Sukor a new journey start (Suraj /Vivaan) (Episode 2)

Hi the first episode was just chakor n imli with family so it is obvious that episode 2 is abt suraj n vivaan with family. As I mentioned I wanted to do different hope u like it. If it‘s too long I m sorry.
There are many shades of life.
The day started for Suraj his mom walked in his room to wake him on her surprise he was alredy awake n ready to go.
Teju: Suraj u wake up so soon. That is a new record.
Suraj: Mummy I know I made mistakes the last semester n now Vivaan joins the college too. I dont want anyone blame me to be late on the first college day of Vivaan. Bty were is Papa with a happy smile?
KN: I am so happy for u. I am sure u will make me proud, Vivaan n fail the first semester like my son.
Vivaan: Papa dont worry I wont. I have ur prayers with me nothing can go wrong.
I didnt forget her I just dont like her.
Ranjana was very happy seeing her son praised by her brother in law.
Ranjana: Vivaan never forget after the death of ur father. Knji took the full responsibility on us. Dont make him feel ashamed.
Vivaan: Never.

Ragini cames into Vivaans room.
Ragini: My sweet vivaam bro. Wish u all the best. But dont leave without breakfast.
Vivaan: No my lil. Princess lets go n have brakefast.
Suraj was waiting for a reply hence a servant came in n asked them to come for breakfast all r waiting.
Suraj mood changed.

KN: Vivaan I hope some of ur gud qualities will find a way to my useless son.
Vivaan felt bad but don‘t say anything of respect. Even Suraj didn’t n lft the place saying to vivaan: I am waiting for you.
Teju: Knji please don’t do that Suraj did a mistake he failed but he isnt useless. Dont hurt him or his self confidence will be gone.
KN: U spoiled him. He dont do anything to make proud. Ranjana enjoyed the fight between husband n wife.
Vivaan stand up n left saying: Bye see u later. Suraj was sitting in the car with anger. Vivaan sitted on th passengers seat n said : Sorry bro. I dont know y he compares us.
Suraj: forget it yaar. I failed the first semester he is angry I am older than u I should be a class higher than u. But now we are in the same class. Papa feels disappointed n he is right. I not ur fault.
Suraj drive to college with vivaan.

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  1. Philomina

    waitinng for sukor to meet pls post it long that is my only request as i am enjoying ur FF very much

  2. Sukorian

    thank you dont worry a spoiler for u. they will meet soon. Was the Story long or okay?

    1. Philomina

      hi sukorian the story was not that long .and thanks for the spoiler .waiting for ur nexzt part

  3. Hai dear…… Very nice story yaar….iam big fan of sukor…waiting for their first meeting….dear next time make it long….eagerly waiting for next one ….all the best….tight hug for u……

  4. Thnx for this one.realy aweeeeeeesm dear please post next soon.

  5. Sukorlover


  6. really enjoyable . here also ranjana is a vamp bt I like suvaan’s bromance

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