamal jee an heir…
imli; no chakor has lost her child imli weeps…
ranjana olv what this is the best news i have recieved from this bunudua since she has come to my house as my bahu
kamal; what!!! this cant be… kamal smashes the decorations in pieces and leaves….
chakor slowly opens her eyes and sees suraj besides her..
chakor; suraj what happened you should be with your mom im fine i told you i can take care of myself…
suraj opens his eyes which are dark red..
chakor; has somthing happened to tejswani jee is she fine..
suraj; we lost our child..

suraj(closes his eyes) you went down and slipped and lost alot of blood and the doctor coouldnt save the child..
chakor is shocked and cries…
chakor; my child is dead?… it all my fault im to blame…
suraj; chakor calm down its not your fault… suraj hugs chakor and they both cry in sorrow and fall asleep in each others arms…
the sun shines on chakor and she wakes up chakor goes by the mirror and sees her flat belly and cries….
chakor; my child is gone?
suraj wakes up hearing chakor and walks towards her…

suraj; chakor you need to take care of yourself you are weak…
chakor; arent you shattred knowing our child is gone….
suraj olv this is the time i need to support chakor i cant become emtional i need to take care of her…
suraj; of course i am… chakor im gonna get u somthing to eat…
suraj goes…
chakor olv since my child is gone thier is nothing left for me here i need to leave the haveli…
(2 week leap suraj is shown taking care of chakor by feeding her and looking after her chakor soft bond for suraj is starting to come stronger… chakor is now in a stable condition…)
chakor packs a bag and takes out some papers…
suraj comes in the room and is shocked seeing chakor with a suitcase

suraj;are you going somewhere?
chakor; suraj its been 7 months since i have lived with you and we agreed for our marrige only for the sake of our child but since our child is no more then we are no more suraj im freeing you from this marrige so you can live you life they way you want and i can live mine the way i want iv signed the divorce papers and you sign them to and submit them in court… chakor turns around and cries she gets her bag and leaves the haveli…

suraj; what? in these 7 months you only were here for the child? i know i agree that was what we agreed with but you dont even consider me as anything…. fine so be it that way and you are right i will live my life on my terms im suraj rajvnashi…. suraj wipes his tears….

precap season 2 starting 3 year leap….

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  1. I’m glad its just a season 1. Eagerly waiting for season 2. 3 years leap! Woa! Sukor will be more mature then, wont they. Keep going di and update soon. ?

    1. Thank you for all the support abd yes they will be more mature by then??

  2. What an emotional update! Felt sad for Sukor’s loss. So they separated?, each of them is unaware of the other’s feeling. Suraj is very hurt because of Chakor’s decision.

    I was very sad that this FF is ending but now I’m very happy there is a season 2. I’m so excited to read it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for all the support i wanted to finsh but i thought thier story needed more to end im so glad u enjoyed it

    1. Thank you??

  3. Sukorian

    oh waiting for season two. sad they split but I’m sure in season 2 they be back together somehow

    1. Thank you for all the suppory and they will get bk together

  4. So sad.But I am very happy that u r gonna continue in seasan 2.

    1. Thank you im glad you enjoyed it

  5. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. It was emotional. The ending was sad. Waiting for season 2 & how sukor will patch up

    1. Thank you glad u enjoyed it and sukor will patch after they realise they love each other

  6. Emotional update !!
    But very happy for season 2 !!!

    1. Thank you il try posting season 2 soon

  7. Thnk god yahin end nhi hua.ples post sesn 2nd’s 1st part asap.n thnku thnku very much for this ff sad bt caring too.

    1. Il try posting soon so glad u loved and enjoyed it thank u for support??

  8. It was quite emotional. But eagerly waiting for season2.

    1. Thank you so much for support il update soon

  9. Shreya.

    Feeling bad for sukor….emotional part…bt loved it.. who made chakor fall from stairs if anyone intentionally did dis r chakor herself fall in d stairs???….am eagerly waiting for the next season dr….

    1. Thank you for support il try updating new season after next week and chakor fell by herself it says in previous epsiode ?

  10. ShanayaKhan

    A bit of emotional update. And sorry for late comments. It was really nice.

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